7 Ways To Save Money On Online Shopping In Bangladesh

Online shops seem to be in close competition nowadays with offline stores. From grocery to furniture, you can buy almost anything via online shopping.

As our lives are becoming too busy day by day, online stores are sighs of relief for us to do our own tasks while getting our necessary products delivered at home. 

However, online shopping doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive; rather it could be a money-saving along with time and energy. You can always win a deal while shopping online if you know some simple tricks. So if you want to save some bucks online, here are some money saving tips for you.


1. Check the Price of the Product on Different Stores

Don’t just jump into one site and order the product you are looking for. Go to the similar shops and other vendors for the best price. 

Usually, the same product is offered by different vendors in one site. Try browsing all the vendor’s list to find the product with cheaper rate. When done, now repeat this process for other places as well. Go to 5-6 other sites to find out the product at the most reasonable rate. This may take a few more minutes but can save you a good amount of bucks.

Here is a list of popular online shopping sites that you can look for your desired product.

2. Use Coupon or Discount Code

Almost all the sites have the discount coupon feature where you can put a discount coupon code to get discount instantly. Just put the discount code before you finalize your order and save money. There are many sites that have tons of discount coupons for different sites. DeshiCoupon.com can be your best choice as we update coupon codes regularly.

Courtesy: Amikinee.com

Here are some popular discount deals from DeshiCoupon.com.

3. Look For Cashback Offer

Many online sites have cashback offers for following specific payment method. Depending on order size, you can get cash back from 10% to 50%. Shops like Daraz.com.bd, Pickaboo.com, Ajkerdeal.com, etc. offer cashback if you pay through a bKash account.

Check: bKash Cashback Offers

4. Sign Up For Newsletter

All most all of the online shops have newsletter subscription. If you join the subscription by giving your email, they will send different offers and updates to your email inbox.

The amazing thing is, some online shops like Daraz.com.bd, Bagdoom offer a discount of 200TK to 300TK to their subscribers. So look for newsletter subscription offers before ordering.

Sign Up For Daraz.com.bd Newsletter & Get Free 200 TK Voucher

5. Download Mobile App

Like Newsletter Subscription, Online Mobile Shopping Apps will also keep you notified with hottest deals and offers now and then. You can immediately avail the offers upon getting the notifications.

Some shops like Daraz.com.bd offers a special discount at purchase via the mobile app. So make your order from the mobile app and save some extra bucks.

Download Daraz Mobile App & Get Free 250TK Voucher

6. Look For a Free Delivery

Online shopping sites offer free delivery of products upon meeting certain conditions like shopping more than a fixed amount or delivering in a specific region. 

You can find out what do you need altogether and buy the products in bulk to push the purchase amount above the minimum ceiling to get free delivery. Moreover, you get the delivery in a specific region that may be under free delivery area and get the product from there at your own convenience later to save delivery charge.

7. Wait For Festivals (Special Days)

Although we don’t have the mega sale festivals like ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ here in Bangladesh, we still have some occasions like Pahela Baishak, Eid festivals, Year Ending Deal, New Year Offer, Victory Day Offer, etc.

In recent years, we notice some of the online shops celebrate Black Friday with a different name. For example, Daraz.com.bd has FataFati Friday.

You can wait for hot deals during these occasions to get your product at a lower price. Keep your eyes open for these sale offers to get the product at best price.

Over To You

The first thing you should do to save money during shopping online is to be patient. Do not be hasty in purchasing any product online. Keep your excitement down, follow any or all the above tricks to get the best out of your shopping experience. 

If you think you have got some cool ideas to save at least a few bucks, share this post with your friends to help them to save too! Happy shopping online!  

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