Top 5 Online Vegetable Markets In Bangladesh

Whether it’s for health consciousness or delicious snacks, fresh vegetables have been an excellent choice of food since the Argo innovation. 

Today, ‘vegies’ are the common dish in our daily dines. Adding to that craving, variety of foreign vegetables are also being imported today.

Online stores have been busy to meet your demand as much as the local grocers. Now you can find almost all the vegetable items on the online stores you get at your local grocer. Here are top 5 online vegetable markets in Bangladesh.



Chaldal is the most popular online grocer shop in Bangladesh. Almost all the daily grocery necessaries are available at Chaldal has been one of the very first online groceries since the inception of this concept in our country. Providing fresh & non-toxic vegetables is one of the best services they offer, and people indeed love it.

All types of seasonal and all-seasonal vegetables are available at Chaldal. The best thing is, you have the privilege to get exciting discounts on your shopping at Chaldal, which can keep you one step ahead from shopping at local groceries.

2. MeenaClick

Although Meena Bazar has a high recognition for its super shop outlets in major cities, they recently have stepped into the digital shopping zone and started pushing the boundaries of the excellent shopping experience. You can find all the groceries and some other products of their outlets on the online store MeenaClick.

Find different types of vegetables and grocery items by just browsing the site and order quick and easy. Get cool discounts on different things and save your money. You can even save a significant amount if your total shopping amount exceeds a certain limit. This makes shopping vegetables online easier and more buck-saver.


Shwapno is a well-known super shop in major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong. It was expected that super shop chain like Swapno would extend their operations online as well. It has recently started its online operation in Dhaka. You can select your location in Dhaka at the very beginning and browse for the necessary vegetables.

As it has kept its name offline, Shwapno offers great service at online as well. You can browse and select almost all types of vegetables you need in your daily life and order as quick as offline. In addition to product-wise great discounts, you can even win exciting shopping-discounts by shopping your monthly-bazaar at Swapno online.

4. DirectFresh

DirectFresh is a Dhaka-based online grocery store that has various grocery items in its store for the people of Dhaka. Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Bakery items, frozen food and many other items are promised to be delivered within a day as ordered.

The vegetable sector of DirectFresh is quite rich. All the local deshi vegetables are there along with an exciting variety of imported vegetables that are rich in nutrients but not available everywhere. The home delivery is done within 24 hours, and you can even return or replace your order if not satisfied.


As an extension to the famous online shopping site, Othoba Grocery is also becoming a great source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Almost all the necessary day to day need of vegetables are fruits are ready for sale at with a great option to select the price range to meet your budget.

You can also filter the products by the seller if you like. Othoba promises delivery of fresh products, free from any type of chemical usage. You can get the best out of using some great coupon discounts and stay ahead in vegetable shopping by saving some extra money!

Over To You

We got to agree that online shopping is getting popular day after day as we are in 4G network nowadays. Getting something at your doorstep is now an easy task as a pie. 

When it comes to grocery shopping or fruits and vegetables, it saves lots of times from our busy lives and gets us the chance to spend more time with our families and friends. So, do not forget to bookmark these sites to make the best out of your vegetable shopping the next time.

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