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Mobile App industry has been on rising since the smartphone revolution around a decade ago. The global heat has reached here in Bangladesh with no exception. 

Today, almost every family has a well-functioning Android or iOS-powered phone. This has made the app development industry achieve a tremendous growth. 

Now the good news is, some apps can reduce your daily stress and make your everyday life more comfortable. Without further ado, let’s see top 10 must-have popular apps for Bangladeshi Smartphone phones.

1. Sheba.xyz

Sheba.xyz is the first and largest services marketplace in Bangladesh. It is a hub for nearly all kinds of day to day service you need.  From basic services like Laundry, AC, Fridge, Painting, Electricity, Cleaning, etc. to corporate services like Generator, Digital Security, Lift, workstation set up, etc.

All you need is just to install the app and order your service.

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2. Uber

Uber is a global ride-sharing app. It basically connects two people. One with a personal vehicle and another one who wants a ride. 

In 2017, Uber has launched its operation in Dhaka city and the urban people significantly accept it. With the increasing scarcity of public taxi service and different issues related to it, Uber has become a great alternative to mass transport services.

3. Pathao

Working on a similar technique as Uber, Pathao also has an app to share rides for both Motor-Bikes & Cars. People having a personal motorbike can easily share their ride and get good bucks for that.

Pathao ride-sharing is now getting very impressive feedback. In this time of severe traffic and damaged roads, Pathao has made riding easy by sharing motorbike ride. Following the need for speed, Pathao has recently started Car sharing as well.

Pathao has recently stretched its services to parcel and food delivery. It’s great news for online business. Using their freelancer bikers and bi-cyclists Pathao has placed itself in one of the best positions to provide delivery services. Online business owners can now use Pathao to deliver their products to customers at better speed and safety. Similarly any documents, parcels can be transported from diverse locations with easier access to Pathao parcel services.

Pathao food has great potential as well. Now you can order food from your favourite restaurants and get it on your table within 1 hour with Pathao food delivery. Tracking the riders through GPS tracker gives you the full freedom and safety you deserve.

4. Doctorola

Tired of getting into battles to get a serial of your doctor? Yep, this is a very common scenario and problem in our country, as renowned and reliable doctors are less and demand for them are high. 

This leads to severe competition among the patients regarding who gets the serial to see the doc first. Well, Doctorola has come up with a solution. You can now open the app and find your desired doctor and request a serial and get one. That’s simple. Doctorola is already rich with a huge number of doctors’ list which is growing day by day around the country.

5. Daraz Online Shopping

Daraz.com.bd is one of the very first online shopping sites in Bangladesh. To make shopping easier,  Daraz.com.bd offers a broad range of products starting from electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid’s items, décor, beauty and health and much more. 

The site is reviewed by many users and is trusted for great quality products. You can shop via multiple methods as Cash on Delivery, Credit / Debit cards, bKash or Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.

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6. Chladal

Chaldal is the very first online grocery shop in Bangladesh. Being one of the top 10 startups worldwide in 2015, Chaldal.com has its own place in the online world. You can shop any grocery and daily household items from Chaldal at ease.

Like every offline grocer, Chaldal has a variety of items like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cooking assistance, beverages, home appliance and cleaning, pest control, etc. Also, you can buy office items, baby items, health products, pet care, etc from Chaldal.com. Get the best of the discounts and offers to be one step ahead in grocery shopping. 

7. Foodpanda

Foodpanda has been in more than 10 countries around the globe and has been in operation in Bangladesh as well. It is one of the most popular online food delivery services in the Asian region as well as Bangladesh. At present, it offers delivery service in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet with more cities to cover in the future. More than 650 restaurants are covered by ordering service by Foodpanda. Download the app and get food delivered right away.

8. HungryNaki

HungryNaki is a full-fledged Bangladeshi online food delivery app that offers services to hungry people in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. With over 800 restaurants in ordering list, Hungrynaki might be the best option to choose. 

HungryNaki has exciting deals at specific restaurants that comprise discounts, free delivery, buy one get one free, etc. You can order food from the restaurant by area or order by cuisine. To have better experiences, you can use HungryNaki app.

9. Shohoz.com

Shohoz.com is the first online bus ticket booking site in Bangladesh. Being the pioneer, they had reached out to the people quite impressively. With dedicated service and simplification, Shohoz.com has become a popular online bus ticket booking option for many travellers. 

Adding to that, Shohoz.com offers you the privilege to book launch tickets as well.  You can get discounts by purchasing a ticket via the Shohoz.com Android app. Download, Book tickets, get up to 300 TK discount. Recently, it has started Shohoz Rides.

10. Bikroy.com

Bikroy.com is considered the most successful classified ad site in Bangladesh. It started as a competitor to cellbazaar.com of GrameenPhone (which later became ekhanei.com and eventually terminated the service) and grew day by day. The popularity and flexibility of Bikroy.com grew so fast that it has become a synonym for the classified advertisement in Bangladesh. 

You can sell literally ANYTHING here. From your unused phone to your valuable Land, you can sell it at Bikroy.com. Download the app, log in, take a picture of your product, write down the specs and post. Now, wait for your customer to make a call or email. Simple. 


These are the topmost important apps that you need to use at least once in a while. With these exceptionally great apps, the smartphones got even smarter, and life got even easier.

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