Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Bangladesh

Being one of the fastest-growing economy in South East Asia & as a fast-growing country in the world, Bangladesh has a very attractive and interesting real estate market for investors. Both from the overseas and domestic region, property investors are currently increasing in the Bangladesh market day by day.

However, this sector is still dominated by big names in the properties business, who hold the majority of the market shares.

Now, if you are interested in buying a property for yourself (whether it is for personal or business usage), this is the time for a little homework. And to help you do that, today we’ve brought you the list of the 10 best real estate companies in Bangladesh, which can help you fulfil your requirements.


Since 1987, Bashundra Housing is a concern of ‘Bashundhara Group’. As a real estate company doing business for a long time, they have a lots of experience in this sector. With a focus on customer satisfaction and responding according to that, Bashundhara Housing is one of the most renowned brands in the country when it comes to properties. So, if you are thinking about investing a fortune on properties, you can definitely go for Bashundhara.

Now, it’s certain that you’ve all heard of Bashundhara City shopping complex and Bashundhara Residential area. Yes, these 2 very well-known shopping mall and residential area have been built under Bashundhara Group, so you get the idea of the quality they provide. And for now, they have 7 ongoing projects running. 2 of them are apartment projects, which are currently sold out. The rest of the projects are:

  1. Bashundhara Baridhara Project: Located near to Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, this is one of the premium under going project. Out of 4 phases of this project, 3 are already developed & approved by RAJUK and the 4th phase already under development. According to their site, ‘The entire project and its extended blocks are intensely connected by the four road bridges – Aftab Nagar Bridge, Rupganj-Barid Bridge, Madani Avenue Bridge and Ichappura Bridge’- which means, connectivity to the capital and outer cities won’t be a problem. With wide roads, hospital, schools, colleges & university, this project can be definitely one of the finest property choice for customers. They are currently offering  3 Katha to 10 Katha for personal usage & 1 bigha to 100 bighas for commercial usage.
  2. Riverview Land project: At Hasnabad, Keraniganj, this project has been developed on approximately 3,000 acres of land. Targeted to the people of old Dhaka, this project will provide well-planned housing facilities along with school, college, hospital, medical colleges and other city amenities. Being nearer to wide 4 lane Dhaka-Mawa highway and having access to Buriganga Bridge, it’ll take only 10-15 minutes to the center of the capital, so no need to worry about lacking of any city features.
  3. River view Green Town land project: This is situated at Tegoria, Keranigonj besides Dhaka Maowa highway and the opposite of ‘Government Jhillmill project’. With the amenities like school, college, hospital, fire station, park and running current & water, this project can provide all the city facilities customers will ever need. 3, 4, 5 Katha sized & irregular shaped plots are available for sale in this project.
  4. Bashundhara Riverview Dokhina: Located at Dakhin Keranigonj adjacent to DC HOUSING, this project is just 4 km away from Dhaka Maowa Road and offers five blocks. With pollution free river bank’s clean area and access to center of the capital with in 30-45 minutes, this project could be a fascinating choice for investing. Along with 80 feet wide road, all sort of civil facilities will be added to the project, including schools, colleges, hospitals, police outposts, shopping complexes, banks, ATMs etc.
  5. Bashundhara Mouchak: Also known as “Mouchak Land Project”, this project also consists of 5 blocks and located at Gazipur nearer to South Jambury. This will be a well planned, new generation, flood free project, with a very low piling cost (due to the nature of soil), ultimately resulting in lower building cost. And yes, customers will get all the civil amenities, just like the previous projects.


A sister concern of Navana Group, Navana Real Estate Limited, also known as NREL, is established by Chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam in 1996. With the motto of continuous pursuing of the three core concepts, “Different, Dependable and Definitive”, NREL is now one of the current market leading real estate companies in the properties business. With meticulous scientific & technical know-how and constant innovation, NREL is moving forward fast to meet the ever growing need and requirements of the prospective buyers.

NREL has completed a great deal of projects in the last 22 years, in all over Dhaka and Chittagong cities. Around 100+ projects, (residential, commercial, condominium & land) are now currently underway. Now, if we talk about all of them, there will be another complete article. So, we’d rather take one section of the projects at a time and will give you a short overview.

  • Residential Projects: There are total 177 residential projects. 10 of them are upcoming projects, 8 of which are still unnamed. There are 46 ongoing projects, 2 of them are yet not named. And the rest 121 projects are completed, spread around in many residential areas in Dhaka & Chittagong.
  • Commercial Projects: There are 28 commercial projects in total. 6 of them are upcoming, none of which is named, yet. There are 6 ongoing projects and the rest 16 projects are completed. All the commercial projects are in important commercial areas in Dhaka city.
  • Condominium Projects: There are 5 projects in this section, all of which are currently underway. All of the condominium projcects are located in Dhaka city. 4 of them are in Mirpur and the other one is in Mohammedpur.
  • Land Projects: For the last section, NREL got total of 8 land projects. With no current upcoming land projects, 3 projects are currently underway (NAVANA GARDENIA in Ashulia and NAVANA VALLEY & NAVANA HIGLAND in Gazipur), and the rest 5 is already completed. For the completed projects, 4 are in Savar and 1 is in Narayanganj.


Starting its journey from 2007 with a mission of uplifting the living style of city people of Bangladesh, Assure Group is one of the biggest names in the properties and real estate sector in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of their journey, Assure Group has been providing outstanding architectural design and ultimate comfort of living in structures as residential and commercial properties. Giving the best effort in every stage of the building project to ensure all best practices of the industry, Assure Group maintains the topmost quality when it comes to property building. Along with 1280+ served customers and 100+ completed projects, you can rely on Assure Group for your future property.

Assure Group ensures top notch quality and architectural superiority when it comes to setting priority for long-term or short-term property plans. Add uncompromising safety standards, best in the market construction materials, world class consultancy on building properties & delivering projects on time- you’ll get the idea of the reliability Assure group provides. But let’s not just talk big words, let’s see some practical works, which has been already done and what’s upcoming in the future days.

As we already said, Assure Group already completed 100+ projects. To name a few, there are: Assure Lake Breeze in Gulshan, Assure Taruchaya in Bashundhara, Assure Laurel in Uttara, Assure Willows in Mirpur, Assure Prime in Malibagh etc. Almost all of them are already sold out, so we won’t stretch this list any longer. Let’s take a look in the upcoming and ongoing projects.

  • Upcoming Projects: There are currently 4 upcoming projects in total. 3 of them are residential and the last one is a commercial project. There are 2 residential projects (Assure Kamini & Assure Q.H. Villa) is in Uttara and the other one is in Banani (Assure Galaxy). Assure North Point, the upcoming commercial project is located in Uttara also.
  • Ongoing Projects: There are 69 projects which are currently underway. 63 of them are residential, 3 are commercial and the rest 3 are integrated projects, meaning both residential and commercial property in one building. They are located in around 20 important areas in the capital.


Starting in 2002, DOM-INNO is one of the leading real estate development companies in Bangladesh, whose specializes in developing exclusive apartment complexes in prime locations of Dhaka city. Since the beginning of it’s journey, DOM-INNO has won the confidence and goodwill of its client’s mind & shortly has grown into a renowned, trusted and dependable real estate developer. While building with the highest quality materials and advanced engineering technique, DOM-INNO ensures that, their structures elegant & aesthetically pleasing, adding more to the beautiful neighborhoods.

With the main focus in attractive & important locations of Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, Uttara, & mid town of Dhaka city, DOM-INNO already handed over more than 210+ completed apartement buildings to clients. So, let’s directly dive into their upcoming and ongoing projects.

  • Upcoming: DOM-INNO got a total of 9 upcoming real estate projects. Among those, 2 are commercial cum residential projects, named Gravitas and Fabuloso. Gravitas is located in Rajarbagh, offering 1125 sft to 1545 sft residential apartments & 770 sft to 3520 sft commercial floors. Fabuloso is in Malibag, which offers 1045 sft to 1365 sft residential apartments & 615 sft to 1965 sft commercial floors. The other 7 projects are purely residential projects, located in areas of Rampura, Niketon, Naya Palton, Dhanmondi, Pallabi & Gopibag. All of them offers residential apartments, ranging from 970 sft to 1850 sft.
  • Ongoing: There are 41 projects currently underway. 2 of them are purely commercial projects, named AMOREX and RETORICA. AMOREX offers 1305 sft commercial floors in Banani & RETORICA offers 1605 sft commercial floors in Mirpur-11. The 39 other projects are solely for residential purposes and located in over 10+ areas in Dhaka city, including Dhanmondi, Bashundhara, Moghbazar, Agargaon etc.


Founded in 2016, Bproperty is a part of the Emerging Markets Property Group, who own various other property solution provider companies across the globe. This is quite a special pick for us, because Bproperty doesn’t actually build properties. Rather, they act as a big platform for selling, buying or renting properties in the country. Now, don’t get worried just because they don’t make buildings. Because, Bproperty got investors top names from the global property portal industry, who operate highly successful ventures across the world. For example,,  the largest and most successful property portal in France. So, if the big names can trust Bproperty with their investments, so can you.

Bproperty got the of the most detailed (if not the best) website for searching property solutions. And when we say ‘detailed’, we mean it. You can not only sort out projects by residential & commercial, you can narrow your search down to duplex, room, plaza, even warehouse. By sorting out this much, you can get the most optimal result of all and buy the perfect property for you. Apart from that, There are 2 completed residential (apartment) projects that Bproperty offers, locating in Uttara & Dhanmondi R/A. Let’s talk about the projects that are currently under construction.

  • Commecial: There are 3 commercial projects. 2 of them are for complete commercial usage; RS Kunjo, connecting two road one 100 feet wide Garib-E -Newaz Aveneu and at the back 30 feet wide Road-3, offers 1 unit of 4182 sft and 9 units of 4977 sft open floors; UNION TOWER, located in Bashundhara R/A, offers 10 units of 3195 – 18129 sft offices, 6 units of 333 – 808 sft & 5 units of 1057 – 3286 sft shops. The other commercial/residential project, Airbell Helianthus is located in Jamal Khan Road in Chattogram and offers 4 units of 1470 – 1655 sft 3 beds apartments & 1 unit of 662 sft 3 beds shop.
  • Residential: As for projects under this section, there are in total of 23 projects. 20 of them are purely apartment projects, 16 of which are in Dhaka and 4 of them are in Chattogram. There is 1 project named JTCCL – PARK HOMES FUJI, which offers 1 unit of 5 beds penthouse along with 17 units of 4 beds apartments, is located in Bashundhara R/A. Lastly, there are 2 residential plots currently under construction, both of which are in Narayanganj.

Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (bti)

Established in 1984, Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. (bti) is one of the pioneer real estate companies in Bangladesh. After years of business, bti not only strongholded it’s position in the real estate and property sector, but did it so well that, they were the first real estate company in Bangladesh to be awarded with the internationally recognized ‘ISO 9001-2015 certification’ for quality in service, design and construction of buildings. With a quality policy of providing excellence in construction work, management system and customer service to fulfill or exceed our customer’s expectation, bti is focused on leading the real estate & property market.

In 37 long years, bti completed hundreds of projects, both residential & commercial. And if we go down for the numbers, here they are: bti completed 301 projects from 1987 to 2018. They handed over 4419 apartments, 536 shops, 72 office space and a total of 5027 units. And it doesn’t end there, bti is currently working on of projects and there are tons to come. Also, there are properties ready at hand, just waiting for clients to move in. Here is a brief overview of their projects:

  • Standard Collection: In this section, bti is offering more for less. Which means, customers can get under a roof and yet they don’t have to pay a big fortune for that. There are 3 ongoing projects of standard apartment building in Nabinagar (Savar), Uttarkhan & Uttara in Dhaka. As for ready to move in and upcoming projects, there is one (1) project each in the respective sector, both of which are in Dhaka.
  • Classic Collection: Under this section, customers can find apartments, which are thoroughly designed & suited for comfortable yet practical lifestyle, in highly accessible areas of Dhaka & Chittagong. There are 25 ongoing projects under this section, 16 of which are located in Dhaka & the rest 9 is in Chattogram. There are 4 ready to move in apartment buildings, 3 of them are in Dhaka and the last one is in Chattogram. Of the 30 upcoming classic apartment project, 3 are in Chattogram and the rest 27 are located in various locations in Dhaka.
  • Commercial Collection: ‘Engineered to perfection for productivity’, bti brings to customers a range of properties located only in prominent areas of both Dhaka and Chattogram city. Focused for maximum productivity, these collection of properties offer customer shops, offices and chambers; designed with stunning exterior facades and comfortable interiors. Currently, there are 3 commercial properties are ready to move in. 2 of them are in Gulshan and the other one is in Halishahar (Chattogram).
  • LUXURY+: Providing unparalleled and magnificent living experience in premium locations of Dhaka & Chattogram, luxury apartments are crafted perfection with elegant design, up to date features and modern facilities. There are 8 different projects are running under construction in various locations of Dhanmondi, Baridhara, Gulshan & Banani. With no current ready to move in luxury apartment project, there will be 6 more of them, which are upcoming projects, taking places in various areas of Banani, Dhandmondi & Gulshan.



With over a thousands of completed projects in over a 40+ years of period, Concord is one of the largest real state and property conglomerates in Bangladesh. With multi-million dollar project like Fantasy Kingdom, historic amusement park like Foy’s Lake Complex, Bangladesh’s first satellite town Lake City Concord, or government project like Police Plaza shopping complex (built in partnership with Bangladesh Police Welfare Trust)- Concord has been dominating the property & real estate market for years. With decades of experience, uncompromising quality, exceptional safety measurements, engineering superiority- Concord can be the most reliable company if you want to get a piece of property for personal/commercial usage.

Concord not only counts on finishing projects, quality will always prevail over quantity to them. As they believe that quality control of construction is impossible unless the raw material’s quality is ensured, they are the only developer of the country who got 5 concrete batching plants, 4 concrete block plants and a terazzo tiles manufacturing plants. Not only plants, Concord got the reputation of handing projects over in record breaking time. And if you are not pleased by words, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Concord got 100+ residential projects completed. Most of them are distributed in prime locations of Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Dhanmondi, Mohakhali, Uttara, Khilkhet etc. in Dhaka and Chattogram. As for upcoming and ongoing projects, there are a total of 60 projects currently underway. 54 of them, both residential & commercial projects, are in Dhaka, while the rest 6 projects are in Chattogram.


To build the best homes for it’s customers and to bring out the best to Bangladesh’s skyline, Rangs Properties Limited started it’s journey in 1996. With the core beliefs for inspiring & cutting edge design, safety measurements against any natural accident/disaster, exceptional architectural signature and eyes to the modern lifestyle, Rangs has pleased thousands of customers. With 24 years of experience, 200+ completed projects, 30+ covered locations- Rangs can be the best choice for you when it comes to investing on properties.

Rangs offers a dynamic and easily accessible site to their clients. One can sort out projects either by projects’ current status (ongoing/upcoming etc.), type (residential/commercial) and location (Gulshan, Banani etc.) We are going to divide the projects by their current status and will give you a short overview of them.

  • Completed: There are 6 completed residential projects in 6 different areas of the capital. As for the commercial projects, there are 5 projects, 1 of which can be used for residential usage also. The commercial projects are located in Gulshan, Badda, Tejgaon & Banani.
  • Ongoing: In Baridhara, Bashundhara, Mirpur, Gulshan & Banani, there are 5 different residential apartment projects are under construction. And there are 4 commercial projects, 2 of which are in Gulshan and the rest 2 are in Dhanmondi & Uttara.


As one of the pioneers in the real estate & housing industry in Bangladesh, Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited started it’s a journey back in 1988. Since the start, it has steadily consolidated its expertise on real estate and property management, committed to quality design and construction, thus making itself a leader in this sector. With a team of over 300 highly trained, highly experienced architects, engineers and professionals, Sheltech makes sure of the best property experience for its customers.

As a leading figure in real estate industry, Sheltech’s expertise is in both residential and commercial projects. All of their construction materials & equipment are ensured to be of the highest grade, guaranteeing in high quality structures, capable of withstanding code-specified natural disasters. More to that, they’ve got land projects too. Let’s take a look:

  • Residential Projects: There are 15 ongoing residential projects, distributed over 10 areas in the capital, including Uttara, Banani, Kalabagan, Malibagh etc. And for completed projects, they’ve got 158 residential projects, locating in 30+ different and important areas of Dhaka.
  • Commercial Projects: There are currently 4 commercial projects are ongoing in Sheltech, named SHELTECH ASTRA (Shantinagar), SHELTECH BITHIKA (Mirpur), SHELTECH AYAAN (Banani) & SHELTECH MOZENDRA (Siddheswari). In total, they offer 39 commercial units.
  • Land Projects: There are total of 6 land projects underway, 4 of which is in Ashulia (Savar) and 1 each in Singair (Manikganj) & Nawabganj (Dhaka). Sheltech has completed 5 land projects in Ashulia and 1 in Gazipur.


The last company on our list, Nakshi Home Ltd. (also known as NHL) is one of the major real estate developer & construction companies in Bangladesh. Starting in 2009, NHL has been known for its bold architectural designs and spectacularly innovative living concepts. Following 3 basic principles: ‘providing dependability, superior quality products and excellence in service’, NHL is constantly looking forward to creating a better living for everyone, with value for clients’ investments. Providing excellence in property management, customer satisfaction and construction, NHL can be ‘the’ choice for your property investment.

NHL specializes in residential as well as commercial development within Dhaka city and outside in Tangail and Cox’s Bazar. As of now, NHL has completed 6 residential projects, locating in areas of west Dhanmondi, Kallyanpur, and Mohammedpur of Dhaka city. They have 2 projects under construction. Both of them are residential and located in Tangail. And for upcoming projects, they have plans for 6 projects, 4 of which are completely residential apartments and will take place in areas of Gulshan, Mohammedpur Housing and West Dhanmondi. Out of the rest 2, one is an integrated styled ’27th foor Commercial & 17th floor Exclusive Residential Apartment Building’ (in Shantinagar Bazar). And the last upcoming project is NAKSHI JOYNAL SQUARE, a commercial project, which will be located in Elephant Road.


The list of real estate & property management companies are really long. We haven’t included every one of them on our list and we are not definitely claiming that our list will be the most optimal option for you. Investing in property is a pretty big deal, even if you go for the economical ones. So, before spending your fortune on an apartment or commercial space, think, read & research. Don’t go for flashy signs and advertisements, put every company you come by through some sort of parameters. Find out if the company you are going to invest in a lot of money is trust worthy. And yes, again, go on, find from reliable sources and do your homework on type of property you want to get.

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