7 Best Online Fish Markets In Bangladesh

Fish is an absolutely integral part of Bengali lifestyle. It’s not our just day to day food habit, but in culinary arts and various occasions, fish is a must have item for us. Now, it’s normal to go to the local market, haggle with the seller and buy fish. But this process can be tiresome, … Read more

6 Best Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh

Internet is now an integral part of our life. We can access anything and everything through internet, just by a click or touch, just in a whim. And banking is no exception to this. We can now access our bank accounts on our palms, using the internet, whenever or where ever we want. But checking … Read more

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Bangladesh

Being one of the fastest-growing economy in South East Asia & as a fast-growing country in the world, Bangladesh has a very attractive and interesting real estate market for investors. Both from the overseas and domestic region, property investors are currently increasing in the Bangladesh market day by day. However, this sector is still dominated … Read more

7 Best GPS Tracking Services In Bangladesh

Whether you drive your car yourself or keep a driver, or use the car for business purposes (rental service, delivery service, etc), there will be always security issues for your precious car. Contract drivers can misuse their power and take cars for a ride without permission, and in worst-case scenarios, cars can be stolen. Now, … Read more

How To Save Money On Mobile Phones (Tips)

Today, mobile phones are important and inseparable parts of our lives. It’s not just a device for communication anymore now, rather it’s gone way far than that. Communication, entertainment, social work, news, livelihood- all of these are depended on our mobile phones these days. And when we use them so frequently, we have to think … Read more

7 Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh (2020)

The world is on our palms due to smartphones and the internet. There are apps for almost anything like shopping, food ordering, doctor consultation, transport, and you name it. Banking is no different. Now you don’t have to visit banks physically for transactions and even for opening accounts. All these can be done by using … Read more

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