3 Best Customized T-Shirt Printing Companies In Bangladesh

Customized T-shirts are always a big part of today’s day to day fashioned lifestyle for occasions.

Now, going out to the market, buying ready made custom T-shirts, printing them in a lot after bargainings – these all are good ideas indeed.

But they are tiresome. So, what if one can make all the hassles go away and buy/print customized T-shirts in small amounts or bulk, just in a few clicks?

There are many companies providing this service. Today, we are going to talk about the best-customized T-shirt printing companies in Bangladesh, which can make your T-shirt printing experience easier and give you top-notch service. 

1. Fabrilife

Being the first and largest print-on-demand T-shirt printing platform of Bangladesh, Fabrilife is the top pick for our list today. You can print your own designed T-shirts just by uploading images, or by choosing from hundreds of artwork already provided by Pixabay, or just simply write some words or lines as you like with the built-in text editor. 

There are upto 10 colours you can choose from for the base T-shirt and those tees can vary from men’s and women’s T-shirts’ to sweat shirts and kids’ tees. The GSM quality varies from 160-180. Now, if you don’t want to make your own customized T-shirt, but still want one, there is also good news for you. Fabrilife also offers tons of readymade tees, made out of thousands of various designs included from hundreds of movies-music-games and all other genres, waiting for you to click and buy. 

Apart from buying and printing, Fabrilife also helps to set up new businesses by setting up camping pages and stores. Not only that, they provide shipment, 24X7 customer support and more other features.

Fabrilife ships T-shirts both inside and outside Bangladesh. They accept payments from bKash, Rocket, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash on delivery. 

2. Dorji-e

Now, if you are looking for something a tad bit simpler, something which will allow you to just upload your customized T-shirt design and print it, in both small and bulk amounts, Dorji-e is the company to go to. They provide you with a simple upload of your design and print option, with 7 colours for the base T-shirts. 

You can get 3 types of GSMs, depending on your use for the tees. For example, as a budget option, you can get 110-120 GSM T-shirts, which are perfect for one time events. There are also regular 140-150 GSM and  premium 170-180 GSM options, if you want a better quality of the cloth and better durability and print for your T-shirts .  

Now, you can not buy ready made customized T-shirts, but they are compensating it with giving bundle offers, which can reduce printing customized T-shirts cost by a great margin. They also customize shirts, polos, uniforms and caps; all on request via email or phone. 

There are 7 and 14 days home delivery options, though the service is limited to Dhaka and Chattogram metropolitan city only. Paying via bKash, Nogod, check and cash on delivery are available here in Dorji-e.  

3. Event T-Shirt BD

This particular of the 3 is a bit different, because they run their business through Facebook and phone calls, not actual websites. But fear not, because Event T-Shirt BD got the experience of working for 1000+ schools, colleges and other companies. 

As it is in their name, Event T-shirt BD specializes in customized T-shirts, specially made for events. So, whatever your event is, from school picnic to official party, you can always get in touch with Event T-shirt BD and rely on them. Not only T-shirts, you can also get polo shirts for events, for a relatively cheap price point. 

Pricing is the main selling point for this particular company. It may not look as much as flashy as other companies but they can really give a very good deal on customized T-shirts, which makes them more affordable to many of the customers. It is the cheapest company of the 3 we’ve talked about, charging BDT 150 only per T-shirt on an order for 30 tees, for example. But that does not translate into bad product quality, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do business with hundreds of institutions. So, if you are looking for some good customized T-shirts at a budget friendly cost for your next event, Event T-shirt BD is the company you are looking for. 

They ship T-shirts everywhere in Bangladesh. 


It is very easy to get frightened the first time ordering customized fashion wear online. But there is nothing to be worried about, all three of the companies are trusted by hundreds of customers, who are very content with their service.

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