5 Best Affiliate Programs in Bangladesh

To be honest, in this economy, relying entirely on a job or business is not an exactly safe option. You should look for other sources of income or side hustles to be on the safe side financially. This is where an affiliated program comes into play.

Affiliate marketing is the method of getting a commission by promoting a product or service made by another store or advertiser through an affiliate link. In affiliate marketing, a product or service is advertised by being posted on a blog, social media site, podcast, or website. Each time someone purchases using the unique affiliate link linked with their referral, the affiliate earns a commission. 

Most affiliate programs are free to join, so there are no major initial costs. When done properly, an effective affiliate marketing approach can turn your side hustle into a thriving online business idea, giving you a healthy paycheck. 

There are so many sites here in Bangladesh offering affiliate marketing partnership programs. Here are the 5 best ones.

1. Daraz

If you’re looking for the best affiliate program in Bangladesh or want to make money online in Bangladesh, the Daraz affiliate program can be your top pick. Daraz is the biggest online retailer in Bangladesh, so partnering with them through an affiliate program can be a worthwhile experience. 

Signing up for the Daraz affiliate program allows you to easily make money online because Daraz provides a higher affiliate program commission rate. The commission rate per sale is up to 12%. Affiliates can earn a percentage on every purchase made through affiliate links from their platform to Daraz.com.

The whole process is pretty basic. You need to sign up first, providing all the necessary details. As soon as you’re done, you can start promoting Daraz products using unique affiliated links on your platform and start making money.

2. 10 Minute School

In Bangladesh, 10 Minute School is a well-known learning portal. On this website, one can get nearly any type of educational course or video. They offer a variety of both free and paid courses. That is the information you are looking for. By promoting these paid courses on your platform, you can become an affiliate of 10 Minute School.

The higher commission rate of 10 Minute School can be a very beneficial choice for you as an affiliate. On each sale, an affiliate can earn a 15% commission. Affiliates at 10 Minute School earn between 5,000 and 25,000 takas each month on average. As an affiliate, you can easily track your earnings using a digital dashboard, and you will receive your earnings within 14 working days. You don’t need a degree or anything to be an affiliate at 10 Minute School. They will teach you the fundamentals of digital marketing.

To join the affiliate program, simply complete a form on their website with the details. That’s all; you can now start promoting the product links on your platform and earning a commission on each sale. You can get your payments via Bkash.

3. Shikho

Shikho is another learning platform in Bangladesh. Like 10 Minute School, they have a wide range of courses on their website under Shikho Academic and Shikho Skills, many of which are paid. You can become an affiliate at Shikho by promoting their paid courses. Even if you don’t have your own group, page, website, or YouTube channel, you can still be an affiliate. Then you need to share the products with your school, college, university groups, or other familiar groups.

Shikho pays a 15% commission on each sale. Shikho affiliates make around 8000 takas each month on average. Through your dashboard, you can keep an eye on your sales and commissions. And you will receive your commission on Bkash every 15 days. Shikho also organizes training sessions for their affiliates, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the basics.

You can sign up for the affiliate program on their website, providing the required details. Then you’ll be given a unique promo code to share with the customers. You will receive a commission if someone purchases any of the products using your promo code. Once you join the program, they will also give you a drive link where you can access all of the promotional content for Shikho courses.

4. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is the biggest food and grocery delivery service in Bangladesh, so affiliating with them can be a terrific way to make easy money. And all you need for that is a social media account or a website, app, or both that has been approved by Foodpanda. You can earn a commission on each order placed on Foodpanda using your unique tracking code.

Foodpanda offers an enticing commission rate of up to 5% on each successful order. It is not as high as the other sites mentioned here, but you can still make a good amount from here because Foodpanda gets a lot of orders all the time. After you sign up, they will share the commission rate. And the cookie duration for your commission is 7 days. This means that if a user visits Foodpanda via your affiliate link and orders something within 7 days, you will receive a commission. You can view and analyze your traffic using your own user-friendly dashboard.

Affiliation registration on Foodpanda is a seamless process. Simply sign up by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button on their website, entering the required details, and they will notify you of the following steps after your account has been approved. Then you will be given a unique tracking link to share on your website, app, or social media platforms. That’s all!

5. Bohubrihi

Bohubrihi is yet another learning website on our list that you can partner with.  Bohubrihi is mainly a platform that offers skill development and career track programs. Their affiliate program pays you well for referring potential learners to their courses. You can use your websites and blogs to promote them. If you don’t have any, go for Facebook groups, YouTube channels, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or email newsletters. Most sites usually qualify for the affiliate program, but they reserve the right to terminate your membership at any moment if they decide your site contains offensive material.

Your profit potential is entirely dependent on your sales. Their standard commission rate is 20% on every sale you make. The more people you refer to, the more money you make. They offer a 30-day cookie policy, which means you will be paid even if the buyer delays the purchase for 30 days. They pay their affiliates twice a month, on the 14th and 28th of the current month. You can cash out after your current balance reaches a minimum of BDT 2000. Currently supported payment methods include Bkash, DBBL Rocket, and Bank Transfer.

To sign up for the affiliate program, simply fill out the form that pops up after clicking the website’s “Register As Affiliate” button. You will then receive a unique dashboard with a ton of customizable banners and text links. As soon as traffic and sales happen, they are recorded and displayed on the dashboard. You can contact them directly or get every tip and trick regarding affiliate resources on their Knowledge Base and FAQs page.


Affiliate marketing has been around for a while and is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money. If you look up side hustles online, affiliate programs will be one of the first ones to come up. There are many affiliate programs out there for you to choose from. And there are many factors that you should consider before signing up for an affiliate program. It is up to you to find the one that best suits your needs. Hopefully, this write-up has given you a good idea of what the top ones are and what they offer, so it will make your search a little easier.

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