6 Sites To Buy Foreign & English Books Online In Bangladesh

Reading is not just a hobby; it’s a method to self-develop. In some cases, reading is the only way to enter into the next level of your life. Browsing books in your locality may be easy but wandering around the world for different tastes of international books may not be that easy always for everybody. Moreover, local bookstores are not heavily rich in the collection of original International books that actually frustrate the book-worms for sure.

Thanks to the availability of the internet, you can now order your desired books from foreign countries through different online bookstores and get it by your coffee mug in no time. There has been a rise of the online bookshop that focus on connecting Bangladeshi readers to international books and today we are going to introduce you to 6 Sites to buy foreign & English books online in Bangladesh.

1. Papertree.com.bd

As the site says, ‘no book is too far away from readers’; Papertree has made it easy for you to get internationally printed books at home. You can select from a range of categories such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s book, etc. Under each category, there are numerous exciting books for you to browse on and order. You can also order internationally printed Qur’an. In addition, they also have some excellent quality stationery items like pencil, marker, office supplies etc.

Can’t find your book on their list? Click on the Request a book option. Request them the book you are looking for with specific details. You will hopefully get your book soon. They show you an estimated time for your book delivery which is quite good. You can pay through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

2. Rokomari.com

Rokomari.com is the largest and most popular online bookstore in Bangladesh. It has been dedicated and focused on purely supplying books of different tastes to the Bangladeshi readers. Rokomari is quite rich with foreign language books. Select from the vast options of Science, Math, Biography, Philosophy, Business, Economics, History, Politics, Religion, Kids Book, Fiction and truly many more.

You can specify the author you are looking for on the author’s tab and show results only based on the author you have selected. You can even select the publisher to filter out the books from a specific publishing house. You can also filter country wise, language-wise (English, Arabic) and price wise books for your ease of searching for your desired book.

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bKash, Cash on delivery and many other options.

3. Daraz.com.bd

Daraz is the largest online store in Bangladesh. Not surprisingly, it also has a range of books on exhibition. Apart from local books, Daraz also offers international books for you. A variety of categories including Youth, Fiction, Literature, Politics, History, Science, Religion, Health and many more are there to meet your reading thirst.

Almost all the books have around 10% of discounts, so the price may come to you as handy for sure. You can select specific publishers from the list and also filter out the price range for your budget to meet. You can buy through debit/credit cards, bKash, Cash on delivery and Swipe on delivery as well.

4. Shoparu.com

Shoparu is a Grameen Phone initiative that focuses on daily necessities with exciting price. Books are also a great part of Shopnaru. Apart from Bangladeshi books, Shopnaru allows you to browse through their rich collection of internationally popular and exciting books.

It may be a bit problematic not to dedicate a tab for foreign books, but still, it’s fine to find books from the book lists. You can find books in various genres like Literature, Politics, History, Science, Religion, Health and many more.

You can use nearly any type of debit or credit card to pay. Mobile banking options are also available like bKash, nexus, sure cash etc.

5. Bookshopbd.com

If you are looking for academic and textual books from outside our country, Bookshopbd.com may be a good choice. Along with some Bangla medium books, they provide all the textbooks of English medium schools of Bangladesh. You can even get original BBA or MBA books from here.

Bookshopbd is heavily loaded with different original international Engineering and Medical textbooks. You can order the original books for your study purpose here at ease. It may cost you more than the local photo-copied ones, but you can get the original taste.

For those who are sitting in International Exams like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc, Bookshopbd has good news for them. Hundreds of books on the preparation of different international exams are available here for you. Browse through all the books and select the one you need.

Pay via Visa, MasterCard, Cash on delivery or Bank transfer method.

6. Backpackbang.com

Backpackbang is different from other online sites. It works differently like they will hire somebody returning from a foreign country that will buy and carry the items or books you order, and he will take it to Bangladesh. This way, getting your product is much easier than getting the typical business way.

Along with other lifestyle products, Backpackbang also has a number of books as well. Not all books are available at different online stores. You can choose from the book lists they have on their site from Fiction, Educational, Biography, Business, Science, and Math etc. You can select a book and order it from them, and you will be notified of the estimated time of the delivery. You can also request a book if you haven’t found it on the site or anywhere else. Backpackbang will surely deliver it if available outsite.

Backpackbang currently accepts PayPal, Bank Deposit, and bKash as payment methods.

It was like 15 years ago when getting an international book was a hard nut to crack in our country. After the internet Tsunami, it is no longer a hard job. It has become as easy as buying a t-shirt online. So hurry up and get your book that you were looking for all these times through these bookstores and activate your reader mode!

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