Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangladesh

Humans are capable of doing many things, but they still need assistance from other people to grow and stay alive. In the same way, a brand can take care of itself through its employees, but at the end of the day, they’ll need help from others to stay alive in the market.

Unlike humans, brands need consumers to stay alive. Digital marketing companies are the ones who create a bridge so the consumers can know more about the brand.

Digital marketing is a data-driven process to promote a brand through the internet, and digital marketing companies work to assist brands to go a long way into the market. It’s more like a lead generating engine.

Digital marketing companies not only promote your brand but also allow you to measure marketing ROI so your brand can know how much growth in sales you’ve got.

If you have a business and planning to boost your online presence, here are the top 10 digital marketing companies in Bangladesh that are ready to promote your business online.

The sequence is made in alphabetical order.

1. Magnito Digital

Magneto Digital is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh. Solving problems for the leading brands is what they do for a living.

The company has a team of 90 people, and they have a rare company culture that keeps everyone together. They promise to develop and deploy meaningful content that engages with their client’s customers.

According to the reviews, Magneto Digital delivers top-class services to their clients. Achievements aside, most compliments go to their work environment than their work.  

Over the years, Magneto Digital has won 12 awards, which is another sign of how hard-working their people are.

  • Services: Strategy, Design, Content, Campaign, Web, Social, Mobile, Development, Media, Analytics, Events, Innovation
  • Clients: GrameenPhone, Hero, Fresh, Huawei, and more. 
  • Contact Here to get in touch with Magnito Digital.

2. WebAble Digital

Webable Digital has been rolling in the digital marketing industry for a couple of years. They now rank as one of the leading digital marketing companies in the country.

Webable Digital has changed millions of lives with their award-winning campaigns and storytelling ways. They even proved to the worlds that even a bag of cement, tempered glass, real estate, etc. can be sold online.

Reviews state that Webable has some creative minds that can take care of multiple problems of a brand. From a website to designing campaigns, everything.

Previously they have won “Bangladesh Brand Forum Awards” and “Commaward” for their outstanding works.

  • Services: Digital Marketing, Development, Management, Planning, Creatives, Activation.
  • Clients: Kaspersky, bKash, Shwapno, Asus.
  • Contact here to get in touch with Webable Digital.

3. Geeky Social

Geeky Social is like a kid who loves to play with Lego toys. They’ll use technology, ideas, strategies as bricks, and together they will produce the best solution for your brand.

Geeky Social is globally known for their hard work. Coming up with digital strategies is like a daily routine for the company.

According to their clients, Geeky Social will provide you maximum benefit for your social media investment. They are great in featuring your brand to your audience.

Geeky Social has also won the “Digital Agency of the year award in the Golden Globes Tigers Awards stage.”

  • Services: Digital Contents, Social Media Marketing, Digital Products, SEO, Search & Display Ads, Video Contents, Content Marketing.
  • Clients: ICT Division Bangladesh, The Daily Star, Mojo, LG, KhaasFood, etc.
  • Contact here to get in touch with Geeky Social.

4. ADN Digital

With a vision to serve humanity with innovative and trendy technological solutions, ADN Digital brings in Digital infrastructure and all types of automation solutions to help your brand.

According to their Website, ADN has served more than 100 clients and is hungry for more.

ADN Digital brings together some of the world-class programmers, strategists, software engineers, and computer scientists under one roof to assist a brand with everything they have.  

Reviews verify that ADN has an experienced team who are very good with software. They have been successful in bringing smiles in their client’s faces by reaching their sales goals.

  • Services: Creative Design, Web & Software Development, Digital Marketing.
  • Clients: Nadia Furniture LTD, Lakeshore Hotels, Discovery Tours, Halima Group, etc.
  • Contact here to get in touch with ADN Digital.

5. Notion Hive

NotionHive started its journey in 2007. Their previous identities are TxProIT and Boomerang Digital, and now they’re known as NotionHive.  

Being a creative agency, they have been working on designing strategies, marketing campaigns, creatives, and technological solutions to help brands stay ahead of their competitors.

NotionHive doesn’t care if your business is online or offline; they will make things happen.

Reviews state that Notion Hive is 100% committed to their work and they can handle multiple local and global brands at the same time. 

  • Services: UI/UX Design, Video & Photography Production, Web & Mobile Development, Branding & Communications, Digital Marketing.
  • Clients: Nestle, Bata, Grameenphone, Robi, etc.
  • Contact here to get in touch with NotionHive.

6. DigitalVast

Digital Vast had started its journey in 2014, and till now, they are one of the top-notch digital marketing agencies in the region. 

Digital Vast not only pulls customers for their clients, but also, they pull clients for themselves. Sounds funny but it’s true.

Reviews state that Digital Vast is capable of managing all types of brands, doesn’t matter how big your company is. They maintain good communication with their clients which results in a long term relationship.

The team’s hard-working activities didn’t only bring a smile to their client’s faces but also gifted them with the “Best Digital Marketing Agency Award 2019.”

  • Services: Digital Marketing, Social media, SEO, PPC, Copy Writing, Email & SMS marketing, Branding, Web & Mobile Development, etc.
  • Clients: Concord, Pick Me, Craftsman, Mr. Hygiene.
  • Contact here to get in touch with Digital vast.

7. BrandViser

BrandViser is a full-service digital marketing company that offers a wide range of digital marketing services so brands can generate more traffic and sales.

With a team of 20 people, BrandViser has served more than 100 brands from different countries.

BrandViser focuses on in-depth research and strategic development before launching a perfect campaign to get more leads.

According to their clients, BrandViser provides professional service and they’re good at SEO and Google AdWords. Due to their outstanding works, many clients keep coming back for more.

  • Services: SMS, Email, Video, Mobile App Marketing, Google Ads, SEO, SEM, SMM.
  • Clients: Visme, Orinda Academy, Optimize, ProvinderTech, and more.
  • Contact here to get in touch with BrandViser.

8. X Solutions Limited

They are an integrated digital marketing company that focuses mostly on solving the digital era’s communication challenges.

One of their brightest minds has over 15 years of experience in managing brands, and with the curious individuals of the team, they are always ready to take on problems.

Clients state that X Solutions limited knows what the current brands need to stand out in the market. They will provide excellent solutions for modern era problems. 

  • Services: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communication, Management, Creatives.
  • Clients: Apex, Robi, Airtel, Takeout
  • Contact here to get in touch with X

9. Purple Bot

Purple Bot digital is a concern of MG Group started off their journey in 2016, a digital marketing agency that is a specialist in social media marketing.

With a team of young individuals, Purple Bot can solve problems that others fail to understand. Using their young minds, passion, and creativity, Purple Bot has been successful by making the best use of Digital media to make their clients stand out.

According to their clients, Purple Bot delivered first-class solutions to their problems and bring in brilliant insights 

  • Services: Social Media Marketing, Branding & Designing, Video & Photography, Web Design & Development.
  • Clients: LG, Pathao, Marico, Rangs.
  • Contact here to get in touch with Purple Bot.

10. Mars Buddies

Mars Buddies focuses on making your business more mobile-friendly. They believe that Mobile experience has evolved into an art and science for everyone through which they systematically translate into their client’s visions.

As smartphone consumers increase day by day, Mars Buddies is focused on innovating mobile experience for your customers.

Their clients say that they are very good in making mobile-friendly websites and apps. Delivering the coolest and interactive mobile-friendly experience to its client’s audiences. 

  • Services: Ecommerce, UI/UX design, Mobile Ppp, Website,
  • Clients: JoBike, City bank, EMK Center, JAAGO.
  • Contact here to get in touch with Mars Buddies.

Bonus: Najm Consultant

Najm is a marketing Consultant. To be specific, and they don’t work like other Digital Marketing Companies. But why add this to the list?

If you’re having difficulty choosing the given digital marketing companies or you an on-demand CMO, Najm is here for you. He will provide you 3 hours to 80 hours of consultation to get your brand up and running and most importantly get you more clients.

Najm is a goal-driven marketing consultant who has 12+ years of experience in marketing. His core goal is to generate mouthful of clients for his clients, build a marketing team for you with a strategy that connects. 

According to their clients if you want to grow your business 10X faster then Najm is the person for you. One of the clients even called him “A Complete Package” for his outstanding decisions that helped his clients generate uncountable leads.

Services: Hourly Marketing Consultation for small and mid-sized companies.

Clients: Sheba.XYZ, Prothom Alo, 10 Minute School, Southtech, Zantrik.

Contact here to get in touch with your next CMO.

Conclusion: Choosing The Right Agency

When you have a lot to choose from, it’s always hard to know if you’ve picked the right service for your business or not. Don’t worry; I’ll help you.

Here’s a short checklist that you should fulfill when choosing a Digital Marketing Agency.

  • Check the credibility of the company.
  • See if their online presence is strong enough.
  • Inspect which clients they have worked for and if they’re renowned or not.
  • See if the company is up to date with the industry trends or not.
  • Check their previous works and client reviews.
  • Talk to them and see if they can fulfill your marketing goals or not.
  • See if they can work within your budget. 

Here, this will clear your doubts and assist you in choosing the right Digital Marketing Company for your business.

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