5 Online Cosmetics & Beauty Products Shops In Bangladesh

Keeping up with the pace of the internet these days, we are steadily becoming used to with online shopping. It was a bit of interest at first, but with time advances this is becoming a necessity for some nowadays.

Adding to that, online shops are now displaying cool and exciting cosmetic items that you always bought at the shop. Now you save your extra time and chillax at your home spending the cool Friday evening with your family and ordered that special face pack you needed for the special weekend.

Today, most of the online shops have a special shelf for cosmetic items. To ease up for you, we have lined up 5 best cosmetics and beauty products shops in Bangladesh.

1. Glamy Girl

Glamy Girl is one of the newest players in the cosmetics industry. It has a nice collection of beauty products including makeup, skin & personal care, hair care, feminine hygiene products & other beauty accessories. You can find all of the most popular overseas & local beauty brands’ products on GlamyGirl. 

Here are a few reasons why you should buy cosmetics from GlamyGirl:

  • Reasonable Price
  • Authentic Products
  • Exciting Discounts
  • Good Customer Support
  • Fast Delivery

GlamyGirl is very promising & introducing new things to the industry like student discount, affiliate program etc. So, next time when you’re buying cosmetics online, you should give them a try. 

2. Daraz

Being one of the top online shops in Bangladesh, Daraz keeps its promise by offering all the necessary cosmetic items you would need.

Lipstick, Eyeliner, Mascara, Makeup Box, Cream, Lip Gloss, Lip Primer, Lip Liner, Eye Shadow, Color Liner, Shade Blusher, you just name it, it’s all there at Daraz.

If you are confused browsing a variety of beauty products without a good categorization, it may be a bit boring and dull. Daraz has a better experience to offer. You can browse by brand categories to choose a product from your favorite brands like MAC, Clean and Clear, Revlon, Flormar, Calvin Klein or Farmasi. Just search on Daraz makeup section, you can get products from these popular brands. You can as usual filter the price range to filter out off-budget items.

3. Shadmart

Shipping directly from China with vetting each and every product delivered, Shadmart is one of the most reliable sites you can visit for beauty products. With fast deliveries and quality control, it quickly earned it’s name in this sector in online marketplace.

Shadmart offers you a vast collection of everything. Makeup, tools & brushes, nails, lips & hair care products, fragrance, body & skin care- they’ve got you covered in each and every section. And they got it already sorted in the names written here, so you won’t be lost in a jungle of products.

The best things about Shadmart are fast delivery and vetting before shipping. You’ll get your product in 7-20 working days after ordering (which you can reduce to 7-12 days, using Aramex fast delivery.) And every product has to be checked and approved by experts in China, so there is no chance you’ll get a bad one to deal with.

4. Othoba

At othoba.com, you can surf by different categories of products like Perfume, Body Mist, Skin care, Hair care, Body care, makeup, etc. Just click the respective tab and search for your needed product under specific section.

The best part is, you can filter out your results by selecting the brand you prefer. There are many brands to choose from visible on the left side of the site namely Armaf, Bajaj, Envy, Dermy Cool, Fa, Fogg, etc.

You can also find your product within your budget by filtering the price range. There are tons of products for body care and makeup to select like body lotion, body soap, shower gel, eyeliner, mascara, makeup box, Lipstick, Lip gloss, lip liner and so on.

5. Bagdoom

Bagdoom gives you the flair to select your category from five well-organized categories – Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Health, and Toiletries.

You can buy face pack, face primer, Vaseline, lotions, etc. to take care of your face and skin. Different oil, hair combs, shampoo, conditioner, clips, bands, hairdryer, and many other hair care items to take the perfect care of your beautiful hair. As for make-up, a variety of collections of products such as body lotion, body soap, shower gel, eyeliner, mascara, makeup box, Lipstick, Lip gloss, lip liner, and so on are there waiting to be delivered by a click’s away.

Bagdoom categories the products by their actual vendors which is a cool option. You can set your price range to find the product you need that fits your budget.

6. Beautyliven

Beautyliven.com can be the apple of their eyes for people who are really sophisticated in make-ups. Beautyliven.com is currently the largest beauty products shop online and only e-shop that has a sole concentration on beauty products.

The main categories that the products are divided are Make-up, Skin, Hair, Mom & Baby, Bath & Body, Perfume, and Wellness. There are numerous products from different well-known original brands under each category.

You can also shop by brands only in case you are into brand loyalty. The site has a good category option for that as well. Visit the products from world famous brands such as Adidas, Axe, Denim, Gucci, Fogg, Gatsby, Dove, Fa and much more by just a click.

Set your comfortable price range for the further filtering purpose. You can always look for the special discount offers for different products as attractive discounts are offered regularly. Beautyliven.com is currently in service inside Dhaka.

Over To You

It is always a good choice to visit cosmetic stores physically to check out and try the products you are going to buy. Yet, online purchase of such products is also making its way to become a quite cool alternative. Especially when you are assured of a guaranty of the originality of the products by the online shoppers. This can reduce the stress and hassle we face in buying these day to day usable products on a regular basis. So bookmark these top 5 online cosmetic shops and have a go for selecting from your favorite brands, instantly and conveniently.

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