How To Save Money On Mobile Phones (Tips)

Today, mobile phones are important and inseparable parts of our lives. It’s not just a device for communication anymore now, rather it’s gone way far than that. Communication, entertainment, social work, news, livelihood- all of these are depended on our mobile phones these days.

And when we use them so frequently, we have to think about the money these devices cost us. Not just the devices’ price, but we have to consider all the cost (maintenance, internet bill, servicing etc) included. And for this, today here is our list of tips on how to save on mobile phones, which will help you cut down your cost and save you a bunch of bucks on your phone.

And to your convenience, we organised our list in such a way, you don’t have to go for any specific order. So, you can pick any of them anytime, as you like.

Before Buying Your Phone

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying a phone.

Do You Really Need A Phone?

Yes, this is the very first question you should ask yourself before buying a new phone.

If the answer is No, don’t buy a new phone now. And if the answer is Yes, ask yourself the following question.

Why Do You Need A Phone?

You need to be a bit specific on why you are going to buy a phone.

  • If you are a power user, then you will need a powerful processor, storage, RAM, and battery life.
  • If you’re going to use your phone for photography, you will need a phone with camera performance over anything.
  • If you need a phone for all-around services, you need to go with a mid-level performance mobile.

Don’t spend money on the attributes that you don’t need. Now, the purpose part is over.

Do The Market Research

Now considering your priorities, match them with the available devices. You can do the following things –

  • Read the spec sheets.
  • Watch reviews.
  • Ask for first hand users’s experiences.

More Money Saving Tips

  • Go with a renowned brand. This may not save the money immediately, but it will do good in the long run.
  • Try to get a device which will last for quite a while. It will cost you more if you change your mobile phone frequently.

Buying Your Phone

When it comes to finally buying, you have to think about budget. For this reason, we advise you to have more than one option on hand, with a fair price difference. There are few ways of getting the better product at a cheaper rate:

  1. Check for offers: Shops/brands always give discounts or announce sales on various occasions. Not just that, they also offer coupons, gift vouchers, cash back’s, etc. Keep your eyes out for these special offers.
  2. Explore Shops: Don’t just go to one shop, buy a phone and return home. Explore the market, go to shops, listen to the rates. Then think, compare and go for the best deal.
  3. Learn to Haggle: Sometimes, it can be irritating to yourself to haggle. But if you can get some money off by haggling, there is no problem, is there? Sometimes, you don’t even need to do much, just ask nicely for better pricing, and shops may reconsider the rate most of the times. And if you can’t do that all, try to bring along a person who can.
  4. Go Online: Sometimes, you’ll find better deals online, rather than physical shops. Not just better pricing, you can instantly compare specs & pricing, which can help you choosing between multiple phone sets, then & there. And online, browse multiple sites. You’ll find better options if you search enough, which can save you not just hundreds, rather thousands when buying a new phone. But be careful, go for trusted sites, which offer a good refund and warranty policies.
  5. Use EMI: Try to buy with easy monthly instalment (EMI), if possible. You don’t have to pay a lot of money at a time if you use EMI. Rather pay a portion per month and move to the next month. It will not save money, but it’ll take the pressure of paying all the money at once off of a customer.
  6. Sell/Exchange Old Phone: Once you decide to buy a new one, it’s advisable to sell your old phone if possible. You can easily back up your data on the cloud or other online services, so you don’t have to worry about that. Use the money when buying the new one. You can also exchange your old phone with a new one, for which you have to spend little money as add on.
  7. Buy ‘Previous Gen’ Phone: Don’t always go for the latest models. Unless you are a tech enthusiast or a very heavy user, previous-gen phones can give you excellent services. And they will do it for a cheaper price tag. Keep one thing in mind: the tech world changes very fast, so does ‘generations’ on phone. So, it doesn’t mean a phone which is released a year ago will be ‘bad’ when compared to the latest models. Try to buy an older model if your budget is tight.

Things To Do After Buying A Phone

Once you’ve bought your phone, your work is not done. Many people just buys a mobile set and that’s it. They don’t care for it, they don’t maintain it. As a result, they get cracked screen, foggy/oiled up camera, water issue very quickly. Do Not Make these mistakes. A tech products always requires care, especially if you want to save money on it. So, some little tips for you on these issue:

  1. Buy Protection: Buy a screen and camera protector immediately after you buy a phone. Yes, the Gorilla glass technology maybe good, but it is never enough to protect your screen from cracking if dropped. Don’t skim off, buy one. And if you buy a phone with glass back, try to buy a back cover, for the same reason. You may have to spend some extra bucks, but they’ll save you more on the long run.
  2. Use Authentic Accessories: Try to use the charger given with the phone, so that, if anything happens regarding charging the phone, it’ll be convenient to claim warranty. Same goes for usb cables, otg accessories(keyboard, pendrive), headphones & earphones etc. Use products from good brands, try to avoid non-branded products.
  3. Careful with Water and Fire: Brands don’t usually give warranty on water damage. So, if your phone is not IP rated for water resistance, don’t bring it near water. And try to use waterproof covers/protection when using it close to waters. Same goes for fire/heat damage, so be careful.
  4. Modify with Care: When you root your phone or load custom rom, you automatically void your warranty. So, if you want to modify your phone with after market software, be very careful. One mistake and your precious device will be lost without any warranty.

Maintain Your Costs

Now, saving money on phone just doesn’t mean it’s all about buying and caring for the phone. It also means saving unnecessary bills spent behind phone. If you can cut costs on these sectors, you can save a great deal of money for sure.

Use Postpaid Service

Maybe most of us are accustomed to using prepaid cards for calls, internet, sms etc. We pay first and then we use the services- that’s pretty much it. But if you want to save money, ditch this and switch to postpaid system. You will pay exactly the amount you use, not a penny more.

Use Offers

Carriers often provide their customers with offers. Sometimes it is talk time, sometimes it’s sms bundle or internet package. Long story short, you get much for paying less. Take advantage of this. Choose the best offer for you and go for it.

Use Discounts

These are not just the normal discounts offered by the carriers. Rather, they are special discount depending on your profession or age. There are packages for students, doctor, corporate personals- available in all the carriers. Use your identity, cut down the cost.

Stop Useless Services

There are always offers like ‘Get interesting news daily’, ‘Listen to the new songs’, ‘Set this song for welcome tune’. Services like these are not really useful. It’s true that, they don’t seem to cost much at first, but if you calculate total, you’ll see, they are grabbing a sizable amount of money at the end of the month. Stop using these, don’t subscribe to these services. Unsubscribe immediately if you’ve already done with subscription.

Use Wifi

The new phones are pretty data hungry. Any internet service will use a lot’s of data, so try to stay off from the mobile data as much as possible. Go for wifi in both home and work. Ask for wifi passwords in public places, don’t be shy.

Limit Background Data

This is a really small detail people tend to overlook a lot. When you turn your data on in a mobile phone, all the internet using services go online. Just because you are using one app does not mean mobile data is not being used by other apps. To prevent this, limit background data usage from your phone’s setting. Yes, you will not get internet notifications on your background menu, but for it’s worth, go for limiting your phone’s background data.

Make Calls Over Internet

There are now plenty of internet services available to talk. You don’t need to use your operator’s network with a high rate to talk. Use internet calling services like whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber, google meet, zoom etc. to talk.

Switch Operator

If you are not satisfied you current network operator, change it. You can easily do it by using Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service. No longer you need to linger with an irritating network operator! Switch to your preferred service provider and use them without any discomfort.


We all have to use phones, there is no way around this. But if we get a little more careful with our finances and plans, we can save more money on phones than we can even imagine. So, try to use these tips in your day to day life and hopefully you’ll save valuable money through them.

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