10 Best Sites For International Shopping From Bangladesh

Shopping online is fun and exciting. It gets even more exciting when you get to shop from different countries outside your border. There are plenty of international online stores that you can visit to get the latest and coolest products.

The only thing that may bother you is, there may be no option for those sites to ship your products to Bangladesh. Luckily, some sites will ship directly to your home.

Let’s have a look at top 10 international shopping sites that ship products to Bangladesh.


1. Shadmart

With 80+ millions of products to offer at incredible rates, Shadmart is a fast growing international shopping site which ships products directly to Bangladesh. Whilst being on the newer side in case of running time (3 years), Shadmart has already positioned itself as one of the leading cross-border company with promising quality check and fascinating customer care.

Shadmart offers you all thing you need for your daily lifestyle. Food & groceries, attires, household essentials, electronics, automobiles – you can get pretty much everything you need for your day to day life from Shadmart. And for your convenience, Shadmart not only allows you to pay with the local currency (BDT), it also allows you to local mobile banking services like bKash & Rocket to pay them. You don’t have to worry about payment methods, even if don’t hold an international credit card!

Shadmart ships their product directly from China, with every product, checked with experts, who only allow shipment if the product is matched with the picture provided in the site. Which translates into ensuring quality. And they do it in 7-20 days after placing an order. And if you are in a hurry, using fast shipping via Aramex will reduce the time to 7-12 days.

2. Daraz Global

Being South Asia’s one of the most premier online shopping marketplace, Daraz’s international shipping section, Daraz Global provides products directly shipped from China. As Alibaba Group acquired Daraz back in 2018, it’s now more easier to get international products from overseas.

Daraz Global offers all the top featured trend products, running through the whole world. Let that be lifestyle products, fashion wears or electronic accessories, Daraz Global have all of them under one site. Not just lifestyle and electronics, if you have nags for travel and sports/fitness, Daraz Global will show you all things needed: travel bag, watches, shoes, fitness equipment & accessories etc. And Daraz Global will not only sell products, they will offer you exclusive deals on their global collections. Now you can get the best cross border products at the cheapest rate. And before buying, you can even see the benefit international products will serve, at Daraz official blog.

3. AliExpress.com

AliExpress is the most popular international online shopping site for Bangladeshi people. It’s a venture of Alibaba group with a diverse range of products that are shipped globally.

Men-women attires, phones, and accessories, computers and parts, jewelry, sports items – anything you wish for, you can get on AliExpress.

While shopping, just selects Ship to Bangladesh on the top right corner on the top bar of the site. Then, just buy products and get shipped to your home!

4. eBay.com

eBay is a US-based online retail store that is a great hub for international buyers and sellers. Associated with more than 25 countries, eBay has shippers who ship their products worldwide.

When you log in to the site from Bangladesh, it is important to find whether the seller is shipping the product worldwide or not, or at least to Bangladesh.

This way, you can get your product directly shipper to your home without any hassle. eBay has two kinds of selling – Fixed and Auction. In a fixed selling system, you shop the ordinary way as in the case of all other sites. In case of Auction selling, you need to bid to get the product.

5. Amazon.com (Via Backpack)

Who hasn’t heard of it? Probably the largest international online store on the planet and most trusted for quality products. Amazon is a vast company with the different type of business with the online store being one of the tops. The products on Amazon range from various day to day needs to luxury needs – anything you want.

There is a technical issue when you are ordering from Bangladesh. Amazon doesn’t ‘directly’ ship any product to Bangladesh. You need a third party to get it to your home, which kind of works the same way. There are many third-party carriers in Bangladesh who can do this job for you. Such as Backpackbang.com. These guys can help you get your product from Amazon without you worrying about its shipment process.

The task is simple. Just go to the request tab of the product and copy-paste the link of the product from Amazon and add a few details of the product and request a delivery from them. Now, wait for your Amazon product to arrive at your home.

6. Macys.com

With over USD 25 billion sales in 2016-2017, Macysinc inc, a US-based online store.

Macy’s, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier retailers. The retail chain has numerous outlets throughout the United States and Some places in the middle east as well.

The online site has the option to shop from online. All kinds of men-women attire and beauty products including handbags, jewelry, watches and many more are top selling items of Macys.com. The great thing is, you can buy the products from Macys.com from Bangladesh and get it shipped here as well.

7. Overstock.com

Overstock.com, Inc. is a US-based online retail shop that was founded in 1997. Mostly focusing on home décor items, the site sells tons of items ranging from furniture, rugs, bed&bath, home improvement, kitchen, outdoor, jewelry, watches, electronic items, kids items etc. You can buy these products from Bangladesh through their easy shipping policy to Bangladesh.

You can become a seller as well if you want by filling up some necessary information and obeying some rules.

8. Sears.com

Until 1989, Sears was the largest chain retail shop in the United States just before wall-mart took the position. It has developed as an online site as well recently and has a wide variety of product line. You can find different home appliances, Vehicle items, clothing, gadgets, jewelry, heavy electric items and machines, tools and toys etc.

Sears facilitates shipping their products to over 100 countries worldwide, including Bangladesh. You can select Bangladesh and Bangladeshi taka at the site before starting shopping and get your products prices in BDT for your easiness.

9. Jcrews.com

J.Crew Group, Inc., is a US-based multi-brand, multi-channel retailer. The company sells a range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories, including swimwear, outerwear, loungewear, wedding, bags, sweaters, jewelry, shoes and more.

It is in operation in more than 450 retail stores across the United States. The site can be easier for international buyers as they can browse through all their products and order a shipment to their home. Jcrews.com has a direct shipping support to Bangladesh to make your shopping convenient.

10. Dx.com

Dx.com is the online version of DealExtreme.com, an online shopping center that exhibits the variety of contrasting types of products, from electronics and gadgets to jewelry and other accessories.

Dx.com guarantees that they offer gadgets at competitive prices, and they challenge that each item is tested before it is shipped to the buyer so that they can be sure of the product’s workability.

If you happen to find out a lower price in any other online shop for a specific product found on Dx.com, you can report it, and Dx guys will review their product pricing and see if they can meet the price you found. Dx.com has a world-wide free shipping offer, and that includes Bangladesh as well!

11. Etsy.com

Launched in 2005, Etsy.com is an e-commerce site concentrated on handmade or vintage items in addition to specific factory-made products. These items cover a wide variety, including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, toys, etc. The seller also offers craft supplies such as beads, wire, and jewelry-making tools.

Etsy.com ships products directly in Bangladesh, paving the way to buying unique handmade or vintage items for Bangladesh people.

12. Shopbop.com

Shopbop offers comprehensive, carefully selected collection of attires and accessories from the industry’s world-class current and designer labels. Since its launch in 2000 as a denim-focused e-commerce platform, Shopbop is considered one of the leading fashion center in the world.

The best thing about Shopbop is, you can see significant categorization of clothing for men and women depending on different situation and occasion. This makes the site unique enough for shoppers who want to dress up differently yet get the limelight in the party.

In 2006, Shopbop was bought by Amazon.com, facilitating Shopbop to grow its business to expand the customer experience. This has enabled Shopbop to experience a betterment shipping service and ship their products globally. You can browse the site as a Bangladeshi buyer and request a shipment of your product at Bangladesh with ease.


May it is the quality of the products or some kind of trust, international shopping has always attracted our people in Bangladesh. It can be the reason that international sellers control product quality to a higher degree that makes buying a product with greater value worthwhile.

Without the barrier to shipping directly to Bangladesh, international shopping is now a thing for the Bangladeshi online shoppers. Have a go with shopping with these mentioned sites for a better and different shopping experience today!

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