Top 5 Online Gadget Shops In Bangladesh

You be a tech freak or not, must have heard of the rise of 3G or 4G internet lately. What has facilitated this uprise of mobile high-speed internet is smartphones, tablet, and other network depended on gadgets. The number of smartphone user is increasing daily as various brands competing for each other makes it affordable for the customers.

As time is moving on, more digitalized we are becoming day by day. You don’t need to take the hassle of going to malls or experience outlets to get the cool gadget you need. You can simply select the gadget you like, with the variety you want and order it online and get it at your doorstep in no time.

Here are 5 best online gadget shops in Bangladesh.


When it comes to gadget shop, you just can’t ignore Pickaboo, the only gadget-only online shop in Bangladesh. Smartphones, feature phones, tablets, accessories, security system, home appliance, TV, Camera, video audio player, etc are the core product line up offered by Pickaboo.

Pickaboo offers a variety of hot deals every day and now and then to make your shopping even more exciting. Pickaboo offers 0% interest EMI for payment made through certain Credit cards. Ensuring different discount and savings skims, Pickaboo also gives you the opportunity to earn some points while you shop, which can be used later on to get discounts and exciting offers later on.


You name the best sites for online shopping , Daraz will be on the top list. Providing all kinds of regular shopping you need, Daraz has a particular segment of electronic gadgets. Go to the Phones and Tablets section on the category menu, and you can see a bunch of devices awaiting to be sold.

From Tablets to Smartphones, from Smart watches to VR boxes all at one go. Daraz offers over 15 global brands’ gadgets accompanied with accessories items. Gadgets from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Asus, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, XIAOMI and many others are available with number of stocks. You can customize your search by operating systems, screen size, camera megapixels, price range etc. Daraz facilitates 0% interest on EMI through the payment made by selected Credit cards. Daraz offers regular hot deals  on smartphones and other gadgets. You might be lucky if you can grab one right now!

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3. GadgetGang7

GadgetGang7 probably is the only gadget shop that has a retail outlet. Located in Dhaka, GadgetGang7 show room has gadget experience to share. GadgetGang7 is specialized in Tablet, Smartphone, Headphones and other accessories.

They offer smartphones by specific brands namely Xiaomi, One Plus, Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, and ZTE. It was Gadget Gang who first introduced Xiaomi phones in Bangladesh. They have a special flagship tablet PC of their own brand of GadgetGang7, which is a cheap yet useful entry level tablet that is worthwhile to try. They have launched a service center recently named smartphone clinic which helped them achieve more customer reliance.

4. GadgetBangla

GadgetBangla may be less known to many of us due to less promotional activities. It’s a good site for different kinds of gadgets. This site might be of attraction to you if you are looking for special electronic tools. This site doesn’t offer phones or PC but offers different accessories for your phones like power bank, back cover, headphones, etc. You can find gadgets categorized for especially male, female and kids which are easier for you to search efficiently.

You can find from home mechanical items to personal care items all at one place. Very few sites have the huge collection as they have. If you like to work creative and need smart tools for help, GadgetBangla might be the place you need to visit.


Ajkerdeal offers a bit different kinds of gadgets that we need in our modern-day lives. Starting from smartphones, you can get Game consoles, GPS trackers, smart watches, security gadgets, voice recorders etc. You can filter out the price range before you search for your desired gadget. With over 3000 gadgets, ajkerdeal says it’s a heaven for gadget geeks. With lots of cash back offers and daily promo of deals, you can surely get a great deal on your favorite gadget right now!

Check out these sites for your ultimate comfort in shopping gadgets and accessories. It’s true that more sites to come in near future as online shopping have been observing a boom recently which will eventually hold a big share in shopping process. Keep up with us to find out new and exciting tips and options to make your shopping better and easier.

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