7 Best Online Qurbani Haat In Bangladesh (2020)

The biggest festival of the year for Muslims is Eid. Eid ul Adha is right around the corner. A significant event of Eid ul Adha is that Muslims are required to sacrifice an animal to show gratitude and serve the needy.

While some of us are readying ourselves to spend a second Eid at home in quarantine, the others are looking for options to purchase an animal to sacrifice with minimal risk of COVID-19.

Buying cattle online is the best option now. Luckily, there are a handful number of online Qurbani Haats available in Bangladesh.

Let’s take a look at these haats.

1. KhaasFood Online Gorur Haat

KhaasFood is the ultimate destination for organic and safe foods. They are trying to bring fresh, pure, and unadulterated food to the doorstep of every household in Bangladesh. With this mission in mind, they continuously organize events to raise awareness of food contamination and healthy food habits for the general people.

This year, KhaasFood has taken the initiative to create an Online Qurbani Fair. They have cows from a large number of farms and breeds. They provided additional information on each cow, such as weight, age, height, feed, gender, and color. They specifically added in the vaccines offered to the cattle, ensuring that the health issues of their cows are transparent and concise. They are accepting orders up to the 25th of July. You have to pay 50% of the payment through bKash or card upfront for booking, and the rest of the amount before delivery.

 Purchasing a cow online is quite a novel concept, primarily due to the fact that it is hard to choose a cow-based only on its photo and description. The best attribute of this site is that it has provided a video of every cow with its specifications. So browse through the videos, take your time, and choose the best cow for your Eid!

 2. Online Gorur Haat By Daraz

Daraz is the most popular e-commerce website in Bangladesh. A wide variety of products are sold in Daraz. Sellers from any part of the country can sign up as a merchant here to sell their wares. This year, Daraz has taken part in the online festivities of Eid.

It has set up an Online Gorur Haat. You can go to the ‘Livestock’ section of their website to see their collection of animals. The animals can be divided into categories depending upon their price, location, age, and weight. Some people like choosing animals from specific farms and brands. This option is also available on the site. You can choose between the cows of your favorite brands such as Gumti Agro Farm, Khamar Bari, Talukder Agro Farm, AH Green Agro, and more. 

Daraz currently contains cows of various breeds, including Australian, Indian, Shindhi Cross, Native, Bhutani, Sahiwal, Friesian, Nepali, and so forth. Every merchant offers convenient drop-off services, so you don’t have to worry about the stress of bringing the animal back to your house.

Daraz is offering specific discounts and promotions during this festive season. Check out their site voucher codes to get the best deal for your Qurbani animals!

3.  Bengal Meat

Bengal Meat is the first world-class slaughterhouse in the country. It provides meat and meat-based products of the highest quality. It is operated under the supervision of Australian experts to produce world-class beef. This Qurbani, Bengal Meat is only selling cows, Goats or sheep aren’t available. You can select your preferred cow from their site based on gender, color, breed, age, and feed type.

Bengal Meat has taken extra care to provide healthy and safe meat during the quarantine. Their cattle have been quarantined since March, with constant check-ups from health experts. Due to the risk of contamination, Bengal meat will not be selling live cows to customers. The cattle of their factory will be slaughtered manually, processed, and delivered to their customers’ doorstep. You have to pay the price of the cow and processing charge in advance. The cattle breeds they have are Sahiwal, Sindhi, Holstein-Frisian, Jersey, Brahman, Red Chattagram cattle, Pabna cattle, Mirkadim cattle. Their animals are fed a concentration of food made of Corn, Napier, Lucerne, Jumbo, etc. to assure quality. 

If you choose to purchase meat from Bengal Meat this year, you will receive your meat from the second day of Eid onwards. The cow will be slaughtered by following Halal and Islamic protocols. It will be bagged into 3kg packs and packed into a master bag. It is noteworthy that their packaging material is food graded. You will also receive the lung, kidney, stomach, and spleen in separate containers. However, the cowhide will not be sent as it contains the risk of contamination.

The efforts taken by Bengal Meat to keep everyone safe during the pandemic is genuinely commendable. It is a worthy choice to feed fresh and healthy meat to your family this Eid.

4. Qurbani Cow & Goat by Priyoshop

PriyoShop is a renowned name in the e-commerce industry. Established in 2013, PriyoShop has captured hearts all over the country as a trusted online platform.

To enhance their collection of products this year, PriyoShop has added an ‘Eid ul Adha’ section in their website. Once you navigate there, you can choose amongst a wide variety of cows and goats. They are sourcing their animals from acclaimed merchants such as iFarmer, Rabeeba Dairy Agro Farm, and SR Agronomic Farm. 

If you choose to purchase an animal from them, they are currently accepting payments through VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and bKash. Proceed to their site to find a suitable cow within an affordable rate!

5.  Eorder.com.bd

Eorder.com.bd is a platform that showcases rare and unusual products of the country. Their website is carefully curated with authentic and unique products that usually are not available in regular stores. 

This year, their Qurbani collection features over a hundred cows. They are of different breeds, colors, and sizes. Each has a unique token number, which you can use while ordering. Moreover, the site allows you to zoom in on the highly defined photographs taken of the cows to help you in your purchase. You can sort the available cows based on price, vendor, and brand.

The most remarkable feature of this website is that most of the cows can be bought with EMI facilities. Almost all sites require you to pay for your animal in advance, but this platform allows you to pay in monthly installments. 

An added bonus is that shipping in Dhaka is absolutely free! If you want to choose an animal from a range of flexible options, eorder.com.bd is the perfect choice for you!

6.  Bikroy

Bikroy.com has established itself as a popular buy and sell community in Bangladesh. It allows users to sell their wares both through its website and mobile application.

Naturally, many users have posted ads on Bikroy.com for selling their farm animals. As this site reaches a broad audience, you are very likely to find your preferred animal within a few clicks. Animals from different areas of the country are here, guaranteeing a multitude of animal kinds for your convenience. 

7. Amar Desh Amar eShop

Amar Desh Amar eShop is the first of its kind institute in Bangladesh that empowers rural workers and families. Through this website, rural families can sell their wares at an affordable rate. It is slowly creating opportunities for rural development in trade, health, and agriculture. 

Their site features cows, goats, and other Qurbani animals. You can view pictures, check weight, height, and color to choose the perfect animal. The site accepts payment from VISA, MasterCard, DBBL, and Brac Bank. Your cattle will be delivered to your doorstep as per your instructions.

If you would like to help our people in rural areas make economic progress, check out this website! 


The pandemic may have disrupted our lives suddenly, but the annual festivals help to keep us grounded. They remind us that we can celebrate with our family and loved ones even in the worst of times.

We hope that this Eid will bring you immense joy and happiness. May your Eid be merry and meaty. Eid Mubarak from the Deshiz team!

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