WiWu Sharp Film Selfie Stick SE003

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In Stock
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WiWu Sharp Film Selfie Stick SE003 in Bangladesh

The WiWu Sharp Film Selfie Stick SE003 is a versatile and affordable selfie stick that can be used for a variety of purposes, including taking selfies, group photos, live streaming, and video recording. It features a detachable tripod base, which allows you to use it as a tripod or as a selfie stick.

Key features

  • With a selfie stick, tripod, wireless remote, and stabilizer.
  • Wireless remote control design, with a traditional selfie stick function when installed, it will be more convenient to take selfies when removed, and group photos will no longer be missed.
  • Wireless Selfie Stick & Phone Holder Tripod Selfie Stick with built-in wireless remote controller (up to 10 meters of wireless connection)


  • Brand: WiWU
  • Model: Wi-SE003
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
  • Length when folded: 240mm
  • Extended length: 765mm
  • Size: 240x50x34mm
  • Compatible with IOS & Android


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