How To Use bKash App – A Beginner’s Guide

bKash is currently the most widely used online money transfer option in Bangladesh. The initiative of Brac Bank has seen enormous popularity among the mass people of Bangladesh for its convenient and safe money transfer system across the country.

Though the service was accessible through USSD system of the mobile operators, recently bKash has developed an App for easiness of usage. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android platform.

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How to get started with Bkash App?

First of all, you need a bKash account to use the app. Open an account with a phone number at your nearest bKash agent. It is free and simple.

When you have an account, download the app and start it. The app is by default set up in Bangla. You can change it later into English as well.

At first, put your Bkash number and click the ‘tick’ button. Then put your Bkash Password and click the ‘tick’ button. Now the app will send a confirmation code to your phone, and you need to put the code into the app blank field and then hit next. At this stage, you can select the language.

(login bKash App)

Now set a profile photo from your phone gallery. You can choose whether your picture may be visible to other Bkash app users or not. Then hit ‘I agree’. Now the app will again ask for your password. Put the password again, and you are now all set for the app. Remember, every time you open the app, you need to give your  bKash password.

What’s in Bkash App?

Once you have set up the app, you can see a notification icon on the top left. Here, you can find all the notifications of your transactions. You will get notifications on different offers as well.

(bKash App)

On the top right, you will see the bKash logo. Clicking on it will lead you to a slide pop up window with different options. Here, you can select the language, choose to on/off voice guideline, help menu and a quick bKash helpline dialer.

You can also get statements of your transactions. The statement can be taken for the last 30 days. You can get a summary of your transactions month-wise.

The limit option helps to keep track of your daily and monthly limit of Cash in, cash out, send money, buy airtime and remittance.

From the contact option, you can select a bKash enabled contact and choose what to do with it like send money, recharge airtime or request money. You can even make a call or send SMS from it.

From the setting, you can change some relevant settings at your convenience.

How to Use bKash App for Transactions

You can always tap on the ‘TAP FOR BALANCE’ button to get your balance update in just a second.

To send money to any bKash number, just tap the ‘Send money’ option and type the number or select it from contact with your phone.

The same procedure can be used for ‘Buy Airtime’ option.

In case of cash out or payment, you can use the ‘Cash Out’ and ‘Make Payment’ option. Just tap it, and a payment/cash out a window will open. Here, you can either put the agent’s/Merchant’s number or just scan the QR code you find at the agent’s or merchant’s area. You can also save different agent or merchant numbers to save time in future. Just click the saved number and cash out or pay.

You can also request any bKash user to send you money with the option of ‘Request Money’. Just tap the option, type the number or select it from your contact and then put the amount and send it.

Is Bkash app safe?

Until we find a bug or issue with it, bKash app is still considered as safe as the transaction system that is followed by bKash is by far a safe one. It is better to note that, 20% share of bKash is now owned by Ant Financial which operates the Chinese online money transfer giant Alipay, a concern of world-renowned Alibaba group. They will be dealing with the technical and security development of bKash.

Alternative to bKash

Technically, there is no alternative to bKash App right now. On a decent level, iPay is giving a great competition. It has been trying to become the first choice for the urban people for about a great time and getting popular day by day.

Still, the way bKash has built its consumer base and the way bKash has reached every nook and corner of the country; it will be difficult to find a right alternative to bKash at this moment.


It is an undeniable fact that we are now at the crossroad of a giant digital leap. Our monitory transaction system is not an alien to this. Our transactions are becoming cashless day by day.

Online payment system is getting popular with the advancement of internet service and mobile phone availability. bKash has been a part of it from the beginning. The recently developed app can be seen as a next-generation development of payment system of our country. It will not be a good idea to keep yourself away from this digital movement.

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