3 Best Money Making Android Apps In Bangladesh

Make Money Online is a reality now. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s as tough as making money offline. You might have noticed some ads that claim to make you rich within no time. Most of these are scams.

In this age of digital revolution, many smartphone apps are offering you to make real cash online. And it’s possible. But you need to be a bit smart and careful while identifying the authentic apps as there are thousands of fake money-making apps out there.

To make things easier, I am going to share you 3 Best Money Making Apps In Bangladesh that can help you to earn real cash online.

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Now let’s check the list.

1. bKash

bKash is the leading digital wallet in Bangladesh. Almost everyone who uses the internet is aware of bKash. But do you know that bKash lets you make money?

Yes, bKash has introduced a referral program that lets you get 20 TK per each referral. And the great part is, the referred person will also get 20 TK bonus. It’s a win-win deal. 

To join the bKash referral program, you need to download the bKash app. Once you login to your bKash account via the app, click on the ‘bKash icon’ on the higher right-hand side corner. You’ll see a ‘Refer a Friend’ option there. 

 Just click on the ‘Refer a Friend’ option and you’ll get all the details there.

2. Sheba Bondhu

Sheba Bondhu is an initiative of Sheba.xyz, the largest online day to day service provider of Bangladesh. It’s mainly an Android app that lets you make money by referring others to Sheba’s services.

Here’s how it works.

At first, you need to download the Sheba Bondhu App. Once you register with the app after downloading it, you will get an option to put a name, a valid phone number and the type of service you want to refer to your friends. Just type in the name of your friend to whom you want to refer a service and put down his number and select the service you think he/she might be interested in taking.

Once you have sent the referral, your friend will find your reference and if he/she takes the service from Sheba.xyz, you will be instantly rewarded. The reward amount can be from Tk. 10 to Tk. 1000 depending on the service being provided.

They will send you money via bKash. You will get your reward money every week and can instantly withdraw it through bKash account.

<<<Download Sheba Bondhu App>>>

3. cWork

cWork is a Bangladeshi micro-job site. It is at the very initial stage of its development right now, but still, you can do some works and get paid. cWork has been endorsed by GP Accelerator program for the year 2018 as one of the 5 best startups in Bangladesh.

It’s a simple android app you can download from Google play store. Here, you get paid for writing. On the very home page, you can find a tab for a list of open jobs you can apply. You can write news, blogs, take surveys, generate leads, and other simple micro jobs that are offered in variety on a daily basis. You can earn from Tk. 2 to Tk. 20 for each micro job depending on the type of job.

What basically cWork does, it provides the write-ups to different sites and online news portals. So, your works eventually get published on various sites. As a contributor, you are creating contents for different websites.

The site puts tremendous emphasis on original content and rejects any content that is considered as a copy-paste one. The jobs are simple and easy, yet have to be original. You get instant payment on your cWork wallet once your write up is approved and cash it out with bKash any time you feel.

The site is genuine and is a promising one for people who want to earn some extra bucks on their daily life in exchange of some simple works that take no time at all.

<<<Download cWork App>>

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As it is a well-established notion among people nowadays that earning money from internet is really easy and hard cash comes to pocket without even getting up from a bed, fraud and cheaters take cheesy advantage of it.

The internet is flooded with fake online earning skims, and the App store and play store are loaded with scam apps that allude people to make money with no effort at all.

Keep your eyes open for these and never fall prey to any of these scams, for real money comes from real work. Download these apps so that you can earn some real money with actual effort, yet with spending less energy!

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