7 Tips To Save Money On Electricity Bill

Well, we both know you didn’t click on this piece by accident. Electricity bill is really becoming one big headache for all of us for quite some time. Especially recently, since the government has increased the price of electricity once more and thinking of doing it again.

If you want to save up some cash on your bills in these trying times, you just have to get smart with how you use electricity. You can follow our little tips for quick and easy ways to save electricity, lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Tips that actually work. If you can follow these tips properly, hopefully, you won’t get that bill shock when your next bill arrives. So there you have it-

1. Make it a Habit to Turn Off the Light and Fan When Leaving a Room

Although it is commonsense to turn off the light and fan when leaving a room, most of us often forget to do this. In fact, it is a hot topic for burning conversations in many households. 

You know what to do, always turn off the lights and fans when you are not using them or leaving a room. This practice will literally save you a lot of cash. The more lights and fans you turn off, the more you will save on your utility bill.

2. Use LED Lights

This may seem pretty basic, but switching to LED bulbs is the next best thing you can do to save money. These may be more expensive up front, but they will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Consider this an investment for the long term. Most LED lights use up to 90% less energy than conventional lightbulbs and last up to 25 times longer. They are also much safer because they do not heat up quickly.

3. Switch Off Appliances from the Plug Point

When you’re leaving a plug point ON for electric appliances like Oven, AC, and Washing Machine, these still can consume power. Even if you leave them on standby mode, they can still be accountable for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity consumption. So it is better just to unplug them when you are not using them. Also, unplugging your appliances and turning off the power to save energy protects the components from an unexpected power surge, extending their lifespan.

4. Use Power Strips for Multiple Gadgets

If you have a lot of electronics in your room, plug them into a power strip. When you’re not using these items, just switch them off. Some gadgets that never truly turn off usually come with remote controls and the remote sensor requires power while waiting for your input. Consider plugging this type of device into a smart power strip, which cuts off the power when not in use.

5. Use Mosquito Net On Your Window To Keep Your Home Cool

Rather than closing the door to keep mosquitos out, use a mosquito net to keep your home cool. These nets also help to filter the air a little bit. These will also make your home safer for your pets if you have them. Mosquito nets also eliminate the need for Electronic Mosquito Repellents, making it a totally win-win product.

6. Use AC Economically 

 AC is totally a lifesaver in this unbearable heat if you can afford one. But that doesn’t mean you’ll leave it on all the time. If you don’t want a skyrocketing electric bill, you must use your air conditioner strategically. Here are some tips to help you.

You can use a fan with AC by first turning on the AC and keeping it on for some time, then switching on the fan. It will keep your house cool for a long time. Also, a ceiling fan consumes 10% less energy than a central air conditioner.

Maintain the temperature of your air conditioner at 26° C. It’s the average room temperature. The lower the temperature you choose, the higher your bill. So keep it at 26, it will keep both your room and bill cool.

Most importantly, replace the air filters in your air conditioner on a regular basis. It extends the life of your air conditioner, saves you money on costly repairs or replacements, and helps you save money on your cooling bills.

7. Use Outdoor Solar Lights

If you are into home decor, you must use lots of lights for your rooms, balcony, or garden. In that case, you can go for these solar lights. They work just as fine as conventional lights. Well, we would say they are better than the conventional lights since they light up during those load shedding hours too!

A few extras, check them out if you want-

  • Use natural light as much as possible.
  • Repair all the faulty wires or gadgets that need repairing.
  • Use microwave ovens instead of the conventional oven.
  • Use solar energy to power small appliances.
  • Keep your windows open for fresh cooling air.
  • Try to be up to date on the proper maintenance of your electronic devices.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for your gadgets instead of disposable ones.
  • Try to reduce the usage of the washing machine as much as possible.
  • Turn your refrigerator temperature down a little bit, it lowers the energy consumption rate.
  • Switch to laptop from desktop because laptops consume much less power than desktops.
  • You can use those automated bulbs that turn on by motion detection. They automatically turn off when no movement is detected.


We hope you have realized by now that saving money on your bills is not that hard. If you pay attention around your house you will find so many ways to save energy. You don’t really need to rush out to the stores and buy energy efficient products right away; you can start doing your part in saving electricity by following some of the simple tricks listed above.

In this case, we are all on the same page. If we want to save our pockets we have to start saving electricity. Start adopting some of these tips, make them habits, and slowly you will see the difference in your bills for sure. Start making a difference.

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