7 Best Online Fish Markets In Bangladesh

Fish is an absolutely integral part of Bengali lifestyle. It’s not our just day to day food habit, but in culinary arts and various occasions, fish is a must have item for us.

Now, it’s normal to go to the local market, haggle with the seller and buy fish. But this process can be tiresome, and more to that, it can be time-consuming.

People are now turning to online markets and e-shops to do their daily groceries, so why not fishes?

For this reason, we are going to talk about 7 best online fish markets in Bangladesh, which will help you buy fishes of your choice without breaking a sweat.

Get Your Fish

Starting from 2015 with delivering finest quality seafood directly to the counsumers, GetYourFish is the first online fish market in Bangladesh. With 6 years of experience and more than 20 thousands of satisfied customers, GetYourFish can be the perfect choice for fish shopping.

GetYourFish is offering you a big but simple collection of products. As the products are already sorted out, you won’t have to face the hassle to manually go through searching for the product you want. You can easily navigate through the freshwater, sea fish, fish eggs, dried fish, shrimps.

The fish collection is vast in GetYourFish. You get all the usual freshwater and sea fishes, shrimps and fillets. Though there is only one type of dry fish offered by GetYourFish, they compensated it by offering various types of fish snacks. They got Chapakori fish kebab, Chital fish kebab, Prawn bhorta, fish finger, fillet patty for burgers, tuna fish kebabs etc. products as snacks, all of which are ready to cook. Another product to notice is the shrimps. They offers 10+ types of shrimps, crabs & mixed seafood in this section.

An extra feature offered by GetYourFish.com is, you can also order dairy products (Ghee, milk, sweets), frozen vegetables and spices, and poultry & meat products, including ready to heat & eat meat curry products. If you want variations and no time wasted on cooking, you can definitely go for that in GetYourFish.com.

For ordering, it’s pretty easy. You don’t even have to sign up. Just order, then fill up the info needed for shipping, then confirm your payment method. Once confirmed, your order is done.

You can order and choose the option for cash on delivery. Or you can pay via debit/credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus; or can go for net banking, i.e MTB, City Touch, iPay etc. You can also use mobile banking systems like: bKash, ROCKET, Nagad etc. There are 7 available net banking and 11 mobile banking methods are present, so you won’t face any difficulty when it comes to payments. Your payment is secured by Walletmix, so you don’t have to worry about your data and wallet safety.


Starting from 2013, Chaldal.com is the leading online grocery shop. It is a site specifically designed for Dhaka city. So, if you are from new Dhaka town, this site is very convenient for you.

Chaldal.com offers a large section of fish, both freshwater and seawater products. You can get Telapia, Koi, Pangash etc. as whole fishes and fillets and Rui & Katla steaks. You also get various types of shrimps and small fishes.

The biggest specialty of Chaldal.com is their delivery time. In certain parts of new Dhaka town, they guarantee delivery within 1 hour, which can be called lightning fast due to the traffic inside the city. Not just that, you can choose you own convenient time of delivery, if you want. And apart from the 1 hour fast delivery, it can take up to 4-7 hours to deliver you the product, depending on your location. As another feature, Chaldal.com also got their application going on, both for android and ios devices, so it is now more compatible with users from both user factions.

For orders, you can sign up by facebook or your phone number and proceed to order. For payments, you can use your credit/debit card, bKash, internet banking or cash on delivery.


Othoba.com gives you the pleasure of shopping anything and everything needed for your daily life, without having to put a step outside your home. Combined with world class customer service, you can definitely count on them when it comes to buying goods, in this case, fishes.

Othoba.com got a long inventory of fishes for you. Do you want river fish? They got it. Want fishes from sea? They have it. Got a sudden craving for Hilsha? Othoba.com can get you this, without any worries. And this does not end here. Suppose, you are not in the mood for cutting and cleaning up a whole fish. You don’t have to! Othoba.com got atleast 5 types of already cleaned up fishes, ready for you to order. Too tired or busy to cut them in pieces? They got you covered there too, by offering ready to cook fish fillets. You got nothing to worry!

Now, as previously said, Othoba.com got a really big collection of fishes. Common river fishes like, Rui, Katol, Telapia, Pabda, Koi, Taki, Puti etc. are available in the site. You can also find types of sea fishes, such as, black & silver pomfrets (Haichchanda & Rupchanda) , Mackerels, Tuna, Red snapper, Salmons, sea Korals etc. If your choice is more exotic, you can also go for squids, tiger prawns, Golda & Harina prawns. All of them comes in variety of sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the size you’ll get. They also offers a ready to cook fish fingers and a seafood pack, so you can grab a snack anytime you want.

The site is arranged in a simple way. You can filter the products based on your budget or seller or star ratings, giving you the best possible match for your search.

As for order and payment, it’s pretty simple. You just need to create an account with necessary information and order. You can order from anywhere in Bangladesh. Depending on the seller and the buyers location, delivery can take upto 1-4 days. Payment system varies from seller to seller. You can use debit/credit cards from American Express, VISA, MasterCard. You can pay via mobile banking services like bKash. And if you want, you can pay cash on delivery too.

Bengal Fish

With a mission of providing customers with well packed & cleaned fresh fish for their daily consumption, Bengal Fish is an online fish store in Bangladesh. With a vision of changing the customers’ way of buying fish, Bengal Fish offers ready to cook fresh and a lots of variety of fishes.

The variety is the biggest plus point of Bengal fish. They don’t just offer freshwater & seawater fishes, they also offer both dry and live fishes, fish fillets & steaks, crabs & imported fishes. The vast array of the fish collection really makes this site stand out among all.

Bengal fish got a big collection of freshwater fish such as Koi, river Boal, Chapila, Deshi Magur, Chitol; along with common fishes like Hilsha, Rui, Katla etc. For sea fish, they got silver pomfret (Rupchanda), sea Koral, red snapper, Rita fish, Surma fish etc. Now, these are pretty common features you’ll find in almost all shops. What Bengal Fish exclusively offers is, a chance to get live and dried fishes. For live fishes, you can get Pangash, Tilapia, Magur, with a special edition of live Rui fish option. For dried fishes, there are 8 types of dried fish or Shutki offered by Bengal fish, including Chingry, Loitta, Suri, Chepa Shutki etc. You can also get sea crabs and fish fillets if you want.

Navigating around Bengal fish site is easy. You can choose the type of fish, then you can sort them out alphabetically, or by the order of the newest or oldest, by top sellers or price, any way you want.

Bengal fish offers to deliver their products to in and outside of Bangladesh. For standard delivery inside Dhaka city takes 24 hours. Outside Dhaka city but inside Bangladesh, the time will be 48 hours. However, depending on your location, it can take up to 2-3 or more days to reach the customer.

Ordering is pretty simple. You sign up and login, then order, then fill up the info required for shipping and proceed to checkout. Once you are done with the payment, your order is completed.

As for the payment, you can go either cash on delivery or online/electronic payment. For e-payment, you are provided with a vast list of options. You can pay via debit/credit cards from VISA, MasterCard or DBBL Nexus. Or you can choose from 7 available net banking options, including options like MTB, city touch or iPay. Or, you can go for the 10+ available mobile banking options and choose from bKash, ROCKET, Upay etc. All of the transactions are secured by SSLCOMMERZ, so you have nothing to worry about the safety of your money or data.

Fish Mart

Starting from 2016’s May, FISH MART is the first premium online fish shop in Bangladesh. Collecting fishes from various sources, while ensuring value and utmost quality, FISH MART is dedicated to deliver fish products, even fresher than your local grocer.

FISH MART offers a vast array of fish collections to customers. One of the biggest feature of this site is, it is colorful and vivid. You can see each and every fish item you can buy, with clean cut pieces represented.

The site lists different sizes of river fishes differently. So, you will not get lost in the large sections, rather you can choose what kind of product you want to order. If your choice is for the big ones, you can choose from 15 different big freshwater fishes. If you want small ones, you can get as many as you want from up to 35 types of small fishes. You can also get 5+ types of shrimps, 6 types of fish fillets and exclusively, 5 types of fish eggs, including Hilsha, Boal, Pabda, Rui and Shing fishes’ eggs. They also offers 10+ marine fisheries. With common marine fishes, they also offers squid meat, cuttle fish, octopus and blue sea crab.

Another extra feature is their mobile application. FISH MART’s very own app features a wishlist, easy checkout, customized homepage and is available to android. You can find it in Google play store.

In addition to fish products, they also offers types of mutton, beef and chicken products. It’s not quite necessary, but there ain’t any loses if you get this feature for free.

Now for order and payment, it’s nothing complicated. You don’t need to sign up in this site. You can choose your product first, then you can proceed to checkout. While checking out, you will fill up the form for shipping info, which will automatically create an account for you when you confirm your order. As for payment, there are only two options unfortunately. You can either go for cash on delivery or pay with bKash.


Launched in September 2011, AjkerDeal.com is the largest online B2C marketplace in Bangladesh. Combining the top rated and reputed sellers in Bangladesh under one umbrella, AjkerDeal.com is one of the best sites you can visit to buy fish/fishes of your need.

The biggest feature of AjkerDeal.com is their collection. They got a huge collection of fishes, from freshwater to saltwater fishes, big & small- in short, they’ve got all of them. They got all kind of varieties possible, all in one place. From common freshwater fishes like Rui, Katla, Tilapia to fishes like Bain, Bagha Ayer, Rani fish (Hawor), seawater fishes like Rupchanda, Salmon, Squid, Golda & Harina prawn- almost all common and uncommon fishes are available in AjkerDeal.com. They come in all sizes, small-big & medium, so you can choose whatever you want. All the fishes got clear pictures in the site, so you can be sure about the product before you buy.

The only downside is, you can’t really sort them out by classes. You can sort them out by names, price, popularity etc. but you can not differentiate them by freshwater/saltwater fish, top seller or star rating. Without this setback, this site is perfect for shopping. They also got a 24/7 customer care ongoing, so you can contact them about any inconvenience.

AjkerDeal.com also got their app going on in Google play store. You can find exclusive deals, can make wishlists for later usage, use one click checkout for faster shopping and most importantly, you can make payments, all through the app.

Ordering is just like other sites, you sign up, login and order. For payments, there are variety of payment methods. You can use your credit/debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus, AMEX for payments. Or you can pay through mobile banking like, bKash, Surecash, ipay etc. Or you can go for cash on delivery if you are comfortable with online/mobile payments.


With over 300 brands and 1000+ products in catalog, deshibazar.shop is the largest online food and grocery store in Bangladesh. With handpicked items in every page you’ll visit, it can be chosen one for buying fresh and delicious fishes.

Now, when you first visit their fish page, you won’t see a lot of items here. You won’t find fancy items like fish fillets and octopuses. Truth to be told, you’ll find only 6 types fresh fishes, including Rui, Katla, Koi, Pabda & 2 types of prawns; and only 2 types of frozen Hilsha fish. But in deshibazar.shop, they mentioned ‘handpicked items’, which means, they picks the best and the best only. No flooding customers with products and fooling them, deshibazar.shop rather prefers giving them the top notch quality of products. So, no need to worry about the small collection of fish products, because quality is guaranteed.

Ordering and payments are similar to the other sites on this list. No need for signing up, just fill up necessary info, then proceed to pay and confirm your order. As for payment, you can use debit/credit cards from 5 different services, including VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus, DBBL Visa Debit and DBBL Master Debit. Or you can use Islami Bank or BRAC bank’s net banking for payment. You can also use bKash, ROCKET & Nagad’s mobile banking service. And if you’re not comfortable with any of these methods, you can simply go for cash on delivery.


In this fast paced daily life, where is the time for haggling in an unhygienic smelly bazar for some fishes? And if we can order ready-made food online, why not whole raw fishes! So, for fresh, reliable, hygienic & harmful preservative free fishes, check out our list. Eat, live & enjoy!

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