19 Quick & Simple Ways To Save Money In Bangladesh

As the saying goes, cut your coat according to your cloth. It is a universal problem to match our expenses to our income. The whole demand/supply theory of Economics is standing on this issue.

Obviously, it’s a regular problem we face while spending on things we need and want. Often it is a tough case to handle, but if you are smart enough to follow some easy tricks on your everyday life, you can save a handsome amount at the end of each month.

Here are 20 simple tricks to save money in Bangladesh.

1. Cut the Electricity Bills

There are several ways to save money on electricity bills. All you need to do is, implement those ways. Here are some of the ways that you can follow.

  • Always switch off the fans, lights, and ACs when you leave the room for a while.
  • Avoid cooling down the AC to a freezing cold level, rather use your fan with AC.
  • Get laundry services from the laundry house instead of ironing at home.
  • Use a desk lamp for study rather than using a room light.
  • Use energy bulbs/LED bulbs instead of CFL lights.
  • Don’t use the dryer in your washing machine, use the sunlight to dry up clothes.
  • Don’t use old electronic machines like a blender, oven, etc. These things consume more electricity than the new one.
  • Turn the PC/Laptop when you are not using it or keep it in sleep mode.
  • Get a solar panel for in the time of power outage. It’s cost-effective than using a generator.
  • Try to rise early in the morning and go to bed early.

These are some quick tips. You can also try your own ways.

2. Control Mobile Phone Usage

A mobile phone is a basic need now. And we spend a good amount of money every month on our phone. We can easily control the mobile phone usage and save some money every month.

Here are a few things you can do to save money on your mobile bills.

  • Use a prepaid connection instead of postpaid. It will limit your use of extra spending.
  • Recharge little amount every time to control your usage.
  • Do not recharge bulk amount; this will lead to towards spending more.
  • Use bundle package offers from your operator to get the most of your money.
  • Use internet offers that are regularly sent via SMS by your operator as regular internet package costs more.

3. Avoid Credit Card Usage

Credit cards may be very lucrative to use, but it increases your spending in the long run. You may find it very useful while shopping or when any emergency spending occurs, but it will also tempt you to spend on unnecessary things that you wouldn’t have thought of buying without a credit card.

Moreover, failure to repay the money will charge you interest amount as well.

4. Shop Online

Shopping online will save you time and money. And shopping online is easy now. You can even take advantage of Cash on Delivery. That means you don’t have to pay the money before getting your products. You will pay once you get the products in hand.

And the more exciting thing is, you can get a lot of discounts by using coupons, vouchers and in the time of sales.

Here are a few trusted online shops that you can use.

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5. Use Digital Wallet

Digital wallets like bKash, Rocket, Upay, iPay, etc. provide numerous offers of cashback, discounts, loyalty points, referral bonuses, etc.

Every time you purchase anything through your digital wallet, you will get some of the cash back, or points that can be redeemed and spent.

In the long run, you can save a jaw-dropping amount of money that is impossible if dealt in cash or other methods.

6. Use Public Transport

Yes, public transport can be a hassle every other day, but it is still the best option to save tons of money on transportation expenses.

Getting a new car/bike and maintaining it would cost you heavily. If you switch to public transport instead, you may not find the luxury of relaxation, but you definitely will have more money in your pocket for crucial future usage.

Within public transport, go for Bus/Laguna/Tempo, etc instead of rickshaw/baby taxi to save even more.

7. Order Food Online

When you feel like not cooking and craving for some restaurant food, give it a second thought to ordering online through food ordering apps like Foodpanda, HungryNaki, Pathao foods, etc.

These apps have discount offers and coupons to save you money from every order you make. This way, you can save the transport expense, your time and your energy as well. Not to mention, you can taste the same food you could at the restaurant plus have it in your home sweet home.

8. Sell Old Items

Look around you at your house. Surely you can find many things that you don’t use anymore.

Furniture, phones, PCs, utensils, TV, recorder, collection items, electric gadgets, etc. Take a picture of the product, post an ad on social media or any classified advertisement site like Bikroy to sell it immediately. There are thousands of buyers waiting to buy the product from you. Sell useless items and earn money.

9. Pay Bills on Time

Never delay paying your monthly bills. Be it utility or others. Delaying will cost you more as fines. Set reminders and alarms within the deadline to pay the bills as early as possible.

And if possible, use digital wallets to pay your bill. It will save your time and energy.

10. Pay One-time Subscription Fee

There are different services people subscribe to in our day to day lives. Like gym centers, clubs, etc. If you are subscribed to any of these kinds of services, pay the subscription as a one-time payment. One-time payments usually come up with a discounted figure.

This way you will save a handsome amount at the end of the year compared to monthly payment policy.

11. Avoid Carrying Much Money

Do not overload your wallet with cash. Keep some cash at home and carry only the necessary amount on your wallet every day. This way you will easily avoid spending on unnecessary things you see on the streets and markets every day.

To keep you on the safe side in time of emergency, keep money on digital wallets like bKash or iPay.

12. Sort Out Useless Spending

Sit and think of your spending on unnecessary things every day. Make a list of it. Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, chewing, etc. You will save loads of money at the end of the year or even months.

13. Don’t Go Shopping Without Having A List

Whenever you are going out shopping, be it grocery or others, make a clean shopping list. Prepare it according to your need and necessity. Go to the shop and buy all the products according to the list.

This will prevent you from wandering around and picking up things you don’t actually need.

14. Buy Good Quality Products

When you are buying products that are to be used in long-term, especially electronic products, make sure you buy well known branded products.

This may cost you more than other average branded items but this spending is worth it. Branded quality products cause less trouble and do not require frequent maintenance.

This will save your maintenance cost in the long run and you will be spending less on that product compared to the average ones with higher maintenance cost.

15. Take Care of Electronics

The more you take care of your electronic appliances, the less you will require maintenance expenses.

Regularly clean up your PC, washing machine, ovens, etc. and do some self-maintenance once in a while. This will keep the appliances working fine and won’t cost you much to maintain now and then.

16. Buy Bulk Products

When you are at your local grocer, you can definitely find products that you use daily that come up with bulk offers. Take for example soap. There are frequent offers that say if you buy two, you will get one free or if you buy 3, you can Tk. 10 discount.

Now, you may have to figure out the number of soaps you need every month. If you need multiple numbers of the product, then you should definitely go for these offers and save that extra money.

17. Stop Shopping On Festivals

It is very common that products like clothes and other necessary items that are used in festivals experience a price hike during festival shopping seasons like Eid, New Year, etc.

If you are not in a hurry, then wait until the festival shopping fiesta ends. Buy your products right after the festival, and you can get the same products at a surprisingly lower price.

18. Avoid Malls

When you are going to buy short term usable products or clothes that you plan to wear frequently, try shopping for those products from medium class shopping outlets rather than full AC shopping malls.

You can find the same products in the medium classed outlets at much lower cost. Malls charge higher prices for their higher setup costs.

19. Track Your Expenses

This may not be a direct action to save money, but tracking your regular expense will eventually help you to reduce your spending in an organized way.

Install any expense tracker app on your phone and update it regularly. At least three months later, you can see your income and expenditure trend. You can then easily find out the area you need to put the concentration in to reduce expenses. You can even sort out the budgets for a different area of your spending and set a budget limit on the app to track the spending. This way, you can control your spending, and you will definitely start seeing the savings in your pockets in no time.


There are literally hundreds of ways you can save your money every day. If you sit back and think of your spending, you yourself can get numerous ingenious ideas to cut down your expenses and save a huge amount on a monthly basis. Before that, you can use these simple tricks every day to make a difference in your life.

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