How To Shop Online In Bangladesh – A Beginner’s Guide

With an impressive advancement in Internet experience in Bangladesh in recent years, shopping through the online medium has gained a steady boom. Easier and cheaper electronic devices with affordable internet have geared up the pace to this alternate shopping experience. 

As it is a relatively new phenomenon in our country, shopping online has also been facing taboos like ‘It’s not easy,’ ‘It’s risky,’ ‘It’s costly’ etc., but guess what, it is fun when you go through it yourself. Here, we are going to describe you some quick and easy steps to do online shopping.

Step #1. Find the Desired Product

You can find your desired product in two ways –

1. Searching on Google

The very first thing you can do is, search it on Google. Suppose you want to purchase a smartphone. Just search for the term “Buy Smartphone online in Bangladesh.”

You will see various websites that contain the product you are searching for. Look for online shopping sites that offer the product you need. Typically, you will find some of the popular online shops like,,,, etc. 

Select one of the sites from the Google search result. You will be redirected to the product page immediately.

2. Searching On Online Shopping Sites

We have already discussed the most popular online shopping sites in Bangladesh previously. Here is a quick preview of some of the most popular sites. Being one of the pioneers of online shopping in Bangladesh, it offers a broad range of products starting from electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid’s items, décor, beauty and health and much more. Check: Buy Something From With 250 Discounts Ajkerdeal is another popular online shopping sites that offer almost all variety of consumer products at a competitive price. Bagdoom is mainly focused on youth lifestyle. From clothing to health care, it offers almost every kind of products for young people. Pickaboo is the best online store for electronics and mobiles. From Bedroom AC to kitchen over, it has all electric appliances you need. is a Pran-RFL initiative that offers typically all types of lifestyle products.

Visit any of these sites and find the search bar. It’s generally on the top part of the homepage.

Write down the specific name of the product you want, such as ‘Samsung S6’ on the search bar. You will be shown all the products that match with the keyword.

Step #2.  Select Product and Check Product Information

Now, browse all the search results carefully. Find the product that matches your desire. You can see the product picture with the price of it shown below the product. Choose the product from all the outcomes that meet your need the best.

Now, click on the product and carefully read all the information given in the product description. Try to understand if this product is the one that fits your demand. Read all the specifications to find out whether it has anything that will not satisfy you. If you find anything not suiting you, go back and search for the right one again and follow the process mentioned again.

When you have selected the right product, now you can move on to confirm your purchase. There will be a button that says ‘Add to cart’ or ‘Buy now’ to add the product to your shopping cart. Click on it to move on to next step.

Step #3: Confirm Shopping Cart

Now, go to the cart by clicking on the cart icon. You can find it usually in the top right corner of the page. By clicking it, you will be directed to the cart page. 

Here you will find the product picture, description, quantity, unit price, total price, and total price. You can even change the quantity from here if you like. After you have gone through all the information and be sure that everything is ok, click the button that says ‘Proceed to checkout’.

Step #4: Enter Your Email and other address

Now, Enter your email address, Your home address or the address you want your product to be delivered at, Phone number, City, zone, etc. Then click the button ‘Place order’. Now, you will be shown the final status of your order. Your product, quantity, value, delivery place, your e-mail, phone number, etc. Then click ‘Confirm’ to go to the payment process.

Step #5: Select A Payment Method

Now you need to select a method to pay for your product. You will be given a range of choices from card payments to cash on delivery. Chose the method which matches your convenience the most.


Step #6:  Use A Coupon Code

You can use a coupon code to get special discount on your purchase. Nearly all the online shopping sites in our country offer discounts. Availing the codes will give you to take maximum benefit out of your online shopping. There will be a box at the checkout to be filled up with coupon or discount code. 

You can always find coupons for different shopping sites at Every other day new coupons are updated at for you to get exciting discounts. So, visit to find a coupon code to get the most out of you shopping experience.

Step #7: Place & Confirm the Order

Finally, Place and confirm your order. The site will process your order and show you a shopping code or id number for your shopping. Keep it safe with you; you may need it. You may get a call from the store for further confirmation.

Usually, the products are delivered within 3-5 working days. Home delivery and courier service receive, both options are available.


Shopping online is getting easier day by day as public demand is increasing at a horse speed. Mobile apps have been in development for all the online stores recently to make it a lot smarter. With a few taps on phone or clicks on the keyboard, you can get your desired product at your home in no time. It’s easier than you think. 

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