5 Best Alternatives To PayPal In Bangladesh

It is undeniable that Paypal is the best online payment system in today’s world, but not all around the globe are lucky to use it.

Take, for example, our country. We do not have Paypal here in Bangladesh, yet we have some different options to get the job done exactly like we would have done using Paypal.

Here are 5 Paypal Alternatives you can efficiently use in Bangladesh and make money transactions online without a fuss.

1. Payoneer

With the rise of freelancers and online professionals in Bangladesh, Payoneer is becoming the most used online payment system in Bangladesh.

It’s basically a USA-based company that offers prepaid debit card which can be used anywhere in more than 200 countries where MasterCard is accepted. You can even encash your Payoneer balance from your local banks or any ATM booths.

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You can also pay for your products bought from different online stores by the Payoneer Card. You can transfer your Payoneer balance to your bank account and use it from there as well. If you happen to earn via freelancing, Payoneer will give you freedom of earning. Most freelancing sites accepts Payoneer as an online payment gateway. Hence, making it easier for you to earn.

2. Payza

Payza is also an international payment gateway with support over 25 international currencies, including Bangladeshi Taka. Payza is currently in operation in over 190 countries around the world. Recently, Payza has started its operation in Bangladesh and you can open a free account.

You can even add money to your Payza account using bKash. With Payza, you can send money in BDT or any other currencies allowed, across the globe. You can also receive money from the same channel. Withdraw your money from the local bank with local currencies. You can shop online by using Payza as a payment method.

3. Xoom

With Xoom, you can literally get the vibe of Paypal. As Xoom belongs to PayPal family, you can send and receive money from over 70 countries via Xoom. Being a part of PayPal, Xoom is trying to reach global users under this special segment. If you have an international Paypal account, you can use it to use Xoom, or you can simply open a Xoom account of your own.

With Xoom account, you can transfer money among different countries, make international payments, pay bills, recharge your phone balance, etc. You can use the app or site to get the job done. You can easily connect your Xoom account to your local bank account and start transferring and receiving money in international currency.

You can easily start sending and receiving money right after you log in to your account. You can track every transaction by Text, E-mail and by logging in to the site from your pc.

4. iPay

iPay is one of the best digital wallets in Bangladesh. They are trying to be the smoothest online payment solution of Bangladesh. iPay is a secured transactions system that can easily be used for your day to day transactions. The transactions in iPay can be made through android/iOS devices or personal computers. Through iPay, you will be able to exchange money with other iPay account holders and make payments for different types of online/offline purchases, utility bills, and other services.

You can easily connect your iPay account with your bank and transfer money from bank account to your iPay account anytime. You can easily transfer the money to your bank account as well in a few steps. You can also request iPay money from other iPad users in case of emergency.

5. bKash

bKash is right now the most popular and used online money transaction system in Bangladesh. It is a complete digital wallet and payment system on its own. You can actually use it for different varieties of transactions starting from an insignificant amount to a large amount. Because of its simplicity of use via USSD codes, bKash has been popular among mass people in our country. This way, currently most of the online shops are accepting payments through bKash.

You can pay bills of different monthly services via bKash as well. It is really simple to use and sending and receiving money are matters of some taps on the screen. You can now use the bKash app to send/receive money or make payments at a faster pace. All you will need is a connection to mobile data and use the app to make online transactions real quick.

It is awesome to have Paypal while you are trying to make online transactions. Yet unfortunately, we are not privileged yet for that. Alternatively, you can still choose any of these payment options for as smooth transactions as Paypal and get your job done in no time. These are hassle-free, time-saving and low-cost payment methods that will definitely please you.

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