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  • 7 Best Domain Name Registrars In Bangladesh

    The first thing any website need is a domain name. It is the address that users type into the URL bar of their browser to visit your website. If you want to create a website you must first choose a domain name, buy it and register it as your own. Domain names are available in … Read more

  • 5 Best Tutor And Tuition Websites In Bangladesh

    Whenever students look for a part-time job or a source of income, tutoring has always been the first thing they can think of. If you’re a freshly graduate and still waiting for interview calls, tutoring is also there to save the day.  Tuition is also a lifesaver for some students. Sometimes they may need extra … Read more

  • 5 Best Car Rental Services: Dhaka, Chittagong, & More

    As it says, one of the most densely populated cities of the world is Dhaka. Following the trend, all the other major cities are also becoming massively dense; making it hard to live in, let alone moving within. This brings a severe problem for ease of transportation. Heavy pressure on conventional public transports sometimes makes … Read more

  • Top 5 Ride Sharing Apps (Cars & Bikes) In Bangladesh

    Are you tired of looking for CNG taxi or rickshaw while you are going out somewhere? Yes, we know it’s a hectic job to get a ride at the right time with a proper fare. Well, ridesharing can be a great solution to this problem. Like many other developed cities, Bangladesh is now also experiencing … Read more

  • The 5 Best Cleaner & Cleaning Services In Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Cleaning up is hazardous. You have to get dirty to clean up things. In today’s rushing fast life, some household and commercial cleanings are better off be done by experts and professionals. Thanks to internet availability, we have many online services for cleaning jobs nowadays. Here are five best Cleaner & Cleaning services in Dhaka … Read more

  • The 24 Best Online Home Delivery Services In Bangladesh

    Technically speaking, Bangladesh has seen a rapid advancement in internet service in recent years, and that has eventually boost up online based shops and product/service selling solutions. You can pick your needed product/service online and get it home delivered – that’s one of the great achievements of internet revolution today. Today we will list up some Online … Read more

  • Top 5 Online Laundry Services In Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Though online laundry service has been around the world for a long time, it has seen its growth recently in Bangladesh. With a few startups here and there during the last couple of years, the industry is said to be booming. The process is easy. Order a laundry service, they will pick your laundry for … Read more