7 Best Online Shoes Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

Among a lot of advantages of living in this century, shopping from the comfort of your home has to be on the top of the list.

It saves energy, money, time and during this pandemic, it actually saves lives!

You can buy anything and everything online now. Shoes, from flip flops to chic boots and sportswear – every kind you want is now just a click away.

Various shoe stores allow buying online, even some shops have introduced outlets after profiting hugely from online.

Here’s a list of 7 best online shoe stores in Bangladesh.

1. Apex

Apex is one of the leading shoemaking brands based on Bangladesh. Like various physical stores which is available in all 64 districts, the online store also displays shoes for men, women, and children. Apex is known for selling fashionable, trendy, and comfortable shoes within the most affordable price.

Men: The Men’s section on the website is well sorted. There are Shoes, Sandals, and Sports sections. Among shoes – formal and casual wears are a mix of old and new styles and prices ranging from BDT 1990 to BDT 7990.  The boots on the other hand are expensive starting from BDT 4490 but are quite stylish, funky, and trendy if one has taste for high necked designs that are quite an in style now. There is a huge collection of sandals and flip flops for all price range. The sportswear comes in sneakers, canvas, and sandals all of which are for all price range, comfortable and fashionable as well.

Women: The Women’s section has flats, heels, and sportswear. Apex always brings trendy and modern flats with time. The sandals, ballet pumps are always very comfortable as well as stylish and you can wear them everywhere, price is reasonable as well. They have introduced “jutti” or “khussa” which are nowadays very popular with the women for fancy parties and weddings. The price for juttis are 3190 which is similar to the ones that are imported or found on other online-based women’s store. The heels come in high heels, block heels, pencil heels, mid heels, and wedges- the mid-heels and wedges being the most reasonable- price-wise. The collection has a mix of old and new styles for all ages of women. There is a huge collection of sportswear- sneakers, canvas, and sandals for all price range. 

Kids: There are separate sections for boys and girls on the website for sandals, casuals, shoes, ballet pumps, and school wear. 

Apex delivers products within 7 days inside Dhaka and within 9 days outside of Dhaka. There is a separate delivery charge. Payments options are available through Debit/ Credit card, Internet Banking and Mobile banking. The products already paid are non-refundable. Return and exchange is done within 7 days of purchase on condition given by the website. 

2. Bata

Bata is one of the leading multinational footwear manufacturers and retailers not only in Bangladesh but in around 70 countries in the world. We rarely see any towns or areas in cities which doesn’t have at least one outlet of Bata. While mentioning our shoe sizes, most of the time we Bangladeshis have a “Bata size” which maximum times we use while shopping online form other sites or Facebook pages. 

Men: For menswear, Bata has casual shoes, formals, sandals, and sportswear. For casual wear, there are a lot of options ranging from BDT 550 to above BDT 5000. We can say the casual wears are quite affordable. Whereas the formals and sportswear are not so much. The price ranges start from BDT 1000 to above BDT 5000 where the best designs and good quality ones are usually above 2000. The loafers are also trendy and the price ranges from BDT 1000 to above BDT  5000. The flip flops and sandals on the other hand are affordable, fashionable, and comfortable as well. North Star, Hush Puppies, and Adidas shoes are basically found in Bata if you’re looking for them in Bangladesh.

Women: Bata for women has various designs. It has the age-old shoes which they still continue because of the comfort it provides to the customers of the older generation. The thick-soled belted sandals for comfort wear of all ages are of every price range starting from usually around BDT 600. The trendy two laced flats are quite attractive. Casual closed shoes are very diversified- from every day wear to formals and sophisticated. The price range is also flexible. Heels are available in pencil heel, block heel, platform heels, etc. Marie Claire is one of the brands for women that Bata offers which have beautiful shoes but are a bit expensive. There is sportswear that is funky as well as comfortable for all price ranges.

Kids: The children section of Bata has all types of sandals, shoes, and flip flops available in all price ranges. You won’t find all the varieties of shoes especially the school wears or the formals online, it’s best to visit the physical outlets for buying those. 

Bata allows Debit/Credit cards, Mobile banking, Internet Banking and even Cash on delivery (only in Dhaka) for payment. The products are shipped within 7 days and exchange can also be done if your invoice is intact and contacted within 7 days, Refund isn’t allowed. The “Terms and Condition” section of the website is quite enriched and sorted out and every detail is given on the website very precisely.

3. Merkis

Merkis is an online shoe store in Bangladesh which has more modern shoes than traditional ones. Men and women can find their choice of shoes in this online store from its huge collection.

Men: Men’s section has shoes, boots, casuals, formals, loafers, leather slippers, slide slippers, and sportswear. The boots are quite fashionable in various colors, shapes, and designs and price range starts from above BDT 2200. The casual and formal shoes are quite likable too in a similar price range. The sportswear in various designs can be found for people of almost all tastes. Some Nike sneakers are available too. The slippers are the most reasonable price-wise from this online store.

Women: For women, there are high heels, boots, slippers, and women sneakers. There is the most number of choices in the sneaker section. There are high heel designs with straps, slip-on, and also high heeled sneakers.  The price is around BDT 2500-2700. There are beads embezzled high heels for around BDT 2000. Women’s boots on this website are quite unique and classy all for BDT 2950. The ballet flats are a bit pricey based on their designs. The sneakers on the other hand for a budget around BDT 2000-3000, there are many options- sophisticated, funky, trendy of all kind. 

There aren’t any options for kids. The products are shipped inside of Dhaka within 24-48 hours and outside of Dhaka within 48-72 hours. For Dhaka, products can be received cash on delivery and for outside of Dhaka, the product is shipped to the nearest courier branch with BDT 200 advance. There are Debit/ Credit card, Mobile Banking and internet Banking options available for payment. Return and exchange options are open if notified within 3 days on conditions explained on the website.

4. Daraz

Daraz is one of the top online shopping websites which sells almost every kind of product. Shoes for men, women, and kids are available. Shoes, slippers, heels, ballet flat, dress shoe for men, sneakers, canvas, etc.

All kinds and designs of shoes are available on this website for the various price range but choosing is a bit tricky as it isn’t sorted neatly. But if browsed thoroughly, one might be able to find what they are looking for. Payment options include Debit/ Credit cards, mobile banking, and on times, cash on delivery as well. Return and refund are accepted on the condition given on the website.

5. Fortuna

Fortuna is a Bangladeshi shoe manufacturing plant that also sells clothes, accessories, and bags. The website has a number of shoes for men, women, and children with simplistic and comfortable designs. 

Men: The men’s section has converse, sandals, and shoes. All of which is of very simple and comfortable designs. The price is very reasonable and budget-friendly. Trendy and in style shoes are also available.

Women: Women’s section mostly has converse, flats, and ballet flats. These shoes are quite comfortable, best for daily use and the price is also very reasonable. 

Kids: There are only couple of shoes available for boys whereas a few available for girls, most comfortable and cute pumps, and ballet flats.

There is a separate delivery charge for products. Products can be returned and exchanged if contacted within 72 hours, but non-refundable. Payment method and shipping everything is known upon opening a user id. 

6. PriyoShop

PriyoShop is an online shopping portal which sells various products shoes being one. 

Men: There are shoes, sneakers, sandals for men available. Some pairs from brands like Jennys and JAZBA are available. It mostly offers men’s sneakers and canvas which are of the various price ranges. There aren’t too many options for formals or sandals.

Women: There are various trendy and fashionable flats and heels available which are quite budget-friendly. Flat sandals with straps and closed front are both very classy. Sandals section of this site definitely offers the nicest collection. 

Cash on delivery is available as well as Internet Banking and Bkash. Products can be exchanged upon notifying within 24 hour of delivery on condition given by the website. 

7. Shadmart

Shadmart is another eCommerce website that sells various products at a good price. There is various footwear availability for men, women, and children. There is up to an 80% discount going on at the time so all the items come at a very reasonable price.

Men: For men, there are many options- loafers, boots, formals, high tops, slippers, leather, sandals, running shoes, etc. There so many options for designs, colors and shapes. Loafers and slippers are budget-friendly whereas boots and formals are mostly a bit expensive, but overall there are so many options that one might end up getting a good deal on any kind of shoe of their choice. 

Women: For women, there is all kind of shoes available. From boots, canvas, heels to sandals, slippers, pumps. There are so many options on every design, color, and price range. There are comfort wears, formals, as well as funky, trendy, and fashionable shoes and slippers for everyone. The price range varies so much that going through the website will give the buyer a clear idea of it based on the quality shown on the pictures. 

Kids: Kid’s choice of shoes includes- boots, canvas, house slippers, sandals, sports shoes, toddler shoes, etc. There so many options that one would definitely find the shoes of their choice for their kids’ cute little feet. 

Products are delivered with 180 days and are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. In the case of having damaged or faulty products, there is a description given on the “terms of use” section. Debit/Credit card, internet, and mobile banking are accepted as means of payment.  


Buying shoes online is like a Genie in a bottle for every shoe lover, no hassle of going out while so many options and designs from so many stores. There are offers on membership as well as occasional sales while buying online. Brands that are not popular enough, might actually profit from going online as people might not visit the stores physically going the distance, but if given the option to browse online, could actually find shoes of their liking. People of Bangladesh are not too keen on buying products especially shoes online as it require exact size and fitting; but a lot of them are warming up to it seeing availability and feasibility of exchange, payment and delivery.

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