Top Bangladeshi Startups: A Comprensive List (2020)

With over 170 million people and around 147 million mobile subscribers, Bangladesh is one of Asia’s largest marketplace. This makes Bangladesh a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs.

A good number of entrepreneurs have already started experimenting with their ideas. And the results are stunning. We have already seen a $100 million valued startup here in Bangladesh. That being said, Bangladesh has a growing number of startups to watch.

Here we will be sharing a comprehensive list of top Banlgadeshi startups.

1. Pathao

Pathao is the fastest growing tech startup in Bangladesh. Founded in 2015, it has already become the leading ride-sharing platform with on-demand food & parcel delivery. It also provides logistics supports to eCommerce businesses. Pathao has recently launched ride-sharing service in Nepal.

Pathao is valued over $100 million. This year, they received $10 million from GO-JEK, an Indonesian tech startup. Pathao may come up with more services in the future like GO-JEK.

2. is the largest services marketplace in Bangladesh. From AC repairing to Laundry service, has every kind of services one needs to make day to day life easier. It offers on-demand services like appliance & gadgets repair, beauty services, electrical & sanitary, home shifting and renovation, cleaning & pest control, car rental and many more. And all of these services can be found in one app – was one of the first five startups graduated from GP Accelerator Program. Now it’s valued over $10 million. It has investments form Grameenphone, GRUS, SD ASIA, Razor Capital, etc.

3. Shohoz

Shohoz is a leading online ticket booking service provider in Bangladesh. It offers bus tickets, launch tickets, events tickets, movies tickets, etc. Recently, it has started a ride-sharing service named “Shohoz Rides” in Dhaka.

Shohoz has raised $15 Million investment recently led by Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures. It also has investment from FENOX VC, a California based venture capital company.

4. Chaldal

Chaldal is an online Grocery platform based on Dhaka, Bangladesh. It sells fruits & vegetables, meat & fish, snacks, dairy products, baby products, home appliances, and more. It has become very popular in Dhaka because of its one-hour delivery. Founded in 2013, Chaldal is already considered as the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh.

Chaldal was on the list of world’s top ten startups in 2015 selected by Y Combinator. It received investments from IFC, World Bank, and many other angel investors and venture capitalists.

5. KhaasFood

Over the years we have been affected by food adulteration not knowing which food is safe to eat or not. While the developed countries have moved towards organic food Bangladesh was falling behind. 

Khaas Food started its journey as an online organic grocery store. The company was founded in 2015 and its aim was to provide organic food to the people of Bangladesh.

Khaas food started off by taking orders through a Facebook page with the common products but now they have a website, distribution channels, more than 5 warehouses, and 6 physical shops with various types of products to offer. 

Today they are a team of 18 people and have succeeded in satisfying their customers. They plan to do the same in every corner of Bangladesh.

6. Nitex

Nitex is a complete digital supply chain management company that aims to assist the fashion brands to reach their goal. Nitex started its journey in 2017 and its main office is in Singapore. Recently they have started focusing heavily on automating the whole apparel industry. 

Nitex provides clothing of all types and sizes, you just need to choose a design from their inventory or submit your own design to them. Next, you’ll choose what type of material you want to use. Once that’s done they will give you a price tag for the product. If you think its good then they will start the manufacturing, maintain quality and ship the products in your warehouse. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, they’ll get things done without you to lose your sweat. 

Nitex currently has 210+ production lines and till now they got 90% repeated orders. They have clients from the USA, Italy, Spain, France and they are highly satisfied with their service. 

While most buyers get frustrated with late deliveries, poor quality products, and lack of communication. Nitex is here to solve all these problems. 

As of today, they are in conversation with many investors & about to close their pre-seed investment round.

7. Zantrik

Zantrik is a digital vehicle maintenance startup that will clean, fix, replace, paint, and maintain your vehicle anytime anywhere. 

Zantrik was founded in 2017 and launched in 2018. They raised investment from BD Venture and was one of the first batches of Accelerating Asia, Singapore. 

The company started with emergency maintenance and a yearly subscription to both B2C & B2B. Zantrik also has AI solutions and recently they have developed an AI driver behavior monitoring system to prevent road accidents. 

The Zantrik App is available on Android and IOS for everyone to use it. Besides that, they also offer a business fleet for brands and take care of their transportation. Zantrik has served JTI, Berger, RB, and many more companies and has plans to expand more. 

8. Truck Lagbe

When someone wants to move their equipment from one place to another they face 2 major issues. Firstly they don’t know where to hire a truck and secondly they don’t know if the service is trusted or not.

Truck Lagbe is a startup that focuses on providing you with the right truck at the right time in the right place. They ensure fast booking at the best rate possible, secured delivery with the best drivers out there. 

Truck lagbe started their journey in 2017 and they even won the ICT innovation challenge in 2017. The company has raised US$1 million in a pre-series A investment and they get around 8,733 monthly web visitors. 

Truck Lagbe offers all types of trucks, from a 1-ton truck to a prime mover. Their app is available on Android and IOS. They also provide corporate service and have already served BMS Logistics, EasyTech, etc.

Truck Lagbe has never failed to bring a smile on their client’s faces and they aim to satisfy more clients in the future. 

9. Gaze

Gaze is an artificial intelligence startup that was founded in 2018. Unlike other Gaze is a little different.

Gaze provides API for visual recognition such as face recognition, product recognition, identity verification, multilingual OCR, license plate recognition, and many more services. They aim to embed AI in everyday life and provide the best developer experience to its users. 

But how will Gaze change our life?

Once gaze is done with their project online transactions, buying products online, checking into workplaces, paying for parking your car everything will be AI-based and no human touch will be needed. You might also be able to use this software for personal use, who knows. 

Gaze has a team of 23 people and they work remotely from around the world. Gaze is looking to take on the Global visual recognition market where its service is worth US$50+ billion. In Bangladesh, some of their potential clients are Shop up, Sheba, Pathao. Previously they have also worked with Dhaka metropolitan and developed a traffic monitoring system. 

Gaze has raised US$830,000 in seed funding led by Anchorless Bangladesh and now only time can tell how far this service can go.

10. SOL Share

In Bangladesh, more than 3 million people rely on the solar energy system and most of them are in rural areas. Even though there are solar panels to gain energy a big amount of energy gets wasted every day. This is where SOLshare comes in.

SOLshare brings in a digital solution to the solar energy system. How?

SOLshare was founded in 201 and they interconnect solar home systems into smart peer to peer microgrids that monetize solar energy with mobile money. This empowers the rural community to earn money from natural energy. 

Sounds impossible but SOLshare made this happen with their IoT driven trading platform SOLbazaar. What powers SOLbazaar? Find it here

SOLshare has won the Ashden Awards 2020 under the Energy Access category and to this day they have raised more than US$1.5 million of funding. They aim to develop more affordable solar energy for the people of Bangladesh with their projects.

11. Kludio

While restaurants and food delivery services partner up to serve the nation with food at your doorsteps, Kludio was the first brand to introduce a cloud kitchen in Bangladesh. 

Kludio was founded in 2019 and they aim to transform the food industry by improving their old restaurant models. While most restaurants keep thinking of bringing in customers Kludio wants the industry to focus more on innovation and tech because that is the future.

Kludio currently has 4 brands under its shadow. Dough on the go, Hero Burger, Fry Box, and Goreng that offers the trendy fast foods and also Southeast Asian cuisines. They offer both B2B and B2C.

Kludio plans to introduce the first digital food court in Bangladesh and will be available in every corner of Dhaka city. They have launched the app.

They have raised $400,000 from Myanmar CV firm BOD Tech Ventures, Samad Miraly, and employees of a tech giant like Uber.

For any query, you can contact them through their Website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

12. Landknock

Landknock is a company that offers field force management software, products targeting logistics software, and home delivery tracking software for other companies. Their service allows companies to keep track of their people and they get to know if their employees are bunking their work or not. Where they are, what they’re doing everything is being watched. 

Landknock started its operations in 2018 and they are providing their service for the FMCG, Pharmaceutical sector as well as food delivery, and Grocery/eCommerce services. To this day they have successfully served SSL,, MyCash, Duronto Express, etc. 

As more companies expand their services, keeping track of employees will be an issue and Landknock is here to remove the headache. You can find their app on Android

13. Praava

Praava is a digital family health care center that started its operations in Bangladesh in 2017. 

While most hospitals fail to give attention to their patients and most of the patient’s situation becomes more serious while staying in the line. Praava health enabled a platform for people to consult to a doctor by staying at home through a smartphone. 

Praava health provides family health checkups for different ages of people, several types of medical services, diagnostics, and access to many specialists. They also give corporate service. The goal is to create a world-class health care system where patients will be prioritized first.  

Praava Health is a Microsoft Bangladesh Biz sparks partner and they’re also featured in the Grameenphone’s GP star section. They are also serving COVID 19 patients and they plan to serve the people with more innovative projects in the future. 

To start your healthy journey with Praava health, one can easily download their app on Android and iOS.

14. Repto

Repto is a leading online education platform in Bangladesh. It has over 90 courses in Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology, and more. It’s like a Bangladeshi version of Udemy.

Repto was one of the top 5 startups graduated from GP Accelerator Program. With the financing from GP, it also has received a good amount of investment from angel investors.

15. HungryNaki

HungryNaki is the first online food delivery service provider in Bangladesh that covers Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Narayanganj. With over 800 restaurants, HungryNaki makes it easier to get food delivered at home.

Started as a bootstrap company, HungryNaki has raised the first investment recently.

16. HandyMama

HandyMama is a service platform that provides services like cleaning, plumbing, electrical, home appliances, painting, pest control, pack & shift, and more. Launched in 2015, it has more than 1000 verified experienced handymen with over 30 service vendors.

HandyMama has received investment from Fenox Venture Capital.

10. CMED Health

CMED is one of the most promising health tech startups in Bangladesh. It’s a cloud-based health monitoring system for preventive health care. It offers a bunch of smart healthcare devices that include Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, Smart Glucometer, Smart Pulse Oximeter, Smart Weight Scale, Temperature Scale, etc. All of the data collected from these devices can be stored on a cloud service via a Smartphone app.

CMED Health has won the Innovation Prize at Seedstars Global in Switzerland. They will receive $50k investment from Seedstars. CMED was also one of GP Accelerator graduates in the second batch.

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So these are the hottest Bangladeshi startups that are doing great.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Which is your favorite deshi startup? Let us know in the comment.

And in the meantime, I want you to encourage to implement your ideas. Your idea may not be as big as above them. But real innovation starts off small. Start experimenting with your ideas.

The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something. – Seth Godin

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