7 Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh (2020)

The world is on our palms due to smartphones and the internet. There are apps for almost anything like shopping, food ordering, doctor consultation, transport, and you name it. Banking is no different. Now you don’t have to visit banks physically for transactions and even for opening accounts. All these can be done by using … Read more

6 Best Online Book Shops In Bangladesh (Home Delivery)

Taking the surge of digitalization into consideration, it was expected that nearly everything we need would be available online within a short time. Books were no exception. Carrying on the legacy of online shopping, books of a variety of kinds are now for sale online in Bangladesh. Following the footsteps of Rokomari.com, other online shops are … Read more

Top 10 Online Mobile Recharge Apps In Bangladesh

It’s not long ago when we used to buy scratch cards to recharge our phone talk-time. Every single operator was depended on the scratch card recharging system. The scene drastically changed with the introduction of the mobile top-up system. People loved it so much so that the scratch card recharging option is almost dead right … Read more

8 Best Online Fruit Shops In Bangladesh

Are you familiar with the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? We bet you are. Fruits are renowned for being rich in nutrients. They boost our immunity system and enhance our health. Despite the aforementioned, we tend to have an insufficient amount of fruits daily due to the lack of wholesome fruit … Read more

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