Zepter international Knife Kitchen Set (6pcs)

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Knife Kitchen Set Price in Bangladesh

A knife kitchen set is a collection of knives that are designed for different purposes in the kitchen.

Modern design. Hard blade. Environmentally sound. Stainless steel. Does not require frequent sharpening knives kitchen set is designed for daily home and professional use, so it has a high strength reserve. Led pen
Each knife is designed taking into account the shape of the hand and the type of work performed, which ensures the most comfortable slicing of products, cutting meat or fish. The handle is made of quality
Plastic, which prevents sliding of the knife during use. Knife blades are made of high quality, high carbon, stainless steel with innovative texture, thanks
Which, the blade slips even more.

Packaging in Box:

  • Composition knives kitchen set knife (blade length 20 cm)
  • bread knife (blade length 20 cm)
  • chopper (blade length 17.8 cm)
  • vegetable peeler (blade length 9 cm)
  • kitchen scissors
  • peeler-finger guard-gift wrapping.


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