7 Tips For Safe Online Shopping In Bangladesh

Technology is growing fast. Every day we are getting new technologies such as online streaming, shopping, and many more.

One particular thing that has been growing rapidly in recent years is online shopping.

More and more people are buying things online. But trusting online stores is still an issue.

Getting wrong products, delays in delivery, and not getting the products at all are some common reasons why people don’t want to trust online shopping sites.

While we believe that these problems will be solved over time, it’s customers’ responsibility to be on the safe side.

Here we will be sharing some tips for safe online shopping in Bangladesh.

1. Buy From Popular Online Shops

There are hundreds of online shops out there. And every day new sites are launching.

Not all these sites are trusted. A lot of them are scamming their users. Rather than buying from a random site from Facebook or Google search, go with a popular online shop.

Here are some popular and trusted online shops.

  • Daraz
  • Rokomari
  • AjkerDeal
  • KhaasFood
  • Chaldal
  • Othoba

These are sites that you can put your credit/debit card information without having any risks. And they have a proper return policy.

2. Check If A Site’s Connection Is Secure

Whenever you are going to put your credit card on a new site, check if the connection is secure or not from the address bar.

Having a secure connection means your data are encrypted on the site. So follow online shops which have secure connections

3. Facebook Page Activities & Reviews

This is another thing you can check to be on the safe side.

Normally, an online shop should have a Facebook page and allows users to give reviews and recommendations.

So it’s wise to check the activities and reviews of the online store’s Facebook page.

4. Check Return Policy & Delivery Charge 

It’s almost impossible to understand how a product exactly looks like while shopping online. Sometimes, you may even get defected products.

To be on the safe side, check if there’s any return policy or not. Normally, popular online shops have 7 days return policy.

Another important thing to check is the delivery charge.

5. Popular Payment Gateways

Most of the online shops in Bangladesh are using payment gateways like SSL COMMERZ, PortWallet, easypayway, Walletmix, aamarPay, etc. If you see any of the payment gateways while making the payment, you can easily trust the shop.

However, not all the trusted shops are using these gateways. For example, Daraz is using its own online payment gateway.

Are using these gateways. For example, Daraz is using their own payment gateway)

6. Use Cash On Delivery (COD)

This is the safest way.

But some sellers send wrong products on COD. So make sure you check the product before making the payment.

Courier services like Shundarban, SA Poribohon won’t allow you to check the products before making the payment. So make sure the seller is not using these couriers. Use couriers like Pathao, eCourier, etc.

7. Don’t Use Public WiFi While Shopping

Never ever use public free wifi especially when you are using your credit card while shopping.

Hackers might get your information through these connections.

Hope these tips will help you with safe online shopping.

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