5 Best Online Food Ordering Apps In Bangladesh [Home Delivery]

Delivery of food happened to be a matter of phone call earlier, but recently it reached a new level. Online websites got the job to find you the best possible restaurant meeting your appetite and deliver you the kind of food you are craving for today. 

With the promise to tame your hunger, a number of online food delivery services sprung up recently with great provisions to offer. A few of these online foodies have managed to meet the satisfactory level. Still, it might have been a matter of hassle for many of to open up a pc and browse through the sites to get your tummy a nice yummy treat. For that reason, just when you thought your phone is smart, it got smarter. 

We have got food ordering apps in the palm of our hands. Have a quick look at 5 of the coolest Food Ordering Apps in Bangladesh.

1. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is operating in more than 10 countries around the globe and recently started its operation in Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular online food delivery services in the Asian region and also getting great popularity in Bangladesh. 

Currently, it is offering delivery service in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet with more cities to cover in future. Over 650 restaurants and cafe are available to order from Foodpanda. 

You can pay bills by your credit/debit cards or cash on delivery. To make it easier to eat, Foodpanda has a global app that you can get from App store and Play store. 

Once you open the app, it gives you the option to manually set your location, or it will locate you using GPS. After setting locations, click on ‘show restaurants’ button to show the restaurants at your nearest proximity. Find the most suitable restaurant and just order on the go. As simple as that.

To download the App, click: goo.gl/MNa34a

2. HungryNaki.com

Hungrynaki has been a quite popular online food delivery system in Bangladesh. It is the first Bangladeshi online food delivery service. At present, it offers service to hungry people in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet, while it aims to develop its service to other cities as well. 

Covering the food from over 800 restaurants, Hungrynaki should be the smart option to choose. SCB credit card holders can avail a 10% discount for ordering by Hungrynaki. 

For a more convenient fooding experience, HungryNaki app is also there to make things better. You can log in to the app by Gmail/Facebook account or HungryNaki account. 

On the top left of the app, a drop-down menu will appear where you can select a restaurant by specifying your exact location. After selecting your location, different restaurants located near your place will automatically show up. Click on the restaurant you want to get your food. That’s a smarter way to fight your hunger!

To download the App, click: goo.gl/Ij22pN

3. Sheba Food

Sheba.xyz is the first ever online utility services provider in Bangladesh. In addition to regular utility services, Sheba.xyz is also providing food delivery service. You can quickly order food online by using the Sheba app. Just open the app and go to Food section. You will find several types of services like Home Made Food, Restora Food, Catering Service, Fruits, Dairy Products, etc.

The Homemade Daily meal is a unique service that let you get fresh homemade food prepared by freelancer cooks from their home. You can also order catering services for your office from the Office Meal Catering option.

If you are craving for restaurant food, try Restora food instead.
The best part is, you can order the food and schedule the delivery at your wish. You can set the date and time for the food to be delivered and relax.

You can manually set your location or enable GPS option for the app to set it up automatically.

To download the App, click: goo.gl/ZfgZuU

4. Pathao Food

Taking advantage of its ride-sharing nature, Pathao has been introducing innovative services to urban people in regular interval. The latest addition to it is Pathao food. The process is simple. You have to select the Pathao Food option from the drop-down menu of your Pathao App. You can find many restaurants in your locality or nearby. Select a restaurant, order a meal you are craving for and confirm the order. The Pathao rider will bring your meal within one hour.

Pathao has permanent and freelance riders to get things done for you. You don’t have to think of calling the café over the phone or go outside of your comfort zone. Just order and relax. You can easily pay after you receive your food within an hour. Soon, Pathao is going to introduce an online payment system to make the transaction even smoother. All you need is to download the Pathao app on your Phone.

To download the App, click: Pathao App

3. Foodmart

Foodmart has been around for a long time with a good service for sudden hunger. Based on Dhaka and Chittagong only, Foodmart has coverage of most of the restaurant in Dhaka and Chittagong. Though currently, it is offering its service only in Dhaka city. 

Cheaper price and fast delivery, Foodmart is trying to get on the top priority list of customers by these key service factors. Besides Cash on delivery and credit/debit card payment, Foodmart also has Priyo Cards for its regular customers to avail different offers and discounts. 

To add up to that, lots of promotional offers are regularly there for you to save a few bucks every time. You can get the Foodmart app at Playstore for the easier ordering process. After the opening of the app, it will ask you to set your area in Dhaka city. As you select your area, you get to order from the restaurants around you. You can also look for the popular restaurants in that region by clicking ‘popular’ button on bottom middle. 

Check if any deals are available by clicking ‘deals’ just beside ‘popular’. The app is still under development. Many features are expected to appear soon.

To download the App, click: goo.gl/U7LKMD

We are moving faster with our lives getting lightning speed day by day. It’s quite a regular scenario when we get some sudden hunger throughout our day. Thanks to the smartphone apps, meeting the tummy demands just got quite easier than before. Just a few taps and tummy gets yummy food. Download these apps on your phone today. You never know when you get hungry!

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