7 Best Online Shopping Apps In Bangladesh To Make Shopping Easier

Since online shopping has started observing a significant boom in today’s Bangladesh, the comfort of shopping has become a key issue. People who want to shop are thinking of how to make shopping easier and smoother. Online shopping has opened the door for this, yet when you need mobility, smartphone apps come into play.

Smartphone has become nearly a basic need for almost everybody, be it youth or old grandpa. Thanks to Chinese made hardware; anybody can have a smartphone within 4 thousand Taka today which makes smartphone apps a great authority to make a significant impact in your dawn to dusk life.

There are various online shops that have smartphone apps to take your shopping experience one step ahead. Instead of opening a PC and exploring the browsers, all you need is a few taps on your phone screen to get your desired product at your doorsteps. We have gone through the apps of various renowned online shops and took out a few apps that might be of your use for real. All of these apps are available at Google Play Store for free which makes it easier for you go and give it a try. 

Here are 7 Best Online Shopping Apps for Android in Bangladesh.


1. Daraz Mobile App

Browse through the wide variety of products via the app of one of the pioneers of online shopping in Bangladesh. The app is surprisingly easy to use, and within a few taps, you are done with your shopping! You get all the category lists like the website and can search your desired products as well. 

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2. AjkerDeal Mobile App

Being one of the trendiest online shops nowadays, ajkerdeal.com has a colorful and attractive app design. As the app language is Bangla, it makes it easier for the mass people to use it. It has all the groupings of product lists available, and you can select and order a product on the go! 

3. Kaymu Mobile App

Kaymu is also one of the prominent online shops that has been popular for some years. You can find almost all type of regular consumer items and lifestyle ones here in one place. The mobile app is fully-featured. Selling from your phone is pretty easy too. You have to select your country and Sign up to Kaymu to get access. 

4. Chaldal Mobile App

Ever wondered if grocery were to come your home with some taps on your smartphone? Well, Chaldal.com has made this dream come true. While the website offers a broad range of grocery and kitchen needs, the app is also there to make your life a lot easier from breakfast to dinner. 

You can browse through all the categories of products including beauty care and home appliances. You can shop being a guest as well. The app also has a live chat option to contact a representative of the Chaldal team quickly. 

5. Bagdoom Mobile App

Bagdoom.com needs a sign up to access the app. You can sign up with your Gmail or Facebook id anyway. The app looks lively and youth friendly. You can find the wide range of products on the left pop out bar of the app. There is a quick search button to search your desired product. A notification option is there to notify you of deals you may be interested in. A live hotline number can be instantly accessed for any query.

6. Bikroy Mobile App

Well, Bikroy.com has nothing new to be introduced with. It has been one of the leading buying and selling website in Bangladesh. The app is actually very much similar to the website. The most relevant filtering option is there where you can filter your search by category, sub-category, price range, and brand. The app is really easy to post ads in a few minutes. Click here to download.  

7. Pickaboo Mobile App

Although it looks pretty similar to the web version, the Pickaboo.com app is enriched with all the navigation you need to explore the gadget geek website. You can browse through the categories from the right pop out menu and buy the product you like instantly.


Since we have gone totally mobile these days and smartphones have become an essential thing like a wallet or watch while going out, shopping through the apps is surely a smarter and easier way to get the job done and save your valuable time. As these apps are quite user-friendly and quickly responsive, you can always avoid the hassle to open up your PC and browsing the internet just to shop. All you need is to take out your smartphone and do some taps to shop online.

If you haven’t tried shopping online via an app, you can download the Daraz App which seems to be the simplest one for anybody, be a tech junky or not. Happy shopping!


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