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Xiaomi huohou garlic press – Black Color Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi huohou garlic press Black -A press for garlic, which makes it possible to easily grind the bulbs, selling them with thick holes. The garlic Grinder received ergonomic handles, and the 304 stainless steel folding mesh makes it easy to clean the device.

The Xiaomi Huo Huo Heat Garlic Press is an extremely handy kitchen accessory that you can use to mince garlic in seconds.

Such a fast process of chopping garlic was made possible thanks to the use of sharp double-sided stainless steel blades and a strong pressure paddle in the construction of the Huo Hou Garlic Crusher.

Made from a combination of fiberglass and nylon, the body of the garlic maker is anti-slip, so Huo Hou will not slip out of your hands.

Xiaomi Huo Huo Garlic Ergonomic Design Handle

In the process of using the product, it fits the natural shape of the hand to the utmost extent. The texture of the matte is comfortable, the grip is comfortable, the force is scientific, the pressure resistance is strong, and the garlic head is very efficient.

Simple And Openable  Platen

The pressure plate adopts a simple flat design, which can be opened and sealed very conveniently and flexibly to prevent bacteria from hiding and breeding, which is very healthy and safe. Stainless steel material, easy to clean.

Uniform Holes, One Second For Garlic Mud

63 uniform holes, caliber closed funnel design, more delicate garlic mud.



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