8 Best Online Shops To Buy Laptops In Bangladesh

The first question always comes when buying laptop is, ‘Why should I buy a laptop when I can get better specs on a desktop for the same price or cheaper?’

Yes, you can do the same work on a desktop for the cheaper price tag. But if you move around with work to do, whether you are a professional or not, you definitely gonna need a laptop, because it’s simply inconvenient to drag around a big desktop.

Now, why should you buy laptops from online?

Because there are literally thousands of models of laptops available online, from various brands and price tags. And your benefit? You get to choose yours by sorting all of them through all your filters- brands, budgets, specs; which is quite impossible to do when going to a physical store.

So, today, we’d like to talk about the 8 best online shops to buy laptops in Bangladesh, which can help you to get the best deals regarding the matter.

Star Tech

Starting from 2007, Startech is one of the leading electronic retailer and tech vendor of the country. With an excellent collection, good after sales service and strong motto of “Customers Come First”, Startech has become one of the best online electronic gadgets seller in the country. Providing services to big names of all sectors, providing technologies from top brands of the world and providing them at the best pricing range, Startech can be easily the pick for you to buy your laptop, without having to think twice.

Startech got a dedicated section for all their laptop and notebook. Not only that, they’ve got separate sections for gaming laptops and premium ultrabooks. For gaming purpose, you have Razer Blade, Asus ROG & TUF, ‘Evolve, Raider & Stealth’ from MSI, Acer Nitro & Predator and Lenovo Legion series available to pickup. All of the models with different processor, ram and graphics card are available in the Startech site. And for more professional and elite users, you can have premium models like Asus zenbook, HP Elitebook, Lenovo Yoga, Apple Macbook- all of which can give you top notch buttery smooth performance needed for your work. And if you are a normal user, there are hundreds of budget friendly options from brands like Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Avita, Huawei etc. So, there are plenty for all, you don’t have to hesitate when buying one. And not just buying, you see the upcoming laptops and even can pre-order them.

Navigating through the products, filtering and sorting them out- all are pretty easy and customizable. You can filter your desired product by budget, brands, processor, ram, gpu etc. You can sort them out by names, pricing, rating & models.

Ordering and paying for your laptop is pretty easy. You just need to fill up the info boxes and press confirm order. Once confirmed, Startech will send you an sms to confirm your payment. You need to pay withing 3 days after receiving the sms, otherwise the stock of the wanted product may go empty or the pricing might go up. You can pay via credit/debit card from VISA, mastercard and AMEX. You can also pay via bank transfer or can use bKash to complete payment. Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not available. But, you can get a 6 months EMI facility with credit cards from over 15 banks, including Standard Chartered Bank, City Bank (AMEX), BRAC Bank etc.

Tech Land BD

With a mission of providing state of the art computer systems & services for businesses and individuals, TechLand was established in August 2016. With the ultimate object of being a complete support system for clients and partnering up with brands like HP, Asus, MSI and CORSAIR, TechLand can be the ultimate choice for your laptop shopping.

TechLand got a pretty big collection of laptops. From entry level to extreme gaming, casual usage to professional workloads- all sort of laptops are available to customers to get the job done, regardless the type of job. For all around usage, you get laptops like Asus vivobook, HP Pavilion & Probook, Dell Inspiron, Acer Aspire, Lenovo Ideapad etc. All of them are can do normal tasks like browsing, watching movies, normal gaming, lightweight multitasking etc. For gaming and creative & professional purposes, TechLand offers a vast array of laptops, including big names like Asus ROG & TUF, Asus Zenbook, Razer Blade, MSI Raider & Stealth, Lenovo Yoga, Apple Macbook, Dell XPS & Latitude etc., all of which are more than capable of handling heavy gpu pressure from intense gaming and high workload from professional & creative works.

Going through the laptops and finding out the best for you is easier in TechLand. The default view is a list system, you can change it into a grid system, and you’ll find better info from the ongoing screen, without having to click for details. You can filter laptops not only by budget, brands, processor, ram, gpu etc., but also by the purpose of your laptop. You can filter and choose from gaming, work, basic, creative laptops- whichever suits your need. In addition, they also added a recommendation system, which gives the best option they can recommend for you.

To order, you may or may not register. If you are in for one time, than you can proceed as a guest. Just fill in the info boxes and you are good to go. However, before making any payment for online purchases, it is recommended by TechLand to call the support, to be ensured about the product being in stock and the price staying the same as the site. And for the actual payment, you can use debit/credit cards from VISA, mastercard, American Express, UnionPay & DBBL Nexus. You also got 12 mobile banking (including bKash, ROCKET, Nagad, UPay, Surecash etc.) and 9 net banking (including citytouch, MTB, ipay etc.) services to pay. And inside Dhaka city, you get the cash on delivery system to utilize. Not only that, you can get upto 36 months long EMI (depending on the bank) on purchases over BDT 5000. You can get this service by using cards to pay from 19 different banks. And all your payments are secured SSLCOMMERZ, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data and transaction.

Global Brand eShop

Globalbrand is a giant IT distributor in Bangladesh, who is the only exclusive distributor of ASUS in Bangladesh since 1996. With a commitment to become the most trusted store for all electronic devices with a focus on computer components by providing a cutting-edge E-commerce platform, Globalbrand’s online shop ‘globalbrand eshop’ can be your pick for buying your firs laptop.

Globalbrand eshop got a rather small collection than the previous 2 of this list. They only got 4 brands in the shop: Acer, Asus, Dell & Lenovo. But as the only exlusive distributor of Asus in Bangladesh, you can buy Asus products at the best deal from them. In their Asus collection, they got models like Ux, ROG, Vivobook etc. For other brands, they’ve ‘XPS, Latitude, Vostro’ from Dell, Acer Travelmate, Leneovo Ideapad etc. in their collection.

Navigation and sorting out products are kept simple here. The default view is grid system, changing it to list will allow you to see products’ details without clicking on them. You can sort out products by brands, colors & price. Though you can not type your budget and find products, rather you have to choose from predefined price ranges.

Placing order is really easy, as it is described on their site. To buy laptops from globalbrand eshop, sign up & log in, choose your product and proceed to checkout. After filling out the billing details and placing order, you are done.

For payment, you’ve got debit/credit card options from VISA, mastercard, American Express, City Bank, DBBL Nexus etc. You can also use mobile banking services like bKash, Rocket etc; and net banking services like MTB and so on. And to your convenience, 3 to 36 months emi service is available on using credit cards from 15 banks, including banks like Standard Chartered Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Eastern Bank Limited,City Bank and BRAC Bank. And yes, all the online transaction is secured by SSLCOMMERZ, so no worries about data safety.


Daraz is the leading online shops in Bangladesh. And this is a different pick for us because Daraz is not a dedicated online laptop shop. But with hundreds of laptops from various brands, thousands of happy customer, and a focus on customer service, experience & ease of shopping, Daraz secured a strong position on our list.

The biggest feature of Daraz is variety. With more than 900+ different picks from 20+ brands, Daraz is definitely well equipped to satisfy you with your products. From heavy workers like Asus ROG, Acer Nitro & Predator, Msi Stealth & Raider to all around perfromers like Asus Vivobook, Lenovo Yoga, Apple Macbook, HP Pavilion and Elitebook- all of them are available in Daraz. And they not only made this big collection, they already divided their site in different sections of laptops. So, for different purposes, you don’t have to filter out manually. Just click on a section (which is on top of the main page), and you’ll find the one you need.

Another big feature of Daraz is their app. It is fast, user friendly and offers a lot to the users. You can not only shop with it, but make wishlists, have access to brand vouchers, take part in flash sales and get notifications about special offers & campaigns. All the transactions made through the app is completely safe & faster, as you don’t need to fill up the information every time you pay. The app is available in both Google Play store and Apple App store.

Navigating is simple. Change the default grid view to list and have a more detailed view. fitlering is rather detailed. You can filter products by brands, price, warranty (type & period), color, processor (type & speed), graphics card etc.

Ordering is easy as it is. Sign up, log in, fill up the info required and proceed to checkout. For payments, Daraz offers debit/credit card payments from VISA, mastercard & American Express. You can also use mobile banking service like bKash. And if you are not comfortable with any of these, you can go for the good old cash on delivery system. And yes, EMI with 0% interest rate is available, if you pay with the cards from 7 partnered bank.

Computer Village

With the mission to offer high quality products, unparalleled service, and take the lead in the Bangladeshi market, Computer Village was established in 1998. With 22 years of experience, top quality service and customer care, Computer Village is one of the most trusted tech vendors of the country. And they offer one of the best deals for quality laptops, and thus we added Computer Village in today’s list.

The best thing about Computer Village is their already sorted products. Yes, they got a long list of products. All the heavy hitters and all rounders from Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI is available here, so, nothing is missing. What interesting is, they are already sorted in sections. Apart from a dedicated gaming laptop section, there are sections for brands and in that, there are more sub sections. For example, take Asus. If you click on Asus, you can see all the laptops, with 4 extra subsections for 4 of their series: Vivobook, Zenbook, ROG and TUF. All the other brands got this feature, which made sorting laptops out much easier. Now if you have any specific series from a specific brand, finding it will be much more easier.

Navigating is simple. Changing the default grid view to list view will give you access to quick view with a slight more details. Apart from the already predefined set of sorting, you can filter products only by price, which is not much comparing to the other site. But a much simpler view and those pre-sortation will help you compensate this.

Ordering in Computer Village is just like other sites, sign up – log in – fill in info – place order – choose payment. It is noted in their site to call helpline before ordering, in case there is a change in the price or the stock.

For payment, you can use debit/cards from VISA, mastercard, American Express, DBBL Nexus, Union Pay etc. 11 mobile banking services (including bKash, ROCKET, Nagad, t-cash etc.) and 9 net banking (including MTB, city touch, ipay etc.) are available to customers. And if your shipping address is in Dhaka or Chattogram city, you can pay cash on delivery. You get EMI facility when paying with cards from 19 banks, including Bank Asia, BRAC Bank, City Bank etc., all ranging from to 12 months. And for your data safety, all of the online transactions are protected by SSLCOMMERZ.

Ryans Computers

Launched in 2000, Ryans Computer is one of the largest retail chain stores for computer product in Bangladesh. With 20 years experience in the bag, Ryans is one of the trusted shops to provide customers with the best products in laptop market.

Ryans got a big collection of laptops in their stash. Laptops from renowned brands like HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, MSI, Apple, Microsoft- all are available here. The biggest feature of Ryans is their filtering system. Not only you can filter laptops by your standard filtration system (processor, ram, graphics card, storage, price etc.), but you can apply filters like processor generation, clockspeed, cpu cache, M.2/ssd expansion slot, keyboard back-lit, fingerprint sensor etc. Which means, by filtering, you can find the ultimate laptop, which will be best suited for your purpose. No more searching your desired one on the tech jungle for hours! And it does not end here. You can compare as many laptops as you want with the compare option, so choosing the best out of many is much more easier.

To order, sign up with phone number or email. Then log in, place order & details needed, and proceed to confirm your order. For payment, Ryans Computer accepts debit/credit card transfers from VISA, master card, DBBL Nexus, Qcash and Fastcash. If you are in Dhaka & Chattogram city, you can also pay cash on delivery. And there are mobile & net banking services including bKash, ROCKET, MCASH, city touch, MTB etc. Unfortunately, no EMI service is available for online shopping.

Smart Technologies

To offer tech solutions with most up to date technologies, Smart Technologies was established in 1998. After 2 long decades, Smart Technologies is one of the leading tech provider with networking goods, software & hardware stuffs. With proficiency, end to end solutions & networking, quality assurance and superior service, Smart Technologies can be the one site you may want to choose when you buy your laptop.

There is good and bad things about Smart Technologies. Good things first. You got big collection of high end stuffs. If budget is not your concern, you’ve come to just to the right place. Some of all the gaming laptops are from Acer Nitro, Acer Predator, Gigabyte Aorus, Gigabyte Aero, Dell G7 Gaming series laptops. For creators & professional, laptops like Leneovo Yoga & Thinkpad, HP Pavilion, Probook & Elitebook, Dell Inspiron & Latitude, Acer Swift, Macbook Air & Pro etc. are available.

The bad thing is, they don’t have any Asus Or MSI laptops, who in fact are 2 of the biggest brands in gaming industry. As of now, not just gaming laptops, Smart Technologies does not have any mid/entry level laptops from them either (for example, Asus Vivobook). Also, the filtering system is rather clunkier than other sites, so it can be a frustrating to an extent.

For ordering, sign up, log in, order- the standard procedure is the key. Payment is almost same too, with an added feature of making bank depositions. Or pay via using cards from VISA, master card or DBBL Nexus. You also have options to choose from 12 mobile and 7 net banking services (for example, bKash, ROCKET, Nagad, city touch, MTB etc.). No EMI is available of online shopping unfortunately.

HP Exclusive Shop

As you understood from the name, Hp Exclusive Shop is the HP brand’s authorized shop in Bangladesh, providing a large category of genuine HP products. If you got a special knack for HP laptops, it is the best site to visit.

As the name says, this site is all about HP. You get the usual Pavilion, Elitebook and Probook stuff in the laptop section. What you get specially is the Pavilion Gaming line up, HP Specter, HP Omen & HP ENVY- which are not exclusive in any other shop. You don’t just get these, you get the official international warranty with them, so you don’t have to think twice about that anyplace.

As for filtering and sorting, it’s kept real minimalist. You can only filter laptops by various series. And for sorting, you get options for name, price, rating & model. Nothing much to do here.

As for order, you don’t need to create an account. Just fill up your necessary information and that’d be enough to order. And for payment, cash on delivery is only available in Dhaka city. Other than that, you can use debit/credit cards from VISA & master card or use mobile & net banking service. It is advised to call or email their support team for deliveries outside Dhaka city.


If you buy a laptop, it’s going stay with you for a while. And for that time being, for the ultimate comfort and pleasure of using a laptop, we’d suggest you to buy the one you’d really need. Not the fancy with a big price tag or the popular one with rgb lights. But the one which will fulfill your requirements at your budget. You can buy accessories later, but you can’t change you laptop often. So keep that in mind and don’t haste off. Visit the sites on the list, compare the ones you want to buy, pick the best one.

Happy shopping!

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