6 Best Internet Banking Apps In Bangladesh

Internet is now an integral part of our life. We can access anything and everything through internet, just by a click or touch, just in a whim. And banking is no exception to this. We can now access our bank accounts on our palms, using the internet, whenever or where ever we want. But checking … Read more

7 Best Mobile Banking Apps In Bangladesh (2020)

The world is on our palms due to smartphones and the internet. There are apps for almost anything like shopping, food ordering, doctor consultation, transport, and you name it. Banking is no different. Now you don’t have to visit banks physically for transactions and even for opening accounts. All these can be done by using … Read more

10 Must-Have Android Apps In Bangladesh (2021)

Mobile App industry has been on rising since the smartphone revolution around a decade ago. The global heat has reached here in Bangladesh with no exception.  Today, almost every family has a well-functioning Android or iOS-powered phone. This has made the app development industry achieve a tremendous growth.  Now the good news is, some apps … Read more