Top 10 Online Education Websites In Bangladesh

Learning is a blessing. But not everybody happens to be entitled to it due to a range of reasons. Distance and financial obstacles are a few of them.

With the advancement of technology and availability of it to the mass people, online distant learning has made learning a reality for everybody. Whether you are a student or a professional, you may be in need of some specific and special education that is not always possible to attain physically.

Online education has linked the bridge between learners and learning materials and tutors. Currently, there is a surge of online education in Bangladesh. You can get the education at cheap cost or even free at many of these institutions. Here are top 10 Online education websites of Bangladesh.

1. 10 Minute School

10 Minute School is one of the latest additions to online learning in Bangladesh. It kickstarted as a relatively small initiative which is now growing rapidly with almost 150000 students attending the classes regularly. It is now being sponsored by Telco giant ROBI and is being endorsed by numerous public figures.

From JSC candidate to Professional workers, everyone can benefit from the contents of 10MinuteSchool. The modules are divided into JSC, SSC, HSC, University Admission, University Courses  Skill Development, Professional Courses, etc. Students can watch chapter and topic-wise pre-recorded lecture videos, attempt quiz and even attend live classes on Facebook. The coolest part of it is that it is completely free.

2. Repto Education Center

Repto can be labeled as a deshi version of Udemy. The education process here is simple. Some experts prepare a video course and upload it on Repto, students enroll in the courses, and get certified after completion.

The courses can be of both types – paid and free. Different fields of education like Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic design, Photography, English language, MS Office, Database, Entrepreneurship, etc. are the major types of courses you will find at Repto.

3. Shikkhok Batayon

This site is a project of the government of Bangladesh that aims to bring digitalization of education of our country into a reality. The site mainly is enriched with PPT presentation slide contents explaining different terms and topics of school-level academic studies.

There are three mainstreams study contents (General, Madrasa, & Technical) are available there. The contents are prepared and uploaded by different teachers of different schools and madrasas around the country. The site is completely free to use.

4. eShikhon

At, you can take different model tests to prepare yourself with your subjects. Study subjects from JSC level to BSC test preparation – you can take the topic-wise test at different levels.

You can try out a technical audio-visual course from a range of courses like CPA training, SEO, WordPress, graphic design, affiliate marketing, android development etc. The blog section of the site has many informative write-ups that can help a student get up to date with latest education news.

5. StudyPress

StudyRresss concentrates on competitive exams for jobs, whether government job or private. The site is a hub for students who want to excel in their competitive exams such as BSC, government job exams, and bank jobs.

The study module is divided into different parts – BSC, Bank, Govt.Job, NTRCA, MBA. Under all these sections, you will find study materials, recent questions and model tests. You can read, practice, take a quiz or sit for a model test for your target exam. You need to sign up for that at first. You can also log in alternatively just by your Facebook ID. The site is available as the app on both iOS and Android platform.

6. Educarnival

This site is also set up centering the competitive exam preparation. You can find any previous questions of the state competitive exams like BCS, public varsity admission, Medical college, Bank Job, SSC, Teacher registration and other government recruitment exams.

Side by side, you can sit for model tests for each of the modules. There is a report/assignment section where you can find many academic write-ups related to different topics that will surely help you shape up your learning more flawlessly.

7. is one of the oldest online learning sites in Bangladesh. Unknown to most of the youth, this site has been a hub for knowledge seekers for many years. Founded in 2012, it has been growing with full potential since then. The lectures are designed for everybody to understand.

The best thing about is that it has a panel of teachers who are expert and excelled in their own educational field. Learn at your freedom from the Freelance corner, Mobile application development, Computer science and technology, Engineering, Language and even subjects from SSC and HSC level.

8. Educationpedia of Bangladesh

This site has some loads of contents for any student to get prepared for university admission test. Humanities, Science, and commerce – all departmental subjects can be studied at the admission preparation tab.

You can take different model tests to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam. The news tab has all the latest news about the admission tests coming up to keep you up to date. Find the website of your listed university just by finding the name of it in the University tab.

9. MCQStudy

This site is completely dedicated to BSC exam preparation. Find the latest study contents on different topics of the exam to study on the go from your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Go through the previous questions from the vast archive of question bank and prepare yourself for the exam battle. Sit for a model test exam to finalize your preparation to take you one step further.


If you are seriously thinking of sitting for the BCS exam, Teacher registration or MBA exam,  you can find out the level of your preparation at the last stage with

More than 20 thousand questions are there for you to go through and furnish your preparation at the very last moments. With the extension, you can sit for BSC model test as well.


Take it or not, the time we are living in right now has an immense inspiration of edutainment. You can think of bunking education yet; education will come right at you literally.

Online streaming live classes and at home distant learning systems have made this imaginary situation a reality. Find your desired education at these sites and be a part of the future of education!

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