Xiaomi Z17 Alkaline Battery AAA 1.5V (10 PCs Pack)

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  • 7 Days Warranty (If there is any Manufacturing Defects)


Xiaomi Z17 Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 1.5V (Set Of 10 PCs) Price in Bangladesh

The Xiaomi Z17 Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 1.5V (set of 10 PCs) is now available in Bangladesh. Get the original products at the most affordable price only at BDSHOP.COM and enjoy the quality with the promise of the best customer service in Bangladesh.

Xiaomi Z17 Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 1.5V – 10Pcs. Once you see the battery Mi Rainbow, you will immediately like them! 10 different bright colors that, to some extent, enliven batteries. Now you can easily distinguish old from the new battery, and also choose your favorite color of batteries for your home devices.

Looking for some new batteries?

We’ve got you covered – we have a wide variety of battery types to choose from, including the newest alkaline batteries. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your device. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly and low self-discharge, so you can store them without worrying about them losing power.


  • Rainbow colors: choose the color according to users’ taste and mood
  • Improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition resulting in a 7-years anti-leakage shelf life
  • Steel stretching technical: increases capacity without extra volume
  • Low self-discharge: can store for 7 years yet still be used
  • Environmentally friendly: reduce waste to the mother nature
  • With a storage casing so that you can keep them, extremely convenient and easy to bring around during the trip
  • Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks



  • Type: Battery AAA
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Rechargeable: No
  • Protected: No
  • Voltage(V): 1.5V
  • Built-in Protected Circuit: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes



Note: These is Xiaomi Eco-Chain products, so there is no Xiaomi logo on the products.


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