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If you are someone who doesn’t have that much time to roam around to do groceries or doesn’t really prefer to do that, online grocery shopping platforms always come to your rescue. In that case my friend, Chaldal is the best option you have. I bet you are already quite familiar with Chaldal. I mean nowadays who isn’t? 

Chaldal is one of the leading online grocery shopping sites in Bangladesh. Having the fastest grocery delivery service and very little delivery charge already made them everyone’s first choice when it comes to grocery shopping. Sometimes their prices are comparatively lower than most of the superstores. And did I mention their crazy discounts? Yes, they always have so many offers and discounts so you can save up some cash every time you order.

They have a huge variety of options in literally every kind of stuff than the average corner store. Whatever you want to get you can always compare different brands and their prices. Whether it is food items or household essentials, you name it, they will get to your doorstep.

If you have read this far and made up your mind to order something from Chaldal, we at Deshiz have something for you. You can use the following discount code (..) and get 150 TK credit right away!

How to use Chaldal discount code

Once you have put all of your desired items in the shopping bag and are ready to place an order, you will see a ‘Have a special code?’ option down there. Enter the discount code (..) and click on the Go button. That’s it.

They have a 7 days refund or return policy for non-perishable items and 1 day for perishable items. You will get your products on your preferred delivery date and time through their express delivery service. Happy shopping!

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