5 Best Payment Gateways In Bangladesh For Merchants

If you want to open up a new startup, whether it might be online business or service, one of the most important things you need to pay your utmost attention to is the payment system.

When it comes to online payment, it’s not just about the comfort and smoothness of the transactions. You also have to make sure that, your client’s transaction, the money and everything related to the payment is safe and secured.

For that, you need to use a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a service that lets merchant receive payments and handles related stuff.

There are many payment gateways in Bangladesh to choose from. All of them does pretty much the same job, however, there are some extinguishable differences and features, which help some of the payment gateways really outshine others.

If you know about gateways and familiar with its features, then it’s very good. But even if you don’t know anything about this topic, fear not, we will walk you through 7 Best Payment Gateways In Bangladesh (For Startups and SMEs), any of which you can choose to conduct your financial transactions.

Best Payment Gateways in Bangladesh


Starting it’s journey back in 2010, coupling with being a pioneer in the FinTech industry, SSLCOMMERZ is the biggest payment gateway aggregator in Bangladesh. More than 3500+ businesses have run the best-in-class digital payment solutions provided by SSLCOMMERZ, enabling them to extend their businesses across mobile and web platforms. It also happens to be one of the  only 3 organizations to be awarded with the PSO license by Bangladesh Bank.

SSLCOMMERZ offers a vast array of features. Easy integration can make plugins available for all the major platforms and languages, which in turn, integrate with SSLCOMMERZ in less than an hour. Your SSLCOMMERZ dashboard can provide you real time data and insight, which can really help you to make informed, calculated and quick business decisions. Also, with minimal documentation, completely online on-boarding process allows you quick activation to accept transactions. In addition to these features, there are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and highly secured solution, which will make your burden of regulatory compliance go away. You can easily run offers or  participate in any campaign organized by payment brands via using SSLCOMMERZ.

SSLCOMMERZ can also help you to go global, as they not only provide payment gateways for BDT, but also for EUR, GBP, AUD, USD & CAD. This can help you grab foreign clients easier and expand your business outside Bangladesh with more comfort.

With PCI DSS & ISO:27001 Compliant, the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate and tokenization (replacing your 16-digit card number with a token, making it extremely hard to crack and attack), your payment is safer than ever while using SSLCOMMERZ as the payment gateway.

SSLCOMMERZ allows all sort of debit/credit/prepaid cards’ usage, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc. They also allows 8 brands of mobile banking (including bKash, Rocket, Nagad etc.), internet banking from 6 banks, 3 e-wallet brands (ipay, upay, Dmoney) and EMI from 19 banks. With 20+ payment options at your clients’ disposal, it’s safe to say, SSLCOMMERZ has made payment making as easy as clicking a button.

As for fees, SSLCOMMERZ charges BDT 15,000 for setting up. There is no annual fees to be paid. As for commision, SSLCOMMERZ charges 2.5% of the transaction, made by VISA/MasterCard card. For other cards and internet banking, the commission is 2% – 4% per transaction.


Developed by Portonics Limited, PortWallet is one of the leading advanced payment gateway for the marketplaces in Bangladesh. Not only payment gateway, PortWallet also provides e-business solutions to websites, with real time transaction validation, connected to multiple payment methods unified into one. As a result, it enables the website to accept payments and make transactions, online and in real time.

While being one of the bests in the FinTech industry, PortWallet’s game is pretty simple. They focus on how simply clients can use their system. For which they feature the ‘save your card’ system, with which you can save your local/international card. Using this feature you don’t have to fill up information every time you need to make a transaction, making a faster transaction for the end results.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your card’s/cards’ security, as portwallet is protected by 4 layers of security, which includeSSL technology, IPN verification, Risk Team and support for customers enrolled in ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘Master Card Secure Code’ security programs; all while being the industry standard PCI-DSS compliant. So, you can knock off any tension about security with ease.

Now, portwallet also offers easy integration, information about data security regulations, fraud prevention information and fraud tools, detailed reports and payment choices. Their merchant panel shows you a monthly/ daily sales reports with simple, easy to understand charts and graphs, so now, you can understand your customers better. With access control feature, portwallet allows you to manage access of employees & team members to only the information they need to access, based on their job responsibility, ensuring your privacy, security and confidentiality secured.

Portwallet is compatible with VISA, MasterCard, Amex & DBBL Nexus cards, both local & international. It also supports mobile banking system like bKash and internet banking. EMI feature is also here to help the client to make payments in installments. It also allows multi currency transactions, making global and international payments easier.

Now, there are two types of plans of portwallet. The starter package charges a 5,000 BDT setting up fee, a commission rate of 2.99% for all the cards except Amex and 2.30% for all net & mobile banking. In this package, per transaction, they are charging BDT 2. No annual charge is needed for this package.

The Business Plan offers setting up for free, but charges 20,000 BDT annually. It got a commission rate of 2.59% for all the cards except Amex and 2.20% for all net & mobile banking. In this package, per transaction, they are charging BDT 1. In both plans, the commission for Amex cards is 3.50%.


Introduced by Sheba Platform in December of 2019, sManager is a relatively new payment gateway site in Bangladesh. However, Sheba is calling it “a Revolutionary Innovation” for the micro, small and medium enterprises sector (MSMEs) in Bangladesh. sManager is more of a business assistant than just only a payment gateway system, as it will help people to manage their business activity via both online and offline touch points.

With the sManager, you can start using payment gateway right away just by signing up and logging in. There is a free trial option, so you can run a test run if you are skeptical about it.

For the payment gateway, you can get payment through payment link. sManager accepts any kind of online payment from credit/debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express. It also accepts payments from mobile banking like bKash, OK wallet, Nagad etc or any other MES/DFS. sManager is Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant, so all your transactions and information is safe.

Apart from payment gateway, there are many features of sManager. You can:

  • Have online POS with cloud backup.
  • Keep track of the transactions overdue.
  • Give customers discount through promo code.
  • Open up business website of your own
  • Keep track of daily earning and development of your business
  • Get reviews from customers.
  • Sell products in installments.

You can also download their app and run your business through your smartphone. There are some special features of the app, such as, having live update of product selling, thus keeping a track of your business. Also, when selling products in installments, you can get a full payment when customers make their first installment payment, through the app. And may be one of the biggest features, you can apply for digital loan through the app, ranging from BDT 20,000 to BDT 10,00,000, which can really give you the financial push for your startup. The best part about this feature is that, you don’t even have to go to a bank for the loan.

There is no setup fee for sManager. There are three plans you can choose from. The basic plan costs you BDT 90/month, where the standard plan starts from BDT 1500/month and the cost for the advanced plan is BDT 10,000/month. Some features like loan, due alert, marketplace/sales channel, invoice printing and downloading and multiple accounts- are not available for the basic plan.


Starting back in 2015, aamarPay started as a subsidy of Soft Tech Innovation Ltd and quickly partnered up with  A R Communication. It is an online payment gateway & merchant service, provider.

aamarPay is a easy to use online payment gateway service like the others on the list. Just register your business with needed documents, sign up and you are good to go. It offers an array of features, including 13 types of API & Plugins ready for you to get started quickly, instant payment notifications, invoice generating, eStatement which stores your daily transaction statement and tracks your received payments. aamarPay provides ‘3D secured’ feature which brandishes 3  layers of protection against fraud transactions and charge backs. Not only that, you can use qr codes and invoice links to make transactions. There is an app available on Google playstore named ‘aamarPay Merchant’, which can help you take out the best of all the features and run your business smoother than ever.

aamarPay accepts credit/debit cards from VISA, American Express and Discover. They also allows transactions through mobile banking, i.e. bKash,Rocket and SureCash. aamarPay is PCI Level 1 compliant. With banding up with ‘3D secured’ feature, your information and transactions are always kept safe.

There are 4 types of plans aamarPay provide for online payment gateway. The setting up fee is non refundable & different in each plan, though there are no monthly fees. The plans are:

  1. aamar SME: Setting up fee is BDT 4000. Commission per transaction via cards is 3.5%, where commissions for mobile banking is 2.1%. It got single (1) website support.
  2. aamar B2B: Setting up fee is BDT 6000. Commission per transaction via cards is 2.95%, where commissions for mobile banking is 2.0%. It got multiple (2) website support.
  3. aamar Enterprise: Setting up fee is BDT 10,000. Commission per transaction via cards is 2.75%, where commissions for mobile banking is 1.95%. It got multiple (3) website support.
  4. aamar Corporate: Setting up fee is BDT 15,000 taka. Commission per transaction via cards is 2.55%, where commissions for mobile banking is 1.85%. It got multiple (4) website support.

Except for aamar SME, all 3 plans have a 48 hours checkout feature, where as aamar SME got a 72 hours checkout feature.


Developed by The Codero Limited, easypayway is the most different online payment gateway site on this list. Unlike every other site, they don’t charge you a fixed price for their service. Rather, they offer customized pricing based on the nature of your business. 

There are also some amazing features in easypayway. They got the advanced tool, which offers risk validation, payment validation, auto verification, mobile app integration SDK and courier API. There are other features like notification API and reporting panel- are also available on easypayway.

easypayway accepts payments from credit/debit cards from 7 different companies, including VISA, MasterCard, VISA ELECTRON, MasterCard Maestro, BRACK Bank, DBBL Nexus and Q-CASH cards. It also allows transactions in foreign currencies, which it converts to BDT when sending to your account.

Fees are however, customized, depending on your need. But we can give you a primary outline. there are 4 types of plans you can get from easypayway. The are:

  • Basic – Setup fee is BDT 5,000, no annual fee. Commission per transaction is 6.5%.
  • Starter – Setup fee is BDT 10,000. Annual fee is BDT 500. Commission per transaction is 5%.
  • Professional – Setup fee is BDT 18,000. Annual fee is BDT 2000. Commission per transaction is 3.90%.
  • Corporate – Setup fee is BDT 20,000. Annual fee is BDT 2500. Commission per transaction is on quote.


Whether you are running a little startup or a big company, no matter what, you will always need to take payment online. And for that you’ll always need a good payment gateway, which will ultimately transfer the money to your account. Between client’s account and your account, you need a strong system to look out for your money, so that it can’t be taken forcefully or your valuable financial information don’t get leaked on the internet. So, choose a good online payment gateway service, which can safeguard your money and information and will ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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