5 Best Sites To Buy Sarees Online In Bangladesh [Cash On Delivery]

No matter how fast our generation has become or how modernized has our attire system has got, our ladies could never keep aside one traditional dress, Saree. From the young gens to the old grandma, everybody has a couple or more sarees for different occasions. 

The good news is, now you don’t have to go out to shop a saree visiting hundreds of stores. You can get all the varieties online at your pc and smartphone. Various online shops have quite an extensive collection of sarees to choose from. Here are 5 best online shops to buy saree right now in Bangladesh.

1. Daraz.com.bd

You name online shopping; you name Daraz.com.bd. It has been one of the most popular online shops recently, showcasing all kinds of daily needs including exclusive clothes. Sarees are no different. You can find clear and neat pictures of sarees displayed with brief info and price. 

You can search by different categories like Silk, Cotton, Georgette, Katan, Jamdani, Tant, and Kota. Find the list of categories on the left side of the page. You can filer your search by Brand, Size, and Price as well. Clicking on the product, you can find a description of how to determine the size of your saree, which can be really helpful for people who get confused about size while shopping online.

2. AjkerDeal.com

Having an impressive collection of Saree, AjkerDeal.com should be on your bookmark. Due to showcasing quite a large variety of Sarees, you will find almost all types of sarees here. Cotton, Jamdani, Tant, Tangail, Kota, Moslin, Hand painted, Silk, Chiffon, Katan, etc. are at stock for you to select from.

Latest addition at ajkerdeal.com is Indian collection which is also quite popular among our ladies. You can select from different price range to filter out off-budget products. There is a ‘Popular Sarees’ section which may help you find out the trending fashion in Sarees.  With comprehensive details of the product, it’s easy to find out your kind of Saree.

3. Bagdoom.com

Bagdoom.com gives you a good filter option to choose from your favorite shops. There is also a three-step filtering option by the price that ranges from Tk 0-10000, Tk 10000-20000 and Tk 20000 and above. The display of the products is really eye catchy, and it’s easier to explore details of the designs. Clicking on the product image will lead you to a brief description of the product. Find the product that suits you in no time.

4. Aarong.com

After a huge success in clothing sector at the retail chain, Aarong is now available online. All the products you browse around at Aarong stores can now be ordered directly from the site. That includes their exclusive Sarees as well. Filter out your choice from the different type of Sarees like Cotton, Muslin, Silk, Jamdani, Brac silk, etc. 

The pictures are shown with a dummy model as displayed on stores. You can make your search even smarter by using the different price range filter option. Choose from the New arrivals to Products on sale to suit your budget right away. Filter your search by the color of the Saree you like. A variety of colors is available to select from.  You can find all the specifications of the product by clicking on the product and hitting Product information tab.

5. Shareewala.com

From the offline retail and wholesale shops, Sharewala.com is an online version of their Saree mania. Though you can go through categories like Jamdani, Indian, Cotton, Silk, Moslin, etc. from the top bar of the page, you can also browse by their cool filtered display at the front page. 

You can select the categories like Eid collection, Pahela Baishakh collection, Traditional, Wedding and Even Bollywood style sarees right at the beginning. You can always find discounts and promotions to save your extra money.

How many a time you have been thinking of buying your mom or wife or sister some sarees and got worried about the amount of time it needs to go out at malls and buy it actually? Well, you can forget the hassle now. Open your pc or smartphone, browse the Sarees you like and order it on the go. Try out these 5 shops to kick off your first online Saree shopping!

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