8 Best Online Fruit Shops In Bangladesh

Are you familiar with the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

We bet you are. Fruits are renowned for being rich in nutrients. They boost our immunity system and enhance our health.

Despite the aforementioned, we tend to have an insufficient amount of fruits daily due to the lack of wholesome fruit sources.

The good news is, there are some online fruit shops available in Bangladesh.

Take a look at the online fruit shops described below to get a bag of juicy fruits at your doorstep merely with a few clicks!

Khaas Food

Khaas Food is a great source for fresh and preservative-free fruits. It is no secret that most of the sellers in our country tend to adulterate fruits with harmful and toxic chemicals. Khaas Food has taken the initiative to protect the general people from these dishonest sellers by providing safe and pure foods.

They are partnered up with a chain of brick and mortar stores all over the Dhaka city. They currently have seven outlets in Dhaka. They have also outlets in Chittagong and Cumilla.

Apart from selling fruits, they also perform activities to create awareness about food adulteration and food safety.

Khaas Food’s platform has a wide variety of fruits like mangoes, dragon fruits, lychees, dates, dried figs, etc. They also offer various types of healthy nuts.

As the quality of their fruits is guaranteed, what are you waiting for? Try Khaas Food today.


Parmeeda is an agribusiness organization working to enforce ecological farming practices. They import their food from authentic sources to deliver the freshest and safest fruits to you. They constantly remain vigilant about chemicals and pesticides in food, so they import from sources that are both renowned and safe.

The fruits of Parmeeda are brought to remind you of the taste of home. They are linked to producer organizations all over Bangladesh. They have created a system of bringing food from faraway areas from all corners of the country in the least amount of time possible. Apart from the fact that their food is fresh and healthy, they also carry the nostalgia of childhood rural homes. If you are eager to try fruits from a certain area, they will do their level best to bring it to you. 

Parmeeda offers same-day delivery and excellent customer service. Feed your family a taste of chemical-free fruit from their website today!


Folmool.com has started selling fresh and organic mangoes and lychees to make the best of Summer 2020. They have achieved their mission of ensuring the safe delivery of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to their customers’ homes.

They have already sold every variety of mango they could get their hands on – from GopalBhog and Haribhanga to Lengra and Amrapali. But they were too innovative to be satisfied with just selling their delicious mangoes. They are now developing mango products such as sweet chutneys and fruit roll-ups to preserve their rare mangoes as long as they can.

They have a thriving fanbase on Facebook. Their fans can’t wait to see what fruit or vegetable they decide to work with next because they know Folmool.com won’t rest until they have outdone nature to provide the best products.

Royal Fruitz

Royal Fruitz is your one stop solution for local and foreign fruits. As their name suggests, their platform is all about different kinds of fruits. From avocado to china nuts, they have many unique fruits in their stock which aren’t readily available everywhere in the country. They are only operating in Dhaka city for now. 

They also maintain a blog where they write about different nourishing and nutritious foods. Apart from discussing the nutritional value of fruits, they also highlight various dishes that can be made using fruits. 

Reading their blog is a fun activity to do while you wait for your fruit order to reach your door. With different flavors and colors, their fruits are guaranteed to melt your heart!


Chaldal is the leading online grocery store in Bangladesh. They have both a website and a mobile app, granting you the flexibility to order from either option. They have a large quantity of nutritious and healthy fruits. You can pay for their products using both online and cash on delivery methods.

Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority, so they deliver their products in a timely manner. They often provide discounts and deals on tropical fruits (for example, for mango in the summer). Be sure to stay updated with their offers to get the best fresh fruits for your family.\

It has fruits like malta, pineapple, guava, apple, banana, orange, grapes, water melon, etc.


Shwapno is a reputed super-shop in Bangladesh. Shwapno outlets are recognizable almost on every corner of the city with their bright red and white logo. Their services are available in Dhaka, Chattogram and Sylhet.

 It is a household name in the industry, providing all sorts of home necessities such as food, essentials, cosmetic products, electronic appliances, and even clothes. Amongst these categories, their fruit section is well endowed with a variety of colorful and tasty fruits.

You can choose your favorite fruits from their website along with quantity. Then you will be led to their billing and payment page. They support online payment portals such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, bKash, Rocket, Upay, iPay, OK Wallet and more. 

Give it a try for the taste of ripe mangoes this season!

Meena Click

Meena Click is the online platform of Meena Bazar, a chain of supermarkets all over Bangladesh. It has many seasonal fruits both in the store and on their website. A great feature of Meena Click is that it allows you to track your order, providing you a hassle-free experience in case your order is delayed. 

Meena Click has already established a good reputation for product quality and customer service in the country for years. It has an Android application that you can use to simplify the process of ordering. 

They continuously have discounts and deals on their products. If you would like to have fruits within a reasonable range of prices, give them a try!


Othoba.com is an emerging e-commerce business. Though they are relatively new to the market, they are slowly but surely proving their worth by providing exemplary and remarkable service. They are currently serving people all over Bangladesh. If you live abroad and would like to purchase fruits for your family in Bangladesh, Othoba is a perfect choice for you. Their services are convenient and quick. They provide EMI facilities to customers who are interested in purchasing large quantities of products (if applicable). 

Othoba offers a 5% discount on your first order. They aim to utilize the power of the internet to simplify your life. With all these facilities, wouldn’t you like to give them a try?


For the citizens of the western world, fruits are a part of everyday diet in the form of smoothies and milkshakes. Making fruits a staple item in our everyday meals not only gives us clear and glowing skin, but also boosts our immunity.

The more fruits you eat, the healthier your body will be. We hope that this article inspires you to try out the wondrous fruits that are available in our tropical country.

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