9 Best Online Mobile Recharge Apps In Bangladesh

It’s not long ago when we used to buy scratch cards to recharge our phone talk-time. Every single operator was depended on the scratch card recharging system.

The scene drastically changed with the introduction of the mobile top-up system. People loved it so much so that the scratch card recharging option is almost dead right now.
 Still, users have to go to top-up recharge points or shops to recharge their talk-time. This can now be solved with multiple online-based apps that help you recharge your talk-time right from your own phone.

There are a number of apps you can use to top-up your phone on the go and today we are going to talk about those apps so you don’t run out of your balance from now on.

1. bKash

bKash is the most widely used and preferred online money transaction system right now. Although it is completely an independent digital wallet, you will find recharging the talk-time of your phone as easy as pie with bKash.

You can easily use the bKash app and recharge any mobile phone operators’ number within a few taps. You can select a number saved on your phone or you can type it down as well.
The best thing about bKash is that you can use the service via USSD codes when you don’t have internet access to your phone.

2. Daraz

Daraz provides an effortless system to recharge your prepaid mobile number. It currently supports Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel, Robi and Teletalk. Once you enter your number and mobile operator, the app shows you pre-existing recharge and data offers given by the company. 

The payment procedure can be done using both bKash and credit/debit cards. For larger amounts of top-up, you can pay in installments.

3. iPay

iPay is emerging as a complete online payment solution in Bangladesh. It is a digital wallet that can be linked with your bank account and you can easily send and receive money from your bank account to your iPay account and use it to make payment anywhere. Download the app and you can start using it right away.

Using the iPay app, you can use the money you transferred from your bank account to recharge your talk-time. You can recharge any operators’ number from your iPay account. It takes no charges to recharge your talk-time.

4. NexusPay

NexusPay is a Dutch Bangla Bank Limited initiative that has managed to grab huge attention from mass people. By downloading the app, you can connect all banks’ cards like Nexus, Visa, MasterCard and Rocket account.

You can easily recharge your phone with NexusPay app by simply selecting the contact from your contact list or just type it in and recharge is done within seconds. The exciting part is, you can also pay the necessary bills from NexusPay.

5. Rocket

Rocket is definitely a good alternative to bKash, if the availability of outlets, users, and simplicity of operation is taken into consideration. It is also a Dutch Bangla Bank Limited initiative and is purely a mobile banking system and also a digital wallet to be exact.

In addition to make payments, send or receive money, you can also recharge your mobile talk-time using the rocket app or USSD code. You can recharge any mobile operator’s number with Rocket within a few seconds.

6. Upay

Upay is introduced by United Commercial Bank Limited with the praiseworthy intention to digitalize the money transaction system. Upay is a full-fledged digital wallet with all the modern-day transaction facilities.

You need to have a UCBL account to activate your Upay App and connect the account with it. Now, you can make any types of payments with the app including recharging any mobile number account. Just type in the number on the recharge option and your talk-time will be recharged in no time.

7. Pathao

Pathao Top-up is your one-stop solution for recharging your mobile balance. It currently supports two operators- Robi and Airtel. It has exclusive packages for both Pathao users and drivers. If you opt for its combo packages, you will be rewarded with additional data packs. 

The best feature is that apart from traditional payment systems like bKash, debit, and credit cards, the app supports payment from iPay, Upay and OK wallet account. It doesn’t charge any extra fees, so feel free to top up the mobile numbers of you and your loved ones today!


GPAY is a GrameenPhone mobile wallet system that allows you to make payment of some necessary utility bills and purchase train tickets as well.

GPAY may introduce a wider range of payment and money receipt system in the future. In addition to payments, GPAY can be used to recharge any phone talk-time.

Just put down the number or select from contact. That’s a really easy method to get the job done. In order to have a balance on your Gpay account, you have to refill the wallet from your bank accounts. You can refill your Gpay account with DBBL Rocket, IBBL MCash, IFIC bank and AB Bank Ltd.

9. Easy.com.bd

Easy.com.bd is one of the oldest options to recharge your talk-time online. You need to have a debit/credit card to connect with the payment option. You can use VISA, Mastercard, Brac Bank, DBBL Rocket, Nexus Card, Bkash and many more options to connect.

The exciting part of Easy.com.bd is, while you are filling up the numbers on the recharge field, you will automatically be notified of the current packages your operator is providing so that you can recharge accordingly to get the most benefit.

As we have gained at least a considerable level of internet access, using online methods to recharge our talk-time is truly a blessing for our busy lives.

It is not possible to recharge everywhere every time as situations may not be in favor for all the times. Having a digital wallet app can ease up the situation as you can easily top-up your balance within a few seconds. Never run out of your balance for now!

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