Top 10 Deals This Week is one of the most popular online shopping sites in Bangladesh. Owned by the tech giant Alibaba group, Daraz has become an international brand based on South-Asia that offers quality service to the online shoppers.

What exciting about shopping at Daraz is numerous offers and discounts every single day. Yes, you can shop at great price-cuts at Daraz every day.

Let’s find out some of the best Daraz Deals of this week.


1. Deals Of The Day

In this segment, you will find thousands of selected products offered at huge discounted prices. Items from clothing to tools and much other diversity can be found at up to 50% discount. This section gets updated daily with cool deals for every single day.

2. Deals Of The Week

‘Deals of the week’ offer is pretty similar to the offer ‘Deals of the day’. Hundreds of categories of products are offered at a highly discounted price at the weekend. You can get a certain percentage of discounts for a product, or you can get a straight price-cut.

3. Deals Under 999

This deal is all about getting anything under Tk. 999. You can get loads of products from all types of categories, all under Tk. 999. You can even filter deals into Deals under 200, 201-400, 201-600 and above 600. Find your desired items at great discounts!

4. Over 75% Discount

In this segment, you can find all the discount range you need to know about. Just find the discount range on the left side of the site. You can filter the range from below 30% to highest over 75% discount. This is really cool as you can quickly get the highest discount for your product if available.

5. Tk. 500 Off At Daraz App

It is an excellent offer for all Smartphone users. Just download the app from here. And you can find a voucher code to use for the app at the website. Just use it when you are using the app for the first time. You will get Tk. 500 discount right away.

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6. Subscribe To Newsletters To Get Tk. 200 Discount

This perhaps is the easiest way you can get a significant discount without spending any energy. Just go the and subscribe to their newsletter. The newsletter will send you regular mail informing the hottest deals they are regularly offering. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will get Tk. 200 discount on the go.

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7. Daily App Discounts highly encourages using their app, and it’s totally cool to use it. It regularly offers exciting discount coupons only usable on their app. The discount amount varies from day to day, but you surely can save a lot by just using the app and applying the daily discount code.

8. Discount Offers has some discount offers for certain types of purchase. For example, you can get a flat 10% discount on different phones and air-conditioners if you made a pre-payment. This offer can be available for any type of items depending on the options given by

9. Fashion Flash Sale

In this offer, you can get a flash sale discount for different fashion items. There is a specific time-frame for you to get the most out of your offer. Usually, it is between 3 pm to 12 am. During this time, you can get specific fashion items at a very lucrative discount price up to 80%. You can also get a flat amount discount by using flash sale voucher code displayed on the sale banner.

10. Fashion Deals

Fashion deals offer different fashion items for both men and women like clothes, watches, bags, accessories and many more for amazing discounts. You can get clean discount offers ranging up to 78% or even more!

11. Daraz Masher Bazar

Masher Bazar is a grocery initiative of You can shop all your grocery items at one place here. Every necessary item you get from the local bazaar for your grocery needs and many other regular items, they have got it all at daraz masher bazaar campaign. You can get up to 80% discount on different categories of grocery items and also get free delivery for your shopping. Now isn’t that exciting?

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12. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Now how do you like that? One of the oldest and most exciting offers any shop can offer. has regular offers of this kind on a separate segment.

Find a number of categories of products under this offer such as Beauty & Health, Women fashion, Sports and Travel, Grocery, Baby Kids & Toys etc. Just find the item you need, order it and get a free piece along with it!

Conclusion is full of discounts and offers. The number of offers and deals daraz offers every single day throughout the year is just unparallel.

It really makes a shopper think twice before stepping out of home to shop. So yeah, next time you need to go out and buy your needs, hold yourself and just tap on your phone to save you a little more time, more money and more happiness by using

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