7 Smart Ways to Save Money on Daraz.com.bd Right Now

Shopping online is a smart choice in this great age of the internet. Not only it can save your time and valuable energy, but it can also save you real bucks!

Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. You can save money every time you shop online if you follow some specific hacks. If you are shopping at Daraz.com.bd, you are in luck. We have some great hacks for you to save your cash.

Let’s find out the best ways to save your money while shopping at Daraz.com.bd.

1. Check The Price Of Different Sellers & Get The Best Deal

Daraz.com.bd is the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh. As it is a marketplace, it has thousands of vendors trying to sell their product like every other physical market.

What do you do in a real physical market? You move from store to store to find out the best product. Similarly, while shopping at Daraz, you will find that for the same product you are looking for, there are many sellers.

You just go through all the seller’s offers and prices to find the best deal for the product. You will see that price of a same product varies from vendor to vendor.

For example, let’s see the prices of mosquito killing racket.  We can see that the same product is offering at different prices by different sellers.

So check the prices of different sellers and get the best deal.

2. Buy Multiple Items Together & Save Money On Shipping

The most important part of online shopping is shipping. The shipping or delivery charge of Daraz.com.bd is fixed. Whether you buy only one product weighing around 50 grams or you buy multiple products weighing around 10 kg, it doesn’t matter.

The shipping charge doesn’t change according to the number of products. So, to get the best out of your spending on shipping charge, try to buy multiple products every time you shop at Daraz.com.bd.

Of course, we do not want you to overspend on useless shopping. Just keep track of your needs and try to shop when you need multiple items in a single day. Shop at that specific day to buy more and get the best use of your fixed shipping charge.

3. Use Coupon or Discount Code

Oh yes, discount coupon! This is one of the best parts of shopping at Daraz.com.bd. Getting straight cut off from your price is a blessing.

Daraaz.com offers different discounts on different occasions. If you are shopping for the first time on Daraz App, you will get a welcome discount. Also, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will also get a straight price cut.

Moreover, you can use coupon codes from different coupon sites and get more discounts on your shopping. For lastest Daraz discount coupons, click here.

4. Look For A Cashback Offer

Daraz.com.bd often offers cashback offers for using some specific types of online payment methods like credit card, bKash, etc.

For example, you can get a sweet 20% instant cash back for paying through the bKash app, city bank credit card, and American Express card.

So be sure to use at least the options given by Daraz to avail the cashback to win back your money.

5. Order From Mobile App

Daraz.com.bd highly encourages its users to use their mobile app. For this reason, they have multiple attractive offers for using their app. If you are using the app for the first time, you can get a clean Tk. 500 discount on your first shopping.

Daraz also offers free shipping on products bought by using the app as well. You can also get some cool deals like buying one get one free by only using the app. Loads of special coupon codes are there to be used at the app for getting exciting discounts.

6. Shop On Special Days & Get Crazy Discounts

Special day means special offer at Daraz. When it’s Pahela Baishakh, Ramadan, Eid, Victory day, Independence day, etc, you can have special discounts on different products.

Try to save your shopping stamina for these special days to get higher discounts and save more money. Daraz.com.bd also have Fatafati Friday similar to Black Friday offer for you to get some crazy deals and save a lot of bucks instantly.

7. Get The Updates Of Discounts

Tired of keeping tracks of discounts offers?

Here’s what you can do. Just simply get connected to Daraz.com.bd via the different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Connect to Daraz.com official pages and profiles in these social media and get all the updates of discounts and offers instantly every day.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter of Daraz.com to get the regular email with their latest offers and discounts.


It is simple and easy to save money every time you shop at Daraz.com. It may not look that groundbreaking at first, but if you are a regular shopper at Daraz.com and you apply these hacks regularly, you can find out the amount of money you saved all these times are eye-popping.

So keep track of these cool hacks and save your hard earned money like a pro!

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