Xiaomi ShowSee A5 Anion Hair Dryer 1800W – Red Color

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  • 7 Days Warranty (If there are any Manufacturing Defects)


Xiaomi ShowSee A5 Anion Hair Dryer 1800W

  • Smooth high-torque motor, 6-page fan,
  • 1800W high power, 55℃ constant temperature, Dry quickly and save time.
  • NTC intelligently controls the temperature without harming the scalp.
  • 20 million/c㎡ concentration of negative ions.
  • Care for your hair, Reduce bifurcation, eliminate static electricity, and improve gloss
  • 3*2 mode, One-button switch
  • Double temperature protection to avoid hair cuticle damage


  • Brand: Showsee
  • Handle folding: foldable
  • Model: A5-W1
  • Rated power: 1600W(Inclusive) – 1999W(Inclusive)
  • Speed control gear: More than 6 gears
  • Function: Anion

1. Make sure that the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage of the machine before use.
2. When using, keep your hands dry: Do not use a hair dryer near a bathtub, washbasin or other utensils. When cleaning the appliance, first unplug the power plug.
3. Do not use the hair dryer for purposes other than hair blowing and hair conditioning.
4. Do not place the hot surface of the hair dryer close to the skin to prevent overheating and burns.
5. Be careful not to let your hair get caught in the air vent during use, and never leave it when the hairdryer is turned on. Children should be closely monitored when using the hairdryer.



Note: These is Xiaomi Eco-Chain products, so there is no Direct Xiaomi logo on the products.


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