The 9 Best Online Grocery Shops In Bangladesh

Imagine you came back home from a tiring and exhausting day and your spouse is asking you to buy some groceries.

Would you like to go to the nearby grocery and shop for like half an hour or more? That may not seem too easy to do the task for all the time. That’s where online grocery stores come to play.

Just sit back and browse the groceries you need online and get delivered at your doorsteps. Yes, from fresh vegetables to fresh meat and flesh, all you need is there waiting for your order to place.

Here are 9 best online grocery shops in Bangladesh that you can try.

1. Shwapno

Shwapno has been in Supershop chain operation for many years in Bangladesh with different outlets in Dhaka, Chittagong, and other cities. It has recently extended its operation to the next level by opening its online version. Now, you can get the products as well as deals and discounts of Swapno super shop at the very palm of your hand by a few clicks.

What makes Swapno a desirable chain shop is its great range of grocery items. From fresh vegetables to a variety of spices, you can get good quality daily necessaries all in one place. Things only got better with all these options coming online. Though the online shopping for Swapno is now only available for people of Dhaka & Sylhet, you can order via phones from Chittagong and Comilla.

Here are the phone numbers to order your grocery. (Click or tap to expand and see the numbers)

Gulshan 1

  • Jewel – 01313054665
  • Badhon – 01847265003
  • Subarna – 01847265126
  • Jahid – 01920636511

Gulshan 2

  • Mushfique – 01313055109
  • Biplop – 01313055278
  • Kosta – 01730028498
  • Mehedi – 01711844600

Dhanmondi 27

  • Afjal – 01313054852
  • Fabia – 01999081013
  • Kamrul – 01994583360
  • Sohel – 01718038007


  • Sajedur – 01401188184
  • Shobuj – 01959350741
  • Shaheb – 01847265350
  • Ahasan – 01916422228

Green Road

  • Farjana – 01401188101
  • Sathi – 01313054622
  • Didar – 01951076512
  • Farjana Sharif – 01623405656


  • Sumon – 01847265127
  • Muna – 01401188181
  • Fardin – 01676211423
  • Morsheda – 01847265324


  1. Kaderabad Housing
  • Mamun – 01847265144
  • Aftab – 01751464984
  • Ripon – 01313055136
  • Arif – 01992045851
  1. Shahajahan Road
  • Rakibul – 01313055041
  • Majharul – 01795135364
  • Rinku – 01401188128
  1. Dhaka Housing
  • Honey – 01847265235
  • Munshi – 01313054794
  • Labonno – 01999081118
  • Rana – 01751464984

Uttara 3

Uttara 6

Uttara 11

Nikunja 2

Mirpur 1

  • Foysal – 01313054545
  • Nahid – 01999081043
  • Kausar – 01917958551
  • Sheuli – 01999397197

Mirpur 6

  • Jafrin – 01999081071
  • Esha – 01847265220
  • Alim – 01847265322

Mirpur 10

  • Shajia – 01992045859
  • Touhid – 01847265230
  • Mehedi – 01727515317
  • Ridoan 01313055009

Mirpur 11

  • Shahin – 01401188100
  • Hafiz – 01847265277

Mirpur 12

  • Mehjabin – 01999081072
  • Shaon – 01313054984
  • Romij – 801847265233
  • Tawfique – 01401188151


  • Jeny – 01999081017
  • Sohidul – 01847265310
  • Jony – 01912305733


  • Rony – 01791555222


  • Alamin – 01999081174
  • Shaon – 01847265320
  • Ibrahim – 01847265136
  • Shimul – 01630513817


  • Aminul – 0184726528
  • Sadia 01401188139
  • Shuvro – 01999081145
  • Shadin – 01970024360


  • Palash – 01936004363
  • Onti – 01313055029
  • Sazaad – 01313054995
  • Shara – 01313055064


  • Kibria – 01970024457
  • Mahin – 01847265282
  • Kausar – 01992045861

Puran Dhaka

  1. Ajimpur
  • Rejanur – 01313055132
  • Pranti – 01847265114
  • Mamun – 01871557211
  • Nasim – 01680608847
  1. Najimuddin Road
  • Bayozid – 01313055039
  • Sompa – 01401188190
  • Samrat – 01303418982
  • Abrar 01640713836
  1. New Owari
  • Faruk – 01847265269
  • Luna – 01992045854
  • Debdas – 01307448776
  • Sayedur – 01727917091
  1. Gopibag
  • Tisha – 01847265148
  • Keya – 01929742733
  • Rubel – 01304307888
  • Quraishi – 01997753955









  • Sajjad – 01401188126
  • Sultana – 01999081039
  • Al Amin – 01836930552


  • 01313054645
  • 01641697227


  • 01628072347
  • 01313054583
  • 01401188170
  • 01881004506
  • 01833941504

2. Chaldal is one of the pioneers of online grocers in Bangladesh. It has been ranked 9th among top 10 startups worldwide by Forbes magazine in 2015.

With its user-friendly shopping experience, has grabbed much attention from the online customers. Currently, is based in Dhaka city only where you can get free delivery if your order is over 200 TK. Below that, you need to pay 40 TK as delivery charge.

Like every offline grocer, Chaldal has a variety of items like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cooking assistance, beverages, home appliance and cleaning, pest control, etc. Also, you can buy office items, baby items, health products, pet care, etc from

Chaldal has regular sales promotional offers with discount and free items. You can always find these offers in Exclusive Offers section. More to that, get a 3% discount on your first purchase!

Chaldal has a cool smartphone app for both Apple and Android. You can pay your bills by credit cards, bKash, or cash on the delivery system. So get going with your first purchase and receive the product within 1 hour.

3. KhaasFood

Khaas food, from its very inception, has been focusing on pure and fresh edible grocery and other edible products. The prime concern of Khaas food is to develop healthy food habit. The site is well designed and user-friendly.

Selecting the Products option from the top menu, you can find different healthy products on display. Honey, Grocery, Dry Fish, Fruits, and Juice are some regular products for sale. In grocery items, you can find Pure Ghee, different types of spices, organic tea, milk, oil, rice, chira, shemai, jelly, chatni, milk, and many more items.

Khaas food has a different section for Ramadan items which is really cool. You can get all necessary Ramadan iftar items here like dates, fruit juice, puffed rice, chickpeas, shemai, etc.

You can even go through the Dry Fish section to explore a wide range of organic and non-organic dry fish products from authentic dry fish suppliers of Bangladesh.

You can pay through bKash, Credit and Debit card and Cash on Delivery.

4. Sheba Groceries, the service marketplace, has recently started delivering daily needs products to your doorstep. You can order groceries through Sheba app, website, or simply calling to 16516.

Currently, this service is only available in Dhaka and Chittagong. You can order cooking, daily, snacks, beverage, and many more items.

5. Jogaan

Jogaan is one of the fastest-growing online grocery shops in Bangladesh. They promise to deliver all kinds of grocery items by ensuring quality, fastest delivery at competitive prices. It has a large workforce and
delivery network to serve its prestigious consumers. Jogaan currently sells about 4000 ++ products, including food, beverages, bread & bakery, vegetables, fruits, stationery, snacks, milk & dairy, beauty & health care, baby care, and home & cleaning items. Currently, Jogaan serves Dhaka City Corporation area with its extensive delivery network.

Jogaan has served a wide variety of corporate customers since its inception. Our notable corporate clients are Fair Group, Beximco, Robi, Foodpanda, ABC Group, and Next Online Ltd. They facilitate smooth delivery and client satisfaction by assigning a Key Account Manager (KAM) to each corporate client. For corporate clients, Jogaan delivers goods all over Bangladesh.

Recently Jogaan has launched an Android app to give customers a smoother experience. In addition, Jogaan has partnered with Robi, allowing users to recharge their Robi and Airtel numbers directly from the Jogaan website and app.

Jogaan provides a fantastic deal on a variety of products. If you order your desired products using the Jogaan App, you will receive a much more exciting offer.

6. Daraz Grocer Shop has been one of the most popular online shops for a long time. Carrying on with the public demand, Daraz has facilitated a grocery line as well. You can find canned, dry and packaged food with beverage and breakfast items. Daraz offers special grocery services at twenty different cities around the country.

Almost all the daily grocery needs are there for you to get with the help of a few mouse clicks and finger taps. You can select any brand you want to filter out the products according to your preferred brand; you can opt out products based on different price range.

The delivery system is way easier as you can pick up your products from local office. With the help of newly added feature; Daraz express, you can get a faster delivery by with quality checked, stocked and shipped by

Daraz has regular discount offers get exciting discounts on your shopping every time you log in. With a grocery carnival offer on a regular basis, you can get exciting discounts. It also offers bKash cashback.

7. MeenaClick

Popularly renowned for its physical outlets, Meenabazar has gone online recently with the name “”. With a good experience in chain shopping service and warehousing, MeenaClick has promising service to offer.

Similar to its retail stores, MeenaClick offers a wide range of food items comprised of bakery, dairy, frozen, fruits vegetables, meat and fish, snacks, beverages, masala, cooking assistance, kitchen items, health items, etc.

MeenaClick offers free delivery for purchase over 400 TK. You can get your first purchase delivered for free by registering online.

MeenaClick also has mobile apps for both App Store and Google Play. Payment can be done via Visa, Master card, DBBL Nexus, and American Express.


Under the food and grocery category, has a good grocery line. You can meet your daily grocery needs from grocery.

Just browse through different categories of groceries to find your needed one. You can easily sort out your favorite brand just to be sure you are buying all items from your desired supplier.

You can even put a scale of price to make your shopping right under your budget. Find the complete details of the product by clicking on the product.

9. e-Fresh Store

If you are good brand loyal to ‘Fresh’ brand products, this is the place you need to be at. All consumer items of the Fresh brand can be found on this single platform.

Customized for ‘Fresh’ branded products, you can also find a few products of ‘No. 1’ brand as well. You can find ‘Fresh’ branded Grains, Water, Spices, Milk Powder, Mustard Oil, Sugar, Rice, Salt, Skimmed Milk, Soyabean Oil, Tea, etc.

There are also various discount and free offers going on for you to grab the chance. You can get free delivery if the purchase is over 400 taka. Currently focusing only on Dhaka, the products are delivered within Dhaka by 2 to 5 hours. You can pay via credit cards or Cash on delivery option is there. You can check the delivery status of your product by putting your order no and pin.


Today, enjoying the advancement of internet accessibility, more and more online grocery shops are starting up. Day by day, shopping is becoming easier for us as shops have arrived right in front of us at our computer screen or even under our smartphone touch.

Many physical groceries are also opening online windows to meet the latest e-based customers’ demand. Try any of these above-mentioned sites to get into the e-grocery experience instantly!

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